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Dog Back or Spinal Problems, or Disc Disease Concerns? See NZYMES in Action!

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Luis had serious had become paralyzed after surgery but the NZYMES worked great!

Bear the dog with back problems

Read about his battle with Back & Disc Problems.

Read about Jozie and her struggles with Joint Health problems.

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Listen to Kristy talk about SAMMY's back. (Runtime 1 min.)

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Listen to Kay talk about her Dog's distress and subsequent success.
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Need serious help for a dog or cat with back problems or spinal problems, such as degenerative disc disease, OR a related Musculo-Skeletal health issue? Luckily, there IS some all-natural yet highly effective help available! But, before we get into explanations, you may be interested in SEEING how effective the NZYMES® help can be at giving the body of your pet resources needed to enhance recovery or restoration efforts. The inserted VIDEO of LILLY is a very strong illustration; but, for an even more amazing example of "recovery on NZYMES®", a NEW YouTube video of BELLA IN RECOVERY will surely touch you in many ways, and make you question why expensive surgeries are so easy to recommend.

There can be many causes for such problems, disability or discomfort in pets, but we expect that you may be greatly surprised by the difference a "live nutrition" super-food supplement can make in your pets ability to recover! The video provided can give you a good feel for what a 'body' can do all on its own when receiving such special nutrition alone. A few other stories are provided to the right; and, if you have time, you can learn much by checking out our Articles and Success Stories. But for now, why not help your Dog by trying either one of these inexpensive NZYMES® nutritional supplements to help support the musculo-skeletal health and recovery needs of your pet? You can't go wrong, especially if you consider our 120-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

Since 1999, our Natural NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules have been used by thousands of people for pets with poor back, musculo-skeletal or joint health issues. In a non-published Veterinary Study for pets tested with the NZYMES® formula; 88% of the 387 animals studied tested showed a increased mobility in as little as 4 to 8 days! Two great options to buy: NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats for "Small" pets or the NZYMES® Sprouted Granules for "Large" pets or "Multiple Pet families".

6 Good Reasons to Order Now!

  • All-Natural "Whole food" products.
  • No Side-effects or No Drug-Interactions to worry about.
  • Supports Healthy Joint & Muscle Function
  • Supports Good Metabolism and other Body Systems, like Skin & Coat
  • FREE Bonus Treats for a New Customer with your first order!
  • 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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There is such a wide variety of issues in this realm of 'Back Problems'; from simple back-pain due to aging or minor injury, to the greater complexities of degenerative disc disease or severe back injury with pinched nerves and likely paralysis. Within the scope of vigorous activities such as jumping, catching Frisbees, quick turns and exaggerated maneuvers, dogs can easily become injured in this manner. Then you have accidents, such as falling off something and hitting the spine on a hard object. All this account for a long list of possible issues that can affect the musculo-skeletal health of your pet - usually dogs. Then you have dogs with long backs, such as the Dachshund, that are prone to back injury or problems just from the configuration. No matter what kind of issue or injury may be involved, what is most often overlooked by your local professionals - is the wondrous capabilities of the body to recover or restore via its own mechanisms. Unfortunately, most of them have likely never seen such a recovery in action - as YOU are able to see with Videos offered above. So, aside from all that, where there is injury, damage, degeneration or whatever there is that is causing PAIN and disability, there will be common elements associated that present challenges for recovery.

INFLAMMATION: This is a natural immune-system response which can contribute to discomfort from increasing swelling and pressure where nerves are involved. Think of a mosquito bite; the natural inflammation creates the REDNESS, SWELLING & ITCHING.

RECOVERY: The body's ability to recover and repair can be significantly enhanced with balanced nutrition. We know this is a huge factor, because we see it all the time. The stories you linked above are perfect examples of that statement. When it comes to this recovery, you certainly want it to move along as fast as possible and proper nutrition and can make a big difference. Many times, surgical procedures are recommended, and sometimes unavoidable. This is a decision each person must make in their case. However, surgery mean recovery and with the help of the NZYMES® 'live nutrition' resources these recovery times can be shortened.

Though Veterinary prescribed medications may be required for comfort, most Vets will also inform you that the same medications can contribute toxins to the body and cause potential damage to the the liver and kidneys. Whether your pet's pain and mobility issues are truly about arthritis or one of the other joint-related conditions, we want to assure you that proper nutrition and good supplementation can also play a key role in recovery too. And so we offer our NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules with our guarantee that you will be satisfied or your money back.

Again, the 'live sprouted nutrition' found in the NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Granules can provide an all-natural alternative to support poor joint functions. It is used by the body to support the manufacture a diverse series of metabolic and antioxidant enzymes. Another vital role is supporting the body's natural synovial fluid. Synovial fluid, contained in the Bursa sacs, provides the critical spacing and lubrication for the joints. Without sufficient enzyme support, this natural lubricant can break-down and lose its natural viscosity. The result is a reduction in joint spacing. Much like dirty engine oil, the break-down of this vital fluid can subsequently cause damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissues. Therefore, one can see how nutritional support of the body's synovial fluid can provide significant assistance in the battle for good joint health. For a more comprehensive understanding about all this, see Antioxidant Enzymes of the Body..

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