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When the "Dog Allergies" Diagnosis & Treatment has you Looking for Answers...

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Bulldog Allergies After

Savanna - After 3 Months

Shepherd-Mix Skin Problems After

Ginger - After 6 Months

Small White Dog Skin Problems After

Zoie - After 3 Months

German Shepherd with Allergies Diagnosis - After

Blizzard - After 3.5 Months

Alf Ralph After

Alf - After 6 Months

Hoobie After

Hoobie - After 4 Months



THAT CAN CAUSE REPEATED VISITS - for more and more ineffective treatments for "dog allergies". Unfortunately, those "treatments" are simply meant as a temporary fix of symptoms (suppressing immune function). And, any relief observed, from Antibiotic/Steroid use, is 'short lived' and gets shorter over time - while the REAL underlying problem is worsening. Also, the "dog allergies" diagnosis is the standard off-the-shelf assessment that they try to validate with "allergy testing". We advise you save your $$ for such testing, as these tests will usually show all kinds of sensitivities - due to an over-active immune system compromised by the actual "digestive disorder" at the root of the problems.

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On the other hand, here at NZYMES we keep super-busy helping people to actually resolve these problems, with over 300 new cases per month! Our Healthy-Skin Program gets REAL RESULTS! This is because it is designed to deal with the real problem - in a very effective way. Below, you will be taken to see a video explaining what's going on with your dog, and how the NZYMES Program can help you solve it. Also, vetting NZYMES may interest you. See our REAL-Time Reviews.


So far, you have likely only trusted your local professionals, which is normal. But, the logical question is... how is that working out for you? And, how long will you continue to buy into the "allergies" theory? Wouldn't it make more sense to try to find something that works? Keep in mind that there is NO silver bullet for solving these problems! Though it may NOT be quick, the only effective answer is the nutritionally focused NZYMES Healthy-Skin Program.


TO LEARN ABOUT THE PROBLEM, and how to help your pet, CLICK the Picture below; or, CALL for Free consultation: 888-381-6170

See Dog Allergies Video



We understand that this question - "is it really dog allergies" - is about the most confusing question you may have ever dealt with for your precious dog. And, you surely want to trust the doctors, even knowing they cannot always be right! So, you have to consider your options and make a decision - "should I break with tradition and try an alternate plan, at least for a while?" In essence, there should not be that much gamble in the decision. If you've been working with the same 'standard' professional treatments for quite some time, even years, and you're not moving forward or likely moving backward, as with BLIZZARD, that should tell you that there is ONLY more of the same in store for you, including more wasted money. You should keep in mind that the "treatments" - with antibiotics, steroids, or other immune suppressants (Atopica), have only one intended goal -- to suppress symptoms. This was tried with one of our early classic cases, BLIZZARD, for 4.5 years; but, upon hearing the suggestion, "maybe it's time to put Blizzard down", the owners began their search for answers - just like you. They took the leap of faith with NZYMES, and Blizzard was in a totally different place in 3.5 months. Another thing to consider - where is the guarantee with all this money spent with 'treatments'? Does your local professional offer that? What would they say if you asked? On the other hand, at NZYMES we offer you a 120-day Guarantee on your purchase - so that you have 4-months to observe: progress, or no progress! But, any time things are not going the way you expect, you NEED to be on the phone with us - since this Program is somewhat complex, and folks often misinterpret or make mistakes. Please understand, for these problems, THERE IS NO CURE! But healing can be accomplished. What is offered by NZYMES is a Program that involves Restoration and Repair; and it is fairly time-consuming to accomplish the desire result.


We mentioned treatments, with Steroids and Antibiotics; wherein, it may do you some good to examine some cases where the dogs had ZERO SKIN PROBLEMS before such treatments were implemented for OTHER health issues. That being said, we invite you to look at these 3 stories - of SAVANNA and JASPER, as well as RAJA. Then, if you are still having trouble challenging any 'allergies' diagnosis, please review another article when you have a chance - Why does my Dog have Allergies?


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