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Is Your Dog or Cat's Health at Risk from Pneumonia or other Respiratory Issue?

Help for Pneumonia, Flu/Colds, or Other Respiratory Problems in Dogs and Cats

Dog or Cat Pneumonia, Cold/Flu, & Other Respiratory Issues

As the owner of a pet suffering with a respiratory illness, you should know that X-Ray of Dog w/Respiratory Illness there is a natural and very safe product - known as NZYMES Ox-E-Drops - that can offer serious help to the body for respiratory issues. Patrons often speak about vet comments, especially in cases of pneumonia in dogs, that “nothing more can be done”. In many cases we have seen, an 'antibiotics' approach alone may not be able to restore health. This is where the effective "immune support" properties of a product like NZYMES Ox-E-Drops can make a dramatic difference. This product has special properties that can provide enzyme-level support to the body's own immune system as it takes on the challenge of such serious illness.
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Yes, the NZYMES Ox-E-Drops can become your best friend where there are concerns with most any kind of respiratory illness in pets. Whereas, so many of our new customers come to us reporting that prescribed antibiotics have been ineffective, and they are still searching for an answer. Since Vet diagnosis Kennel Cough in Dogs, Dog Pneumonia, and pet Bronchial respiratory infections are on the rise in recent years, and antibiotic treatments often fail, people are often thrilled to find an all-natural answer that actually WORKS! If you take the time to view our very helpful INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO, and then think about it for a while, it will likely become clear to you why these conditions have a better chance of being eradicated using our highly effective multi-layered approach. Fortunately, you've found the right place to acquire the speedy help you desire for your pet! You simply need to put aside your skepticism, having the comfort of our money-back Satisfaction Guarantee!


With the NZYMES Multi-Layered approach, the Drops are added to the diet to assist the body internally with the infection, while the inhaling of vapors is designed to provide direct assistance within lungs and bronchial tubes where respiratory function is impacted; and, finally, the Antioxidant Treats (Free Bonus for a new customer) are added to the diet to provide resources for enhancing immune function. This NZYMES® approach has shown to be speedy and effective nearly 100% of the time with all types of respiratory problems.

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It can be very helpful to the body against microbial invaders!

Again, to provide the effective help needed, NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops are first used internally - taken with water - normally twice daily, but with respiratory issues the recommendation is increased to 3-times daily. Then, when used in a vaporizer (recommended), the Drops can assist the immune system in dealing with respiratory problems where they are affecting the body - by breathing the vapors directly into lungs and respiratory passages. The results can be surprisingly effective! We are so sure you will be surprised and delighted, results are Guaranteed or Your Money Back!


Coughing DogKennel Cough in Dogs or Cats...

Kennel Cough, also referred to as Bordetella (Bordetellosis) or Tracheobronchitis, is among the more typical upper respiratory issues that may affect your dog, or cat (occasionally). This common issue is highly contagious and is known to affect a high percentage of Dogs throughout the world; and, Cats are not necessarily immune. Boarding would then be an easy place to contract the illness. Causative agents of, or contributors to, this common upper respiratory issue may include: para influenza, Bordetella bronchiseptica, and mycoplasma. Canine adenovirus, reovirus and even the canine herpes virus have been known to be contributors. Usually, more than one of these are contributors.

Initial symptoms include a hacking, dry cough, with a retching action. Often, the sound exhibited may resemble that of 'honking'; and, a nasal discharge that is quite watery, rather than heavy, is apparent. Advanced cases may lead to lethargic or lazy behavior, fever, lack of appetite, and pneumonia can result. Death is an ultimate possibility.

Typical TreatmentOx-E-Drops for Help
No matter the type of respiratory illness affecting your pet, whether Flu, Kennel Cough, or even Pneumonia, it is likely there will be times when you'll need more help than your veterinarian can provide. Antibiotics are the most common treatment provided there, which may or may not resolve the problem.

PLEASE NOTE: When any dog has been treated with prescription anti-biotic's there is always a possibility of developing an internal Yeast infection. This may damage the immune system by destroying the body's natural flora. Direct-Fed Microbials should always be considered when antibiotics are prescribed.

Please be aware that there are strains of anti-biotic resistant bacteria that have developed immunities to typical antibiotics over the years. However, certain doctors we work with have seen effectiveness of the NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops in such situations.

See this article: Anti-biotic Resistant Infections - US Food and Drug Administration

Dog Flu symptomDog Flu...

Canine influenza (Dog Flu), is a highly contagious respiratory infection in dogs which is caused by a virus.

Canine influenza is a relatively new condition. The first documented case in the U.S. was in January of 2004 at a Greyhound racetrack in Florida. Since that time, there have been outbreaks throughout the U.S. Canine influenza virus is closely related to the virus that causes equine influenza. It is thought that the equine influenza virus mutated to produce the canine influenza virus.

Two clinical syndromes have been seen in dogs infected with the canine influenza virus - a mild form of the disease and a more severe form that is accompanied by pneumonia.

