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Concerned about your Dog's Mobility Problems from 'Dog Hip Dysplasia'?

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This Jack Russell, at only age 3, was already dealing with Hip Dysplasia issues.


This Retriever already had Hip Dysplasia issues as a Pup. See NZYMES results.

Read about Lacy and Her struggle with Hip Dysplasia and Mobility issue.
Read about Jake and his struggles with Joint Health problems.
See how this 'pup' German Shepherd was able to avoid surgery with NZYMES help.
See how Nzymes helped this very old Husky to a better quality of life in her late life.

Customers Verbalize Feelings

Listen to Kristy talk about SAMMY's back issues. (Runtime 1 min.)

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Listen to Kay talk about her Dog's distress and subsequent success. SEE FULL STORY
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Hip Dysplasia in dogs is a very common and highly genetic disorder where the body needs serious help to break the cycle of suffering. Competitive claims are usually about 'pain or symptom relief' - using some sort of specially concocted formula directed at duplicating actions of medications. With NZYMES®, the it's all about the NATURAL healing & restorative powers of the BODY! It's simple, give the the body highly nutritional resources it needs, on a daily basis, as provided by one of 2 NZYMES® products (to the right) and watch your dog's body perform its wonders! There's no magic potion or concoction here, just a plain & simple super-nutrition boost that the body can utilize every day to perform the way it was designed to. Your dog cannot get this from mainline foods, and most of those are actually helping to degrade body health every day. The 4 VIDEOS we offer on this page serve up powerful evidence of these statements, even though not necessarily related to hip dysplasia. All are offered to illustrate how effective the body can be at restoring or repairing under extreme circumstances.

Other Great VIDEO Examples of Dogs Recovering from Mobility Issues!

  • See another LILY VIDEO - with Hip & Arthritis issues; catching Frisbee after NZYMES®
  • See our NEWEST and highly dramatic video - BELLA IN RECOVERY FROM PARALYSIS
  • See how BEAUTY, with similar mobility or Hip issues, is helped by NZYMES® in the diet

Without a 'resource' like the live nutrition that our NZYMES® provide, daily 'degeneration' from Toxin & Free-radical buildup will slowly erode joint health by contributing to the breakdown of synovial fluid, which is the very critical lubricating fluid of the joints. As that lubrication and cushioning breaks down, mobility comfort naturally decreases and inflammation increases - causing more pain and LESS mobility. Regular daily use of NZYMES® supports the body's ability to properly manage synovial fluid for better lubrication and cushioning within joints, and reduced inflammation as well. All this can help reduce wear or damage to cartilage, as well as damage to surrounding soft tissue. More Hip Dysplasia Info..

Using a "super food" supplement, such as NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats OR Sprouted Granules, can help replenish the critical enzymes - SuperOxide Dismutase and its counter parts (like catalase) - on a daily basis. Since 1999, these NZYMES® products have helped 10's of thousands of pets with poor musculo-skeletal and/or joint-health issues. In a non-published Veterinary Study, for pets tested with the NZYMES® formula, 88% of the 387 animals showed increased mobility in as little as 4 to 8 days! For an example - watch Lilly's Story!

Other Good Reasons to Order Nzymes!

  • All-Natural "Whole food" products.
  • No Side-effects or No Drug-Interactions to worry about.
  • Supports Healthy Joint & Muscle Function
  • Supports Good Metabolism and other Body Systems, like Skin & Coat
  • 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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This issue affects a large number of dogs, and is believed to be the leading cause of rear-leg lameness problems with dogs. The condition is a developmental malformation or subluxation of the hip joints, eventually resulting in Arthritic issues. Quite often, dog hip dysplasia is a genetically inherited musculoskeletal disorder; so, don't be surprised when a pup is showing signs - as it was likely a genetic 'predisposition'. And, as a developmental condition, the primary cause can normally be attributed to muscle laxity during the growth and development phase. If muscle tone is inadequate, or if bone growth rate exceeds that of muscle development, the femoral head pulls away from the socket, a process known as subluxation. Subluxation then leads to abnormal wear and erosion of Hip Dysplasia, which results in mild to severe arthritic issues for the animal. Some illustrations are provided below to help visualize this issue. Quite often, your vet will recommend surgical correction, which can be very expensive. We have no information as to the success rate of such. However, at NZYMES we have a very solid success rate for helping dogs return to a normal lifestyle simply by the addition of our key 'live nutrition' resource to the diet; that resource being the NZYMES Granules OR the Antioxidant Treats.

