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  Aural Hematoma  
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Aural Hematoma Disorder in Dogs

Aural HematomaFor any section of skin under an ear-flap that happens to develop a collection of blood, this is a result (whatever the cause) that is referred to as Aural Hematoma. In simpler terms, this is a form of blood blister. It can be a serious matter to deal with, often involving surgery. Though this may be seen with Cats, it would be extremely rare.

Aural is used here to refer to the areas of the ear, and this type of 'hematoma' underneath the ear flap, also known as the Pinna, tends to occur more commonly with dogs than with cats, much as is the case with Yeast infections.

The CAUSE of the hematoma: The rupturing of small blood vessels under the flap of the ear due to the trauma from injury, such as a blow to the ear. Most often, however, such damage is self inflicted, especially for dogs with longer, heavier ears that can slap the head when shaken. Very itchy ears (from ear conditions) can result in severe shaking of the head which can easily lead to hematoma problems that may require doctor visits. Alternatively, some dogs may deal with their itchy ears via vigorous scratching; and again - hematoma could be an inevitable result. Aftermath consequences of the hematoma may include infection, ear mites, foreign matter working its way into the ear canal, etc.

Advanced damage from this condition may be shown by an ear flap that becomes swollen (sometimes severely), infected, and severely uncomfortable - likely painful. Should the issue heal upon its own, the Pinna can appear to be crinkled/wrinkled, shrunken in size, or even laden with scars. There have been cases where the ear flaps have been physically stitched to prevent future hematoma damage.

Post Opt Aural Hematoma with suchersTREATMENT by a Vet may include surgery to open the hematoma for draining and removal of any clot residue or fibrin. Sutures are used in the repair to tack the very thin skin layers over the thin cartilage in a tight manner in an effort to eliminate space for blood or serum to re-accumulate. The risk of infection from all this requires the use of antibiotics afterwards, and also anti-inflammatory medication usually.

Healing Help for Aural Hematoma Conditions

Certain NZYMES products can be very helpful to the critical yet challenging help that a pet needs with such a serious condition.  Whether healing after surgery, or when surgery is not elected, the body needs special support to promote faster recovery and healing time. 
The NZYMES Antioxidant supplements - Treats or Granules - provide that special nutritional resource needed to support the bodies antioxidant system, promoting enhanced cellular performance. The net result can be faster and more effective recovery time.
The NZYMES Ox-E-Drops product is a safe and powerful way to aid in the recovery process. Applying the 2% topical solution 3-4 times daily, can promote a faster recovery.
Using Nzymes Products with Aural Hematoma Issues

Please follow the Guidelines for Use on the individual product labels, or with reference materials provided with the products. Normal usage of Ox-E-Drops of twice per day (1 drop per 20lbs body weight) should be increased by at least one extra administration per day during this ailment recovery - or any other illness recovery situation.
If you have any questions, confusion, or concerns, don't hesitate to call for phone assistance - 877-816-6500.