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  Allergies in Dogs or Cats  
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Allergies in Dogs or Cats - Such Confusion!

The CONFUSION is related to two important facts:
  1. This is the most common Ailment issue with dogs these days, and some cats as well.
  2. From our collective experience here at NZYMES, it is the most commonly misdiagnosed health issue with Pets. Are you SURE your pets' symptoms are caused by Allergies? Have you considered an alternative cause? We would suggest an open mind at this point.
IF, like most people in your situation, you've been convinced that 'allergies' are the cause of the suffering you witness, but the strategies are NOT getting results, PLEASE carefully review what you find here - Allergies, or Yeast? 

Though there may be situations where Pets may truly be allergic to things they come in contact with, eat or inhale, it is important to understand that this type of problem is actually not very common. This is totally in contrast to a viewpoint within the veterinary community that seems oriented toward the notion that there a large numbers of dogs (or cats) that are prone to be allergic to nearly anything you can imagine. However, here at NZYMES we are constantly finding that these assumptions are often misdirected, and that there is virtually always an entirely different issue at the root of these assumed 'allergy problems'. 
If your pet should be experiencing problems that are actually the result of an allergic reaction, not just a vet's assessment, those kinds of reactions and symptoms should dissipate and go away once the allergens are removed from the equation. In our experience, these kinds of allergic reactions in pets are rare rather than common. 
Understanding what goes into common pet foods might provide a better clue as to why your pet might be having reactions to start with. Many contain harsh preservatives, chemicals, and additives, which are detrimental to basic health, and disrupt the natural balance of beneficial flora in the gut. Other disrupting factors include the use of antibiotics, steroids, reactions to vaccinations, chlorinated water, and hormonal issues such as a low thyroid.

A sound GI tract environment forms the basis for the health of the rest of the body. In sufficient numbers, beneficial bacteria like Lactobacillus Acidophilus help to maintain that enviroment by fighting off foreign invaders, aiding with digestion, promoting a healthy pH, boosting the production of B vitamins, and protecting the mucosal walls of the gut.

However, once the beneficial bacterial flora becomes disrupted and diminished, it is not long before harmful organisms, such as Candida Albicans(systemic yeast), begin to grow and expand. This expansion is helped along by the consumption of sugars and starches, which are primary components of many pet foods. Candida produces toxins that make their way into the bloodstream, are filtered out at the extremities, and can cause symptoms such as itching, biting, chewing, scratching, face rubbing, hair loss, blackening, odor, oozing skin, etc.

It is easy to see how symptoms like these can be mistaken for allergies. The notion is further advanced when allergy testing seems to confirm the diagnosis, often citing a long list of offending substances. At this point, it would seem the case for "allergies" is a 'slam-dunk'...or is it? What if there was an underlying condition, not taken into consideration, that could account both for the symptoms mentioned above AND for false positives found in allergy testing? There is such a condition. For further insight on this, please see our article on Leaky-Gut Syndrome.
Why does this happen, over and over? Assuming you've already visited the Allergies or Yeast assessment page, you probably have natural confusion over the 'dog allergies' diagnosis your Vet has given you, yet cannot seem to solve.

is busy - non stop - helping people find a solutions for such problems every day. This is because we know the true root-cause is about an internal Yeast Candida overgrowth that has taken over the gut of your pet (something that cannot be solved from the outside). And unfortunately, the veterinary community seems oblivious to this very widespread CANDIDA problem. There may be many reasons for this; one of which may be that the problem cannot be rectified by use of medicine. It is a digestive imbalance problem, and must be rectified nutritionally. Damage to the delicate and fragile Flora of the gut is the causative factor in the very common Yeast Infection.
Why would you want to trust the word of NZYMES.COM? In view of our case history of 10's of thousands of dogs or cats, and the many hundreds of new cases we deal with per month, and then the fact that we GUARANTEE our results for 120 days (or your money back), why would you prefer to put your trust where a limited number of cases are handled - and a lack of positive results is the norm? Try asking your vet for referrals where a dogs 'allergies' have been resolved by their recommended foods or medications!  Is it likely a vet would offer any money-back guarantee for any services, diagnosis, or recommendations?

Candida Yeast on GI tractYeast Candida infection is chronic and systemic - meaning it won't go away without major work, and it can affect any organ or system of the body. It may be in your best interest to make use of our automated Symptoms checklist to see what kind score might relate to your particular situation. Getting a score of 4-5, or more is highly indicative of a Candida (yeast) overgrowth situation. As the Candida fungus takes over intestinal tissues, and continues to grow, toxins, poisons and yeast cells are excreted into tissues and will eventually work their way to the skin surface - as the skin is one of the body's primary vehicles for the elimination of toxins/poisons, etc. As such elements reach the surface, they are recognized as invaders by the immune system; therefore, an Immune System Response (ISR) is the natural result. Since an Allergic Reaction is also an ISR, it is completely natural and common for the Vet to assess that there is an 'allergy' situation at hand, especially since he likely knows little about the Candida culprit occupying the gut and filtering out at the skin. For more, click here: Healthy-Skin Program

Incorrect Foods - which you find in your typical larger stores - will feed the Yeast issue constantly, and thereby produce flare-ups of symptoms.  It is food items high in Glycemic index (converting to sugar very quickly) that will feed the growth of the Yeast, which feeds off of sugar in the system. Starchy food items are the main problem - including potatoes, white rice, corn in any form, wheat grain in any form. Any of these items can produce what APPEARS to be an allergic reaction - due to how quickly the yeast responds. 

Understanding these food items as enemy #1, when you examine most every big-name/highly-advertized pet food, you will find them laden with items that fall into this category. The rule of thumb - if you can find it in a big store, it likely will not be good for a dog/cat suffering this problem.
                                                                     WHY ALLERGIES

Real Help for your Your Pet:

Whether true allergy problems, or the more likely "Yeast Candida" issues, it is important to have a carefully laid out plan to follow. Our Healthy Skin Program is such a plan. (see link below) 
That being said, you should obtain ONE of the following NZYMES Healthy Skin Kits:
  • Small Healthy Skin Kit - for pets of a smaller size, usually under 60 lbs. 
  • Large Healthy Skin Kit - for pets of larger size, OVER 60 lbs; or 2 small pets
  • Super Healthy Skin Kit, Small - for 2 or more Smaller pets with Yeast issues; a value-priced kit that provides enough product to last a substantial time.
  • Super Healthy Skin Kit, Large - for 2 or more Larger pets (61-150 lbs.); again, a value-priced collection of the right products to last a substantial period of time when you are unfortunate enough to have several larger pets with these skin and itch issues. 
For the most comprehensive information, click here - Healthy Skin Program Information
If you still have any uncertainty after reviewing everything provided, don't hesitate to call us for a consultation on the matter (877-816-6500). Greater, more detailed "allergies counterpoint" information on this subject matter can also be found HERE
Resolving Systemic Yeast Infection, AKA - Yeast Candida, or Candidiasis - is a time consuming and somewhat complex issue.  No matter which Kit or set of products you purchase, the Program directions are followed the same way, using these What To Do Instructions (click to review or print). 
Use the How NZYMES Can Help tab to determine the Kit you will use, and then follow the WTD instructions carefully - understanding that this is not a quick process.  BUT, if you don't see some results within the first 2 months, you should definitely be on the phone with us, as there is likely something else contributing to the problems, OR there may be instructions not well understood (we see this regularly). 
If having problems with the cleansing or lack of progress, you can also go here for help - Cleansing Difficulties
On a NEW CUSTOMER first order, you will receive ONE FREE BONUS bottle of Pet Treats with your order.