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When Dogs 'Licking or Chewing' Paws Leads to a "Dog Allergies" Diagnosis...

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Savanna After

Savanna - After 3 Months

Ginger After

Ginger - After 6 Months

Zoie - After 3 Months

Blizzard After

Blizzard - After 3.5 Months

Alf Ralph After

Alf - After 6 Months

Hoobie After

Hoobie - After 4 Months

THAT WILL KEEP YOU COMING BACK - for more and more of the same treatments for "dog allergies". Unfortunately, those "treatments" are simply meant to suppress symptoms like 'licking or chewing' paws - by suppressing immune function. But, the Antibiotics and Steroids are actually making the REAL underlying problem worse, day by day. Also, the "allergies" diagnosis is a standard off-the-shelf assessment that they try to validate with "allergy testing". If you are considering spending hundreds on such testing, please save your $$. We can tell you right now, the results will surely show all kinds of sensitivities!! This is because the actual "digestive condition", causing licking/chewing at paws & other symptoms, keeps the immune system very busy in a 'hypersensitive' mode. READ MORE HERE

On the other hand, here at NZYMES, we are keeping super-busy helping people to actually resolve these problems, to the tune of over 200 new cases per month! Our Healthy-Skin Program gets REAL RESULTS! This is because it deals with the real problem, in a very effective way. The Blue picture below will take you to the video explaining whats going on with your dog, and how the NZYMES® program can help you solve it. Please check out this SHORT STORY.

So far, you have likely only trusted the doctors; how is that working out for you? And, how long will you continue to buy into the "allergies" theory? Time to move on to something that works. Keep in mind that there is NO silver bullet for solving these problems! Though it will NOT be quick, the only effective answer is our nutritionally focused Healthy-Skin Program.

TO UNDERSTAND HOW TO HELP YOUR PET CLICK the picture below to see an explanatory VIDEO; or, CALL us Toll-Free at 888-381-6170.

Video Presentation

We understand that this issue - is it really 'dog allergies' - is about THE most confusing question you will ever have to deal with for you precious dog. And, we understand that people want to trust their doctors, even knowing they cannot always be right! So, we're offering here some more information for you to examine and think about - to hopefully clear some of the fog. If you feel like you're alone in this struggle, please know that - in any given month - there are likely over a MILLION people looking for answers just like you are. How do we know this? If we examine our Google search statistics for a typical month, we see over 1/2 million searches being done on terms related to these kinds of problems; and, we actually miss as many impressions as we get (an impression means our ads show). And we're just talking about GOOGLE. There are hundreds of other search sites, including big ones like Yahoo or Bing. All in all, this means there are one HECK of a lot of sick dogs out there; and for anyone to even THINK that all these dogs are prone to 'allergies' is absolutely preposterous! What they ARE prone to is damage - to the GI-Tract, from things like Antibiotics, Vaccinations, poor quality foods, chlorine in tap water, etc. This is how the intestinal disorder gets started, which will then result in all those external symptoms. Consider this question: how many people do you know that have skin and ear infection issues due to allergies? We are betting - NONE

Now, let's examine our remarks about Steroids and Antibiotics making things worse. We can show you several of our customer testimonials where the dog DID NOT EVEN HAVE ANY SKIN PROBLEMS until these typical (and all-to-common) 'treatments' were started. The first one is SAVANNA, which is that first Bulldog in the upper left corner of this page. This poor dog had only ear problems before the Steroid/Antibiotic treatments were begun. Then her poor body blossomed into one of the biggest messes we have ever seen (as you can see by clicking her photo)! Other example stories (not on this page) include JASPER as well as RAJA; BOTH these stories help validate our claim that Antibiotics are highly involved in the ONSET of these skin problems. Much evidence shows us that Vaccinations (required, unfortunately) are likely the #2 cause of the intestinal disorder that causes the external symptoms. It is not fun having to refute these misdiagnosis situations, but it is also not fun listening to people pour out their hearts every day about the suffering their pets are enduring. However, it IS very rewarding to see the happy endings - month after month - even though they don't always come easily. IF YOU ARE STILL HAVING TROUBLE challenging your vets' diagnosis, please read this small article when you have a chance - Why does my Dog have Allergies?

NZYMES can help you end the suffering for your pet - with either a Large or Small
Healthy-Skin Kit, which is designed to assist the body of the pet with resolution. Also know that - Steroids and Antihistamines (or Atopica) will NOT allow the immune system to do it's job; therefore, your pet can NEVER get well using that type of approach


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