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Success Examples

Savanna Before

See Savanna Story

Zoie Before

See Ginger Story

Zoie Before

Zoie - Before

Blizzard Before

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Alf Ralph Before

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Hoobie Before

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AFTER Photos

Savanna After

Savanna - After 3 Months

Ginger - After 6 Months

Zoie, After 3 Months

Blizzard After

Blizzard, After 3.5 Months

Alf Ralph After

Alf, After 6 Months

Hoobie After

Hoobie, After 4 Months


These nasty examples are provided to illustrate how well our NZYMES answers are with even the most horrible dog skin problem cases, where 'too much itchiness' is always involved at the start! So, if you see that your dog is itching, scratching, or licking just too much, this information is going to help you find the right answer. Part of that process will be to make sure you don't have other, less obvious symptoms that may be indicative of how much help you will need in the process of actually restoring wellness. A common mistake people make in these cases is trying to resolve the problem from the outside. These issues are virtually always founded on an INTERNAL health problem, with external symptoms..

The jest of what you just read, is that if only itching, scratching, and some minor licking are involved, your situation may still be on the Simple side of things, where one product may be enough help. But, when other symptoms are showing up, the situation may have already progressed to a state where it would be considered more Complex, which means more help will likely be needed to begin reversing things, while keeping your dog from ending up looking like one of these exaggerated cases. It's important to know, that the root cause, whether Simple or Complex, is likely that same; it's just a matter of how far things have progressed!!!

So, to determine whether your situation is SIMPLE or COMPLEX, we highly recommend you make use of our special Symptom Checker, and record your score before returning here. If 1-3, your Simple answer is below. If over 5, this would really indicate more complex problems and you should really CALL for a complimentary evaluation, OR Learn More HERE. With a score of 4-5, you could go with the simple answer, and give that a shot - along with with Better Food - keeping in mind that, if things are not going the right way in 6 weeks, you should CALL us for more guidance. NZYMES - 877-816-6500

For the Simple Problems, the Simple Answer:

Then ONE of our "live nutrition" Antioxidant products may be all you need to get your dog's body moving in the right direction. Here we offer you 3 CHOICES in an attempt to better fit your desires or your pocket book. The popular Antioxidant Treats are loved by most dogs, and fit the Pet-parent desires to provide TREATS to their dog on a daily basis. But, since the TREATS may not fit the budget for pet-parents of big dogs (over 60-Lbs) the base-product is made available in two sizes. The Sprouted Granules are the source for making the TREATS, and come in both 1-Lb and 2-Lb size jars. The Granules are simply sprinkled in with the daily food servings. Explanation of how these supplements provide the outstanding benefits is in the final paragraph.

Order the Antioxidant Treats if it appeals to you to provide this special nutrition in "Treat form", as a soft chewable tablet. The Treats are economical for dogs under 60-Lbs, where 1-Treat per day is needed after the initial 2-week Doubling period (2 per day needed). If used for your bigger dog, 4 Treats per day will be used during the 2-week doubling then 2-Treats per day after that. As you can see, 60+ Lb. dogs will normally use about 1 bottle per month. So, we have quantity-discount pricing that helps folks that prefer to use the Treats.
CLICK THE BOTTLE to order a bottle now at $21, OR buy 2 and save $3; finally, buy 3 to save $9.

For dogs in the over 60-lb category, most people find that the Sprouted Granules fit their budget quite well. A 2-Lb jar of Granules will last your bigger dog about around 200 days; whereas, the handy 1-Lb jar should last the same dog around 100 days. Just take a teaspoon of product and sprinkle in with food. CLICK EITHER BOTTLE to order - $29 for the 1-Lb jar and $43 for the more economical 2-Lb jar. .

1-Lb Granules

<<Choose a 1-Lb Jar for $29

Or, Choose a 2-Lb Jar>> for $43

2-Lb Granules

Since this is all about nutritional support - for getting the body to function at its absolute best (the way it was designed to), We strongly recommend choosing a FOOD that will aid in this process and not hinder it. Typical mainline foods are short on nutritional benefit, chock full of negative additives, and loaded with high sugar carbohydrates. When current food runs out, it's in the best interest of the dog to find something from our special NZYMES Recommended Foods List.

THE KEY: These 'super food' Antioxidant supplements, any of the three, introduce critical "Live Food Enzymes" into your dog's diet - that would be completely MISSING otherwise. This is what unleashes the apparent 'magical' aspects of the body solving it's own problems. Many OTHER health benefits are a likely result of a body functioning better upon receiving this special supplement daily: healthier joints with better mobility, resistance to seizure activity, healthier coat and skin for less shedding/hair-loss, etc.

Shopper AwardWith Simple itching problems, resolution may begin within 1-6 weeks of starting product use, depending on severity of detoxification processes that are bound to begin. IF you do not see improvement with your dog within those weeks, please give us a call, as this would indicate that your dog's problems were most likely early signs of the more COMPLEX issues (Yeast overgrowth), and the one Antioxidant product your ordered is not all the support the immune system is in need of. Very likely, some additional support is needed for fungal elimination, and friendly bacteria replacement (probiotics). You have the full support - telephone assistance - of the entire NZYMES staff during whatever timing is required to restore improved wellness for your canine friend. WHENEVER YOU HAVE TIME - please take a look at what real people are saying about NZYMES and using these products! Just CLICK the 5-Star LOGO; you will be pleasantly surprised.