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Finding Help for Dog Seizures

When calling us for help with dog seizures, our callers often express the desire, if possible, to avoid the need for medications like Phenobarbitol or Potassium Bromide, as they’re known to carry potentially harsh side effects. They also can make your dog seriously lethargic, which is no fun for you or them. We feel that regardless of the nature of the seizure activity, a reliable nutritional practice is always a good idea…but if you saw the amazing results we’ve received with our approach, you would be blown away. Since it’s our goal to help you have the healthiest pets possible (seizure-free), we offer the following recommendations.SeizureHelpDogs

First and Foremost – Give NZYMES Antioxidant Treats or NZYMES Sprouted Granules to your pet daily. This simple action can greatly help reduce the toxic build up which is at the root of most seizure activity by providing ‘live food’ nutrition which is missing from all processed pet foods and even raw fed diets. The NZYMES Treats or Granules are DIETARY enzymes, that is, enzymes that are derived from food sources, and not to be confused with Digestive enzymes.

Secondly – Feed only Super-Premium or Holistic foods and treats. (See Our Recommended List of Foods Here). These foods are formulated with Human grade ingredients, natural preservation methods, balanced omega fatty acids, digestive enzymes and microbials, and they utilize special methods to protect the vitamin/mineral content of the food. The minerals, in particular, are instrumental in running the body’s electrical system. This is very important when dealing with a problem like Epilepsy or Seizures.

Thirdly – If your pet must be vaccinated, receive flea or heartworm medication, undergo surgical procedures, or endure any period of increased stress, it is important to double the usage of the Treats or Granules 1-2 days prior and 4-7 afterwards. This will help to increase the body’s detoxification ability, and lessen the impact of these problematic factors.

Important Additional Note: – We have seen tremendous results with our customers using our Nzymes Antioxidants for dog seizure problems. We offer a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee so that you can test these natural products and see the results yourself – RISK FREE. However, if your pet is already taking a prescription medication for Seizures, we are NOT suggesting to discontinue using them. We would highly recommend following our recommendations outlined above. If you note that your pet is seizure free for 2-3 months, you should consult with your vet about the possibility of lowering the dosage in stages, with the overall goal of weaning the pet off of them if possible. All changes to medications should be recommended only by a Veterinary professional.

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