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Dogs with Itchy Skin & Scratching Problems, or Dandruff & Flaky Skin...

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Savanna After

Savanna - After 3 Months

Ginger After

Ginger - After 6 Months

Zoie - After 3 Months

Blizzard After

Blizzard - After 3.5 Months

Alf Ralph After

Alf - After 6 Months

Hoobie After

Hoobie - After 4 Months



You SURELY don't want your dog to end up looking like any of these on the left! But, the itching and dry flaky skin can be early signs of worse things to come. These before and after examples are provided to illustrate how successful our holistic answers are with even the most awful itching and skin problem cases. Whether mild or extreme, be assured that we have all-natural answers to help restore skin health.

There are many factors that can lead to dogs having itchy-skin problems. Such factors will be discussed here within two main categories - Simple and Complex. This page speaks only to the Simple - itching, scratching and dandruff/flaky skin problems, and maybe some occasional licking at feet or minor hot spots.

FIRST, to determine whether your situation is SIMPLE or COMPLEX, please review the symptom list below, OR use our automated Symptom-Checker to assess your pet's symptoms. Typically, for a Score of 4 or more symptoms you should REDIRECT to our COMPLEX Problems page to ensure that you get the correct help you need! Symptoms of a more Complex condition:


If you feel sure you're NOT dealing with the more complex problem, this ONE simple product may provide the answer you are looking for. In these cases, we recommend adding to your dog's diet - our Antioxidant Treats for Pets. And, as a new customer, buy one bottle & get a Bonus bottle free with your first order. This powerful 'super food' supplement introduces critical but missing "Live Food Enzymes" back into your dog's diet. The result is the increased production of the body's own Antioxidant Enzymes which are the body's own agents responsible for cleaning up the body & maximizing immune function, along with the management of synovial fluid. This liquid element is not only at the heart of good joint health, but also at the center of the health of the skin & hair follicles. See Example Stories at bottom of page.

With Simple itching problems, resolution may begin within 1-4 weeks of starting to use the Treats. IF you do not see improvement with your dog within 2 months, or only worsening, you should call us right away, as this indicates that your dog's problems were, FOR SURE, early signs of the more complex issue, and you will need more help. So, it is in your best interest to review that information now, so you are prepared - in case this single product does not provide enough help!

Also, since poorer quality foods are likely contributors to these skin and itch problems, it is in your best interest to either verify that you are feeding food that is of appropriate quality, or switch to such a food - by examining our list of Foods Recommended for Skin Problems. These are typically only found at small mom-&-pop pet stores.

Simple itching in dogs can come from a variety of causes. One of the most prominent factors contributing to itchy skin comes from poorer quality dog foods. But, it's NOT about "allergies" to certain foods; its really about the way most main-line foods are constructed. Most of these readily available foods - found at big chain stores - are laden with preservatives, additives, colorings, fillers, and poor quality ingredients (like corn, wheat, chicken by-products, etc). Between the added elements, which build up in the body over time, and the lack of proper nutrition (lousy ingredients), your poor dog does not stand a chance of sustaining any decent quality of health - so the skin and other areas of the body will start to reflect this poor health.

As if all that were not enough, even the very best foods are missing a very important nutritional element; they ALL have their "live enzymes" destroyed by heat and processing. Because of this deficiency of live enzymes in the diet, the body functions from a 'depleted' vantage point, and cannot keep pace with demands placed upon it. The extremities - skin & coat - will be one of the first areas to show signs of poor health, with itching, flaking, dandruff, scaly skin, shedding, or even a mild rash or hot spot here and there.

Other benefits of using the Antioxidant Treats include: Increased energy, improved mobility, better digestion, and a stronger immune system. We wish you the best with trying the Simple solution, and below are a few EXAMPLE stories where this has worked for customers. However, please keep in mind that when a dog is itching and scratching, the chances are always very high that the more Complex condition is the root cause.



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