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Why is a Dog Shaking, Shivering, or having Tremors or Convulsions?

Guidance and Understanding for Early-onset Seizure Issues in Dogs or Cats

Is your Dog having occasional Fits or showing Symptoms as mentioned above?

Any or ALL of such symptoms in your dog, if just seeing them recently, are very likely signs of "early onset" SEIZURE problems - which means there is probably more to come, unless you take steps to CLEAN UP cell degradation within the body! The term "early onset" is used here to indicate the early or 'more minor' signs of a body that is building up "degeneration issues" that may soon escalate into full-on serious seizure problems. If not checked at this stage, further degeneration could lead to more serious GRAND MAL seizures. FORTUNATELY, you don't have to resort to huge doctor bills, or scary prescriptions - which carry with them their own set of worries.

This problem is very easy to get under control, especially at an early stage! It's all about cleaning up the body; in other words, HELP the body to clear out the accumulation of TOXINS, POISONS, AND FREE RADICAL damage that create the "degeneration" that was mentioned above. ALL YOU NEED to get started is a $21 bottle of NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats. This sort of "live nutrition" is the key to providing the body with resources needed to help the body ramp-up production of Metabolic ENZYMES that are highly involved in helping to clear or reverse the buildup of Toxins and Free-Radicals. This, in turn, helps keep the body functioning more "youthfully". And, since toxins and stress are two main factors involved in 'seizure onset', anything you can do to reduce either will benefit the pet showing such signs. Case in point: dogs can have nightmares in their sleep, just like us; therefore, they may be prone to nocturnal seizure events brought on by dream-induced stress. Again, the NZYMES® give the body RESOURCES needed to create the antioxidant enzymes (superoxide Dismutase, etc) that, in turn, help reduce toxin levels, thereby reducing chances of a seizure onset. OTHER BENEFITS of this "antioxidant boosting" process abound - such as a tremendous positive impact on MOBILITY issues like arthritis, hip dysplasia, or even terrible paralysis issues. Get some NZYMES® for your dog today! Once you see how he's doing so much better in all areas, you will want some for yourself (Antioxidant Complex)!

More Good Reasons to Order and Try NZYMES:

  • Products are All Natural Whole-food only, complete with "live enzymes".
  • There are No Side-effects or No Drug-Interactions to worry about!
  • Products promote Good Metabolism and support Healthy Skin & Coat.
  • Products promote improved Energy, and support Immune and Digestive System Health.
  • Products come with a 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Example Testimonials:

Several Stories are offered below - For Pets suffering
with Seizures, Convulsions, Fits, Shaking, or 'Spells'

Verbal Testimony: Ms. Shirley Casey

Ms. Casey has graciously provided this verbal accounting of how the NZYMES TREATS have helped end the 'seizures' battle for
her little Shotzy Sue, a Miniature Dachshund.

This will be replaced





So, after reviewing information on this and other tabs (as necessary), we invite you find out for yourself how effective these products might be in your situation. Simply your try one of these 'live food' supplements for your ailing pet, while being protected by our 120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. We're sure you'll be surprised and delighted. In the end, your pet can benefit and be happier, which is sure to increase your own peace of mind.

GIVE YOUR DOG A CHANCE - GET SOME NZYMES® TODAY! Order Now! You won't be disappointed.

Dog or Cat Seizure Causes and Answers...

There may be a variety of reasons your dog (or cat) is being affected by seizures. Very minor dog seizure issues could be involved if you notice your dog 'shaking' very strangely at random times - especially during sleep. Dogs have nightmares too, which can create stress (one of the onset factors for seizures). Also, proving that an actual case of epilepsy is the root of your dog's problems may never be possible; but, that may not be important. The more important question is - how to help your dog or cat in the realm of reducing the frequency or severity of seizure episodes. Though finding an exact root cause may be unlikely, within the Tabs of this article, you can gain a strong understanding about possible or probable causes, as well as highly suspect contributors to the seizure problems, as there may be multiple contributing factors.

Based on our research and success ratio, this discussion will focus mainly on two important factors that we see as highly involved in seizure incident onset - Stress, and Toxin levels of the body; then, we will touch on many other factors and considerations (below). It is our position that reducing either or both, toxin buildup and stress, will likely decrease incidence or severity of seizure activity. And, in the 'highly suspect' arena, there is much to indicate that typical lower-quality big-name-brand pet foods can be contributors to the growing numbers of pet seizure cases in recent years; you can gain understanding about this here - What's Really in Pet Foods?. These factors contribute to why we at NZYMES usually recommend premium quality pet foods along with our own products.