Dogs suffering with the mild form of canine influenza develop a soft, moist cough that persists for 10 to 30 days. Some dogs have a dry cough similar to the "kennel cough" caused by Bordetella bronchiseptica/para influenza virus complex. Therefore, it is not uncommon for true Dog Flu cases to be misdiagnosed as "kennel cough." Dogs with the mild form of influenza may also have a thick nasal discharge, which may be caused by a secondary bacterial infection.

Dogs with the more severe form of canine influenza will develop a high fever, generally 104 - 106ºF, and show clinical symptoms of pneumonia, such as rapid, labored breathing. Pneumonia may be caused by a secondary bacterial infection.

Because this is a newly emerging disease, almost all dogs, are susceptible to infection and have no immunity. Virtually every dog that is exposed to the virus will become infected, and nearly 80% show clinical signs of disease. Fortunately, most affected dogs have the mild form.

Ox-E-Drops for HelpNZYMES® Ox-E-Drops is building a strong track-record for assisting the body with these types of problems everyday.

Emmet with PnuemoniaSee the SUCCESS STORIES TAB
for actual customer testimonials.

Ox-E-Drops provide natural enhancement to the immune system as it deals with pathogen infection. They provide assistance at the enzyme-level and from both angles; from the blood-stream, when taken internally as a dietary supplement, and by breathing the vapors for most types of respiratory problems.

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Respiratory illness in PetsPneumonia Overview, Minus the Medical Terms

Pneumonia has various forms, but as an inflammatory illness of the lungs, it can be life threatening - as it strongly affects the ability of the body to absorb oxygen from air taken in. With an infection resulting in pneumonia, the 'sacs' that are responsible for collecting the oxygen needed by the body become filled with fluid, thereby inhibiting the ability to collect enough oxygen to support the body. If the body is deprived of oxygen to great enough extent, for long enough, then the inevitable result would be death.

Pneumonia, as with most other respiratory illness, is the likely result of an infection - from the various pathogen types: bacteria, fungi, viruses, or even parasites.

Symptoms for this condition could include coughing, elevated fever, difficulty of breathing, or even chest pain. Shaking or chills may often be an additional indication, as well as sweaty or clammy skin; and, blueness of the skin would indicate a sharp loss of oxygen.

Diagnosis would often involve X-ray, and maybe inspection of mucus or phlegm expelled from lungs or air passages.

In order to resolve the pneumonia issue and undo the damage, the underlying infection must be dealt with and eliminated. This is usually handled by doctors or vets by administration of antibiotics - where the vet/doctor makes a choice from a varied list of options, depending on his diagnosis and understanding of the case.

What If...

What if the particular anti-biotic being used proves ineffective against the specific (unknown) infecting bacterial pathogen? Or, what if it's not a bacteria infection at all? This is where the NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops can be a very important consideration, and maybe your best friend.

Ox-E-Drops are constantly building a strong track-record for assisting the body to defeat such issues. They provide the body and immune system with enzyme-level assistance in dealing with invading pathogens that may be responsible for such illness. This help is provide via a dual approach - from the blood-stream, when taken as a dietary supplement, as well as directly in the respiratory area - through use of vaporizer or nebulizer or even in a simple steaming pan of water. Order Now!


Lung X-rayBronchitis in People or Pets...

Though Bronchitis is more common with people, it is known to show up occasionally with dogs or cats. Younger, small-breed dogs are usually the victims. Specifically, this form of inflammatory respiratory illness involves inflammation of the BRONCHI - the medium size airways of the lungs. The 'Acute' version of this illness usually involves Viral or Bacterial infection which must be conquered in some manner, and the issue can last for days or even weeks. If not properly dealt with, pneumonia can result. Chronic Bronchitis is a different situation; this ailment is not likely the result of infection. It may be due to COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - and is best diagnosed by a proper physician.

Symptoms indicating bronchitis may include coughing and increased production of phlegm (sputum) and, due to restriction in airways, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, or even wheezing. Proper diagnosis will confirm the issue via clinical exam, and/or microbiological examination of the phlegm.

Doctor prescribed treatments will usually involve antibiotics, though this only mainly helpful if bacteria is the root cause of the infection. Whenever the use of antibiotics is considered, a a person should be aware of the possibility of damage to the intestinal flora that makes up our primary immune system. Damage here can can lead to a breakdown of the flora allowing Candida yeast to flourish and produce a Systemic Yeast Infection or Leaky-Gut Syndrome. This can happen to both people and pets.

Again, this type of ailment can often be tied to viral infection, for which the doctor will not be able to help, and the anti-biotic medication may not be the best for the person in the long run. This is where the NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops can be so helpful, with with enzyme-level activity that can assist the immune system to eradicate such infection.

Can OX-E-DROPS Help?

First, the NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops can provide important support for this type of respiratory issue in both people and their pets.

Second, the NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats for Pets, or Antioxidant Granules or the Antioxidant Complex for People can play a vital role as well - by providing key nutrients the body can use more readily for recovery.

Using the Drops with Respiratory Conditions... OX-E-DROPS Refiller

VaporizerWE SAY, "Drink it, Breath it, and just get well".

Part I:
Using a vaporizer, nebulizer, or even a pan of steaming water is an efficient way to breathe the Ox-E-Drops enriched vapors into the lungs. This is the correct way to get after this kind of problem quickly. For the complete Instructions, click here - Oxy & Vaporizer Use.

