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Dog Shaking of Head and Likely Itchy Ear Problems...

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Savanna After

Savanna - After 3 Months

Cassi After

Cassi - After 3 Months

Jasper After

Jasper - After 7 Months

Zoie After

Zoie - After 3 Months

Alf Ralph After

Alf - After 6 Months

Blizzard After

Blizzard - After 3.5 Months


WHEN DOGS ARE FREQUENTLY 'SHAKING THEIR HEADS', THIS IS A STRONG INDICATION OF ITCHY EARS. This may be an early indication of an internal digestive disorder - that will usually target EARS or PAWS in early stages - as external symptoms of the internal disorder! And, though you must deal with the issues within the ear, how you do this can be critical to the health of the rest of the body. We advise that you call us, or carefully examine the remainder of this material, especially the list of possible 'other symptoms' below. WARNING: Two of the EXAMPLE Stories here, Savanna, and Jasper, are BOTH cases where there were no body symptoms until typical treatments for 'ear' or similar infections were initiated. For the best interest of your dog, we advise that you review these 2 stories, at least.

Frustration results when you cannot resolve these ear problems at the surface level, or with Steroids and Antibiotics. Worse yet, those med's - especially the antibiotics - are busy creating more damage in the GUT where a minor problem already existed. Many women are familiar with the term "Yeast Infection", but are not educated about the ramifications of such a disorder within the Digestive Tract. While the list below will help you check your dog for related symptoms, the Blue photo below will take you to a video designed to educate you and explain the NZYMES answer to these problems.


  • Skin rashes ~ Inflammation/red skin ~ Constant licking of paws
  • Crusty skin ~ Chewing at legs/paws or tail ~ Shaking head
  • Licking Anal glands ~ Bad Odor/Smell ~ Skin Blackening ~ Hair loss
  • Bumps, sores, pustules, acne, hives ~ Rubbing/scratching face

PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW - for a video which provides a better understanding about the true problem, and the NZYMES® Healthy-Skin Program, with its high success rate.

Video Presentation

With 'dog head shaking' concerns, a subsequent vet visit may result in a diagnosis of 'ear infection'. What we see reported by customers - so very often - is the unfortunate results for typical treatments for 'dog ear infection' (or other infections) LEADING to a wildly out of control Candida Yeast overgrowth within the gut. As mentioned, Savanna, Jasper, and even Raja are all prime examples of this phenomenon. Even more unfortunate is the fact that once other body symptoms are in full blossom, the NEXT diagnosis will be "allergies" - as the root cause for all the itching, scratching, skin problems, and more ear problems. The Antibiotics are continually destroying beneficial bacteria colonies necessary for a healthy digestive system, and the Steroids are meant to suppress immune function; so, in this scenario, the body can never make any progress at resolving the issue. The CATCH-22 is that... the inflammation, as a part of immune function, is what causes most of the itchiness and inflammation of skin and ears. All of this makes for a very horrific condition to get resolved, and a very miserable pet. Fortunately, there IS an answer to all this, and it's all-natural. The NZYMES® Healthy-Skin Program is nutritionally focused, and designed to assist the body and give it resources needed to reverse the imbalance - which can then result in a slow restoration of health. The program is not quick, but it gets results. Please keep in mind - there is "NO SILVER BULLET" for resolving these issues, as many people hope to find! Considerable TIME is required.


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