As alluded to above, this question has no single or easy answer, as there can be varied and likely multiple factors involved. What is known, is that every pet has a "threshold", beyond which seizures can occur. The actual malfunction is about the 'uncoordinated firing of neurons' within the cerebrum portion of the brain. Though it is not known why the 'neurons' fire in erratic patterns (causing erratic bodily function), it is surmised that certain substances, known as neurotransmitters, are not within proper chemical balance. This adds much credibility to the argument related to 'chemicals' that enter the body (especially from poorer quality foods) and possibly build up over time.

We've mentioned TOXINS as a well-known and obvious contributor to building the 'threshold' level. But many other factors must be considered - such as Genetic weaknesses. There may be cases where an unidentified tumor is involved, or in other cases seizure activity can be directly related to Diabetes or Thyroid trouble (more on that below). From our experience, we believe that the vast majority of seizure activity experienced by pets stems from an accumulation of a variety of different factors within the body. Logically, when these factors accumulate beyond the particular pet's limitations of the threshold, an episode is likely to be triggered.

As stated, your pet's problems may involve the accumulation of many factors - leading up to a critical point. You may be familiar with an old saying, "The straw that broke the Camel's back"; well, these words provide a good clue as to how all this works. Different factors keep pushing at that delicate threshold until finally that 'critical point' is reached and an episode is then triggered (neurons firing out of control), leaving you feeling helpless and worried. So, let's examine some likely factors that can push at the critical threshold:

  • Toxin Buildup in the Body: As already indicated, toxin accumulation is a highly important factor, as the buildup of toxins is constantly being fed by a vast array of sources, such as chemicals in foods, medications, chlorine in tap water, and many other items - as listed below.
  • Flea Treatments: Flea medications, applied topically and absorbed via the skin, are toxic (how they kill the fleas). These toxins can accumulate in the system, contributing to neurological troubles.
  • Heartworm Medication: If you have a Collie breed or herding dog, please check this info (MDR-1 Gene). Heartworm is a terrible condition, and can be life threatening. Medicating the dog is simple and effective, but carries risks.
  • Anesthesia: Pets who have been 'put under' for various procedures, like teeth cleaning, often have after-effects as a result of the Anesthetic.
  • Ingredients in Poor Quality Pet Foods or Treats: This is likely a big factor, so we have devoted an entire TAB to this subject; please visit that tab when you feel like learn about the 'food factor'.
  • Various Stress Situations: Many situations can affect your pet and push that threshold. The next paragraph delves deeper into this subject.
  • Genetic or Hereditary: Yes, it may be in the 'genes' that a pet will be predisposed in this manner. Or, there is the probability of hereditary factors, as some breeds seem to show higher incidence of problems - like Dachshund or German Shepherd.
  • Other Possible Causes or Contributors: A blow to the head, or mild concussion; Heartworm disease, at a late stage; toxic plants in the yard or home; accessible chemicals, poisons, or fertilizers (decorative BARK has recently been found to contain chemicals or colorings that could be dangerous).

For instance, if the mailman showing up gets the dog all excited - jumping, barking, etc.- this is one form of stress. Such excitement can lead to chemical imbalances in the body that would help promote an episode. Any situation that may arise which creates a level of excitement, anger, or protective reaction in dogs, can create enough stress to trigger an episode. So, learning how to control and manage your pet's responses at times like this could help prevent the incident. For training in this realm, you may want to do some research on how to become the alpha leader in your home. It should be noted that, even while sleeping, dogs (especially) may be prone to seizures. This is because they are prone, just like humans, to scary or frightening dreams; and, these kinds of dreams can present a serious form of stress.

As one final item of interest, on the present subject, here is some information on how the thyroid can be involved in these issues.
Dr. Jean Dodds
, the leading authority on 'Hypothyroidism in dogs' in the US writes, "An association has recently been established between aberrant behavior and thyroid dysfunction in the dog, and has been noticed in cats with hyperthyroidism. Typical clinical signs include unprovoked aggression towards other animals and/or people, sudden onset of seizure disorder in adulthood, disorientation, moodiness, erratic temperament, periods of hyperactivity, hypo attentiveness, depression, fearfulness and phobias, anxiety, submissiveness, passivity, compulsiveness, and irritability.  After episodes, most of the animals appeared to come out of a trance like state, and were unaware of their bizarre behavior."