Hip dysplasia Visual examples

Referring to these illustrations, you can see that in non-affected dogs, the hip joint fits together snugly and smoothly. In dogs with hip dysplasia, however, the head of the femur fits loosely into the pelvis, causing excessive rubbing. Eventually, the cartilage that cushions the joint is worn through because of this misalignment, and the dog experiences arthritic pain and associated lameness. Severe cases of hip dysplasia can lead to complete loss of mobility in the hind legs. Current veterinary theory believes that straight heredity issues account for about twenty-five percent of a dog’s predisposition toward hip dysplasia. However, as mentioned, unbalanced growth factors (associated with incorrect nutrition) play a major role in the development of this condition. Other contributing factors to worsening of the problem are the animal’s diet, weight, and activity level. Canine hip dysplasia is particularly prevalent in large, fast growing dog breeds, including: Newfoundlands, Rottweilers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds, to name a few.


Certainly, your pet's pain and mobility issues - resulting from hip dysplasia and resulting arthritis - are a matter of great concern to you, and you want to end the suffering and see your precious pet moving around more normally again. This is also where we expect the NZYMES® products to be able to help you and your pet. With these kinds of pain problems, Dysplasia, Arthritis, or even Back pain or injury, it is remarkable to witness how the body can restore, repair, or just function markedly better when it receives missing and needed resources. This is where special nutrition from the NZYMES Antioxidant supplements comes into play. Either product can provide that critical resource - live nutrition - which enables the body to kick its own antioxidant systems into a higher gear.

Our customers are typically well-pleased with the progress they see, even in short periods of time; though, as time passes, further improvements are normal. Seeing truly IS believing! Consider this: dogs can't fake pain OR well-being! There is no placebo effect with them. Products either work or they don't, period! Many related testimonials are provided above, including the video of Lilly. And, though the Lilly story is not about Hip Dysplasia, it serves to illustrate how well and how quickly these products can help the body to help itself, which is truly what this is all about. You can gain further knowledge by reviewing our informative Veterinary Study, which documents the success of our formulas with hundreds of cases of musculo-skeletal problems. Finding this page can be problematic due to spelling of Dysplasia, as 'Hip Displasia' is one of the common misspellings used for those looking for help.
Help for Hip Dysplasia

Again, the special 'live nutrition' found in the NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Granules can provide an all-natural alternative to typical vet-prescribed solutions to pain and mobility issues. The 'live nutrition' will be used by the body to manufacture a diverse series of metabolic and antioxidant enzymes. As with all 'living foods', the enzymes the body needs in order to properly assimilate and distribute nutrients, vitamins, and minerals effectively are part of the living food provided here. It is these live enzymes that are then responsible for the key metabolic processes such as clearing of toxins or free-radicals.

Another vital role played by these enzymes is help with the cleansing and restoration of the body's natural synovial fluid. The fluid, contained in the Bursa sacs, provides the critical spacing and lubrication for the joints. Without sufficient enzyme support, this natural lubricant begins to break-down, becomes cluttered, or loses its viscosity - reducing joint spacing. Much like dirty engine oil, the break-down of this vital fluid can subsequently cause damage to the cartilage and surrounding tissues. Therefore, one can see how improving the body's ability to manage the synovial fluid properly becomes significant in the battle against joint pain. For a more comprehensive understanding about all this, see Antioxidant Enzymes of the Body..

In contrast, while typical 'prescription' anti-inflammatory med's, NSAID'S, steroids or aspirin may ease symptoms, they rarely address the nutritional needs of the body or how that affects the primary cause of the problem. In addition many of these medications carry potentially harmful side-effects. Today, many pet owners' prefer to avoid medications because of the possibility of serious damage to kidneys or liver.

Using NZYMES®, we expect you to see REAL RESULTS. Therefore, we provide a 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee to ensure that our customers have enough time to evaluate improvement for whatever condition their pet suffers with.

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