Part II: So that the problem is attacked from two angles, we recommend taking the drops internally mixed in water, coffee or tea. This approaches the problem at the GI tract where the body directly fights pathogens, bacteria, viruses, etc.

See our Ox-E-Drops Guidelines for Use for the best understanding on all the various uses of the Ox-E-Drops.

Again, when using the Ox-E-Drops combined in the diet, and inhaled into the lungs with a vaporizer, you are approaching the problem from multiple angles with two very powerful products. Our success with these kind of respiratory problems is well documented. Order Now!

VALUE OFFER: Since there are a multitude of uses for Ox-E-Drops for both people and pets, we tend to recommend ordering the larger 8 oz. REFILL bottle. Overall this is our best value. Order Now!

Success Stories...

Ceasar with PnuemoniaCEASAR - PNEUMONIA
After our Great Dane puppy "Caesar" was neutered, he suddenly developed pneumonia. Our vet tried every anti-biotic treatment imaginable, but nothing worked. He said Caesar's body would not allow his body to fight off the infection. He said he done all he could so I picked up Caesar so he could spend what the vet said would be his last hours with us. Read the Full Story

Ez with a Chronic coughEZ - CHRONIC COUGH
Our Labradoodle puppy, "EZ", developed a chronic cough. The vet tested him for every possible ailment. The conclusion was that he probably suffered from some type of allergies and his cough continued to worsen. The medications only slightly improved EZ's condition. Our wonderful puppy was miserable without the medications, and maybe even more miserable on the medications We were fortunate to find NZYMES.COM. Read the Full Story

Over the weekend the vet called to let me know that Abby's condition showed little or NO improvement at all". She said, "this is very discouraging". So I picked up Abby on 01-23-07 to take her home to basically "die". The vet says "there is nothing else they can do for her". However, With a lot of prayer, and the NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops, Abby is all well!! It has been 6 days now since she has been home and been taking the Ox-E-Drops. Read the Full Story



NZYMES OX-E-DROPDUsing OX-E-DROPS & Our Healthy-Respiratory Program...

Though the INSTRUCTIONS are explained in detail below, you may be more inclined to get the best understanding of the NZYMES PROGRAM by viewing our INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO on YouTube.


IMPORTANT: Internal usage of Ox-E-Drops Concentrate should be increased to 3 times daily with all types of respiratory problems. For Pets, this would mean adding the correct number of drops to a teaspoon more of water and administering orally - using a plastic syringe, or just the spoon. For People, this would mean adding the recommended drops to water, tea, or coffee and drinking - three times per day. As a New Customer, you will receive a bottle of Antioxidant Treats with your first order, as a Free Bonus. Per the bottle label, you should provide the introductory double-dose of these tablets to your pet for 2 weeks; this will begin helping the body function better in all realms, especially immune function - which can also be helpful at this time.

VaporizerUSAGE OF A VAPORIZER: Mix 40 to 80 drops of Ox-E-Drops Concentrate with one (1) gallon of water in a gallon vaporizer.

NOTE: Severe cases of may warrant the use of up to the full 80 drops, or even as much as a tablespoon when mixed with 1 gallon of water.

USAGE OF A NEBULIZER: Mix 7-8 DROPS of the Ox-E-Drops Concentrate with each OUNCE of water in the nebulizer reservoir (reservoirs usually hold 2 ounces). NOTE: You can increase this slightly for more resistant cases (use 10 drops per oz.).

Directions for Pets:

Place the pet in a enclosed area like a small bathroom or kennel along with the vaporizer. With a kennel, use a towel to tent the top to make sure the vapors are directed so the pet can breathe them (avoid hot steam near their nose or face). Allow the pet to breathe the vapors for 15-20 minutes of EACH HOUR for a period of 4-5 hours. Repeat the procedure for 2-3 days. Note: The vaporizer can be left running SAFELY overnight if so desired.

Following the MIXTURE recommendation above, follow the guidelines for use provided by the specific Nebulizer manufacturer. Nebulizer use should also be repeated for about 15 minutes of each hour - several times a day, for several days.

Directions for People:

Place the operating vaporizer on the night stand next to your side the bed and breathe the vapors overnight while sleeping.

Use a towel as a tent over the head with a steaming pan of water. The vapors should be inhaled into the lungs for 15 min. per hour and repeated each hour for 4-5 hours for a period of 2 to 3 days. NOTE: Use the 2% Ox-E-Drops solution in a nasal sprayer for sinuses.

The use of the Neti Pot for all types of sinus issues has become very popular. Consumers are raving about its benefits. Oprah recently popularized it on her show and suddenly millions of Neti Pots were sold in the next few days.

An additional benefit is to be able to use your NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops with your Neti Pot. This is especially good for allergies, colds, the Flu and sinus infections.

Mix with waterDirections or Add about 10 drops of Ox-E-Drops Concentrate mixed into your Neti Pot reservoir (one (1) cup). Follow the standard instructions for using your Neti Pot.

How to Use A Neti Pot? - From HOWTODOTHINGS.COM