Mostly, it's about changing the way things have been, and paying attention to what's going on in the pet's life - such as from the list above (does the animal chew at plants?). The most obvious area where you can make a solid difference, from our vast experience, is to address the issue of TOXIN buildup, while also blessing your pet with a proper premium quality pet food - to provide better nutrition and get away from negative chemical additives that can add up in the body. Addressing the Toxin problem is as simple as adding the powerful antioxidant capability of NZYMES Antioxidant Treats or Granules to the diet.

How Pet Foods & Treats Factor In...

Seizure cases with Dogs or Cats seem to be increasing in frequency in recent years. At NZYMES®, we feel that poorer quality pet foods (and treats) very often play a significant role in this sad scenario. Many of the readily-available common pet foods and treats, while having limited nutrition value to start with, contain too much of the wrong grains, along with food colorings or dyes, artificial flavorings, preservatives, antibiotics, and other chemical additives (such as pest prevention). Any or all of these additives are very likelyRecovering dog to contribute to increased toxin build-up in the body, and thereby push up that threshold level - leading to greater likelihood of seizure problems or increased seizure activity.

Of equal importance, such additives may not only add toxins, but can accumulate chemicals in the body over time with the result of contributing to other degenerative disease. These facts are at the top of our list of reasons we always recommend Premium Quality Foods along with our own nutritional supplements - the Antioxidant Treats or Antioxidant Granules.

You love your pet and want to keep him or her happy and healthy. But how is the typical person supposed to decipher all the claims and advertising - to know what is truly a healthy solution for feeding their pets? The sad truth is... you have no way to know; so, you are susceptible to all the ads and claims you see on TV or in the stores. Worse than that, the premium or better-quality foods are not usually found where you usually shop; they are found at small 'Mom and Pop' pet food stores in your area. It's important to understand that those big-name foods you find lining the shelves of your typical big stores are there because those companies put their money into the advertising and the distribution, rather than quality ingredients or structure. Our general rule of thumb, "If you can find it at one of your larger, well known stores, it's likely to do more harm than good, and not provide proper nutrition". As an exception, you may now find such quality foods as Wellness or Natural Balance at your larger "Pet Food" stores.

But, getting back to that 'sad truth', the only other way that you might get informed is by coming into contact with those in the health industry - such as us at NZYMES.COM or a nationally renowned nutrition expert - Linda Arndt, at Speaking only for us, at NZYMES, we basically have to be "in the know" about what's going on with pet foods and treats, as our 'nutritionally focused' healing methodologies are highly dependent on that knowledge. Our strategies are all about putting the right things in the body to attain the right result - help the body help itself toward proper health. To aid you in making healthy choices, we provide important information with this Article - Pet Foods We Recommend.
NZYMES Treats & Granules

We'll touch briefly on this subject, which is very similar to the FOODS story. A major problem with the typical treats most people are feeding to their pets, sometimes by the handful, is that not only do they tend to contain additives previously mentioned, but many are laden with the main high-glycemic grains that can ultimately be so harmful to your precious pets. Corn (or corn gluten meal) and wheat (wheat gluten meal) both, by virtue of glycemic index, add too much sugar (too fast) to the diet. As a result, these grains can be instigators or major contributors to those nasty skin, itch, and ear problems that vets then believe to be ALLERGY related. Now, it also happens that Toxins are a big product of these kinds of problems; so there you have it - another toxin contributor.

Again, why wait - get some NZYMES® today. See your dog respond. Order Now!

How the NZYMES Products Help the Body... Pouring dog food

The power of these NZYMES® products is all about providing nutritional support to the body that may be utilized by the body to improve its own healing or restorative powers. We dare anyone to argue against the wonders and powers of the body; it's a wonder and amazement in how it even works. However, like a vehicle, it was designed to run on, and needs properly functional fuel. The fuel we are discussing here is nutrition! Without the necessary or proper nutrition, the body cannot function at its optimum. Much like a car with a high-performance engine trying to run on low-octane fuel, the results are much less than optimum, and eventually troubles are likely to be created. What we're getting at, is that when the body gets what it NEEDS, it is often able to perform restorative wonders.

More on the analogy used above: Where the car will run (albeit poorly), it may not be greatly apparent that the fuel is inadequate, OR that there is ultimately harm being caused by its use. So, performance (power) will be down, but not real obvious, and damaged valves (or other parts) may result over a substantial period of time, which also will not be noticeable while the damage is being done. So, let's put your precious pet in the same situation - you think he or she is getting proper nutrition, but your knowledge is limited, and nothing demonstrative is happening to tell you otherwise. Then one day, things start to change, your dog or cat starts having mysterious problems - pain or movement problems, hair loss problems, or (in this case) starts having these occasional bouts with seizures. Your immediate reaction - that your pet has suddenly acquired some mysterious disease. Maybe, or maybe it's just that some form of accumulated damage has occurred within his body - unobserved, and thereby nearly impossible to detect along the way (much like valves wearing out).

At NZYMES.COM, we believe this is the actual situation a majority of the time, and we are busy proving our theory - by virtue of our success rate. As we've already spoken of previously, Toxins and Stress are most often at the crux of pushing that "Threshold" to the point of triggering seizure activity. So, what's needed is... efforts to control stress situations and, secondly, a proper and powerful method to deal with Toxin build-up and elimination. Our success rate proves that the NZYMES® Treats or Granules provide a great answer to this need. We believe their antioxidant capabilities are second to none. But, an expanded explanation is provided below.

We have spoken a great deal about the role of Toxins and Stress, and even Inflammation in the realm of 'causative factors'. Though the Nzymes cannot affect matters of stress, the other two factors are fortunately right in the sweet-spot of the benefits the body NZYMES Treats & Granulescan receive by the regular daily supplementation of the NZYMES Antioxidant Treats or Granules, which present a critical 'live food' resource to the body - rich in much needed dietary enzymes. To learn more about the nutritional structure of the powerful Soy Sprout formula, click here - Soy Profile .

Over the years, we have witnessed these NZYMES® antioxidant supplements help thousands of dogs and cats suffering with epilepsy or seizure activity. In almost every case that we know of, there has been improvement. Many times, seizure activity may stop altogether; like the case study of Biscut. At the very least, there is almost always a reduction in the frequency and severity of the episodes. There are sound, physiological reasons for why this is so. First and foremost, a primary result of adding this resource to the diet every day is a significant enhancement of the body's natural production of several key Metabolic/Antioxidant enzymes. Toping that list we have SuperOxide Dismutase (SOD), along with its counterpart Catalase, and others like Glutathione Peroxidase and Methionine Reductase. These very critical antioxidant enzymes of the body play a very important role in the detoxification of the cellular structure of the body.

Primarily,the functionality of these antioxidant enzymes is the clearing of Toxins and Free-Radicals from cell structures of the body. Here, as previously explained, is where the big benefit comes from for those that suffer with seizure or epileptic issues. SOD is one of the main enzymes at work in area of 'toxin reduction', and the NZYMES® supplement also provides some of this to the body, while this nutrition works to promote the body's production of this enzyme and its counterparts (outlined above).

Secondly, the NZYMES® formulas haves shown natural anti-inflammatory qualities, perhaps contributing to the reduction of inflammation of the body's neurological and nervous systems; again, reducing the stress on the threshold. We have seen similar instances in dogs with spinal injuries such as disc or paralysis problems (see Success Story, Lilly) . Their recoveries or improvement were due in part to the reduction of inflammation in the neck or spinal areas. Although our focus at NZYMES.COM has, in the past, been mostly on pets and pet nutrition (where the need is very great), our products have increasingly been showing amazing effectiveness with people as well, and not only with epilepsy or seizure issues. Order Now!


Happy, healthy dogThe NZYMES Plan for a Healthy and Happy Pet...

This page is the shortest and least complicated within this article. In short, we simply list the most logical steps we believe that you can take to best benefit your precious pet. It is then our hope and expectation that you will see some positive "Real Results" and thereby a happier, healthier pet. Your peace of mind is a secondary, but also very important result that we seek.

When actually 'calling in' for help with seizure issues, a common theme expressed by our callers is the desire, if possible, to avoid the need for medications like Phenobarbital or Potassium Bromide, because they are known to carry potentially harsh side effects. As we have continually espoused throughout this article, we feel that regardless of the nature of the seizure activity, a sound nutritional regimen is always a good choice of action. Since it is our goal to help people to have the healthiest pets possible, via nutritional means, we make the following recommendations:

Give NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Granules as a regular daily (on-going) dietary supplement to your pet. This simple action can help to significantly reduce the toxic buildup which is likely at the root of most seizure activity by providing ‘live food' nutrition which is missing from all processed pet foods and even raw fed diets. The NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Granules, as whole-live-food supplements, are about DIETARY enzymes, that is, enzymes that are derived from food sources, and should not be confused with Digestive enzymes.

Feed only Super-Premium or Holistic foods and treats (See - Pet Foods we Recommend). These foods typically avoid all or most of the suspect ingredients, additives, colorings, preservatives, etc, that are found in main-line or grocery-store level foods. Instead, they are formulated with Human-grade ingredients, natural preservation methods, and balanced omega fatty acids, while also incorporating use of digestive enzymes and microbial additives (probiotic); and, they utilize special methods (chelation or sequestering) to protect the vitamin/mineral content of the food. These methods help prevent the break-down of the vitamin/mineral structure of the food while stored in the bag, and protects them from being destroyed by stomach acids, greatly increasing the delivery of the vital nutrients to the small intestine for absorption. The minerals, in particular, are instrumental in running the body's electrical system. This is very important when dealing with a neurological problem like Epilepsy/Seizures.

If your pet must be vaccinated, receive flea or heartworm medication, undergo surgical procedures, or endure any period of increased stress, it is important to double the usage of the Treats or Granules 1-2 days prior and 4-7 days afterwards. This increase will help to increase the body's detoxification ability, and lessen the impact of these problematic factors. Also, on a different note, if your dog is ever to be placed on prescription antibiotics we highly recommend the addition of direct-fed microbial's (probiotics) to the diet; this is to help offset loss of beneficial bacteria colonies of the digestive tract (the delicate FLORA), the destruction of which can lead to 'skin and itching issues' (Yeast Candida infection) that a vet will assume to allergy related.


If your pet is already taking a prescription medication for Seizures, we are NOT suggesting to discontinue using them. We would highly recommend following our recommendations outlined above. If you notice that your pet is seizure free for 2-3 months, you may want to consult with your vet about the possibility of lowering prescribed medications dosage (in stages), with the overall goal of weaning the pet off of them if desired (and determined possible). All changes to medications should be recommended only by a Veterinary professional.

With NZYMES You See 'Side Benefits' Instead of 'Side Effects'...

Your primary concern throughout the process of reviewing this material has been finding help and natural alternatives for your pet suffering with seizure or epilepsy issues. On that subject matter, we have provided substantial information - not only about how the NZYMES® products can help, but also about understanding the nature or complexity of seizure problems.

Though we are highly confident about how well your pet will be helped in that area, we thought it may interest you to have knowledge of other areas of health benefit that may be enjoyed by your pet(s), and thereby increase the value of your investment. Regular daily use of either the NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats, or Antioxidant Granules can have a profound effect on the body in ways that can affect a fairly long list of either ailments or just every-day average issues, such as shedding.


  • Shedding or Hair Loss: Whether typical shedding, in an otherwise healthy pet, or complex hair-loss issues from 'indicated' allergy issues or skin problems, these products are regularly seen as helping to make noticeable turnarounds. Many times, simple shedding issues can be nearly eliminated.
  • Back Injury and Inflammation: So often, pictures are worth a thousand words. In this case, a video can show you how quickly the seriously affected body of a dog can begin to repair and restore when receiving these resources. A significant part of this quick turnaround you'll see is from those natural anti-inflammatory properties we have mentioned. Please take a look a the story of Lilly, with back injury issues - Success Story, Lilly.
  • Arthritis and Joint-Pain issues: This is one of the primary every-day uses of these products, and one where we again have tremendous success. To delve deeper, go here - Arthritis & Pain.
  • Speeding Recovery from Injury or Trauma: Again, customers regularly report remarkably quick turnaround times for such recovery.
  • Lack of Vitality or Energy: Clearly, this is a natural result of a better functioning body with natural enzyme supplementation.
  • Skin, Ear and Itching Problems: This is the #1 problem we deal with on a daily basis, and the area of most profoundly obvious help to the body. If these kind of problems have been an issue with your dog, cat, or the pet of someone you know, you should review the information we have prepared here - Allergies or Yeast Assessment.

So, the only place remaining to visit within this article is the list of Success Stories we have brought together related to this subject of Seizure or Epilepsy. If you care to and have time, please visit the Testimonials TAB. OR, CLICK HERE TO - Order Now!

Success Stories...

Ellie developed grand mal fits about a year after we had her. She would get them sometimes in clusters lasting several days. Three times she has had to be placed on an IV of Phenobarbital or pentobarbital (tablets) for several days before the spells broke.... Read the Full Story

Biscut, an American Eskimo, was adopted from an animal shelter in Hawaii in 1990.... (break). When she arrived home with us the first day, she experienced a convulsive attack in the first hour. She had another one within the hour and another about 2 hours later. Throughout that night, she experienced about 7 attacks... Read the Full Story

Jack, our smooth coated Collie, was 3 months old when he had his first fit (seizure) with us. I took him to the vet and they did some blood tests (etc.). The vet was happy to inform me that Jack's blood work looked good. However, she was very concerned that Jack was having convulsions at such a young age... Read the Full Story

Around February of 2010, our little Chihuahua starting having some convulsion episodes that appeared to be seizures...
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