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Example of Demodetic MangeMange Problems in Dogs and Cats

Mange in dogs, which can become a serious health issue, is all about MITE infection, of various types. Though there are many types of these tiny bugs or parasites that can create havoc within skin areas of your dog, some are much more common than others; and,  some are always present but usually dormant and harmless. 

Pre-discussion NOTE:
The use of four NZYMES® products (Granules or Antioxidant Treats, Black-Leaf, Ox-E-Drops, and Bac~Pak Plus) can be a very important part of the overall healing process in many respects, including supporting and assisting the immune system as well as helping with repair or restructure of a compromised digestive tract.
Demodectic MangeDemodectic Mange (Demodex)
This type of mange is caused by a mite that is on all dogs and is normally dormant, unless the dog is stressed or has an underdeveloped or weak immune system. Mange mites can easily be identified under a microscope, so there should be no guesswork concerning a diagnosis. This problem is not genetic, nor is it contagious. The mite is on all animals at all times, and when the system is suppressed, the little critters have a field day and become active. Once the immune system is functioning, they go back to a state of dormancy.
Demodectic Mange is very common at 3 - 7 months of age. This is the worst time for puppies due to teething, growth, vaccines, hormones, wormers and cropping, training and being sent off to their new homes. There are holistic ways to handle demodectic mange. The most important aspect of this is to follow a well-rounded nutritional feed program, including the right immune supporting supplements.
Sarcoptic MangeSarcoptic Mange
This particular form of mange is also referred to as Canine Scabies; this is because it is caused by a parasite known as Sarcoptes scabiei.  This tiny mite prefers to spend its short existence on Dogs, but will infect Cats, Ferrets, and some other pets; though, there are specific species of these mites for each type of being.  Symptoms include hair loss and some fairly severe itching, but a vet should be able to detect them.  The life span is short, 3-8 days, but they lay their larvae, so the infection is self preserving if not dealt with.  Proper treatments can control and eliminate these infections.

Notoedric Mange in CatsNOTOEDRIC MANGE
Notoedric mange (Cats Mange) - Notoedric Mange is closely related to Sarcoptic mange in dogs, but it is mange on cats. Both conditions typically begin with itchy crusts and scales on the ear margins. The mites may quickly move to the face and, if left untreated, can spread to your pet's entire body.

Cat mange mites are external parasites that burrow into the skin of your cat and cause damage to their skin and hair follicles. Notoedric mange or Cats Mange causes sores, lesions, and/or hair loss and is the only mange on cats condition. Like Sarcoptic Mange, Notoedric Mange is also a highly Contagious cat mange disease.

Cheyletiellosis MangeCHEYLETIELLA MANGE
Cheyletiellosis is a mild skin condition caused by the Cheyletiella species of mites. It is also known as walking dandruff because it resembles a bad case of dandruff typically found on the neck and back. Cheyletiella are large mites that live on epidermal layers of dogs, cats, rabbits, humans, and other animals. They do not burrow into the skin but live in the keratin level. Their entire 21-day life cycle is on one host. They cannot survive off the host for more than 10 days. Cheyletiella is highly contagious mange disease and it is transferred by direct contact with an affected animal. The disease can be without dog mange symptoms or can include intense itching, scaly skin and hair loss.

You can find many home remedies for dog mange on the internet. However, most of them don't work, and they may very well cause harm to your pet! To increase your awareness in this realm, we suggest that you pay a visit to the website shown below - to understand why such home remedies for mange should be avoided.  Just CLICK here:
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ALSO, To see our list of foods that NZYMES® recommends for pets enduring these tremendous challenges, click HERE

Natural Help for Mange

Most often when mange occurs in dogs it has a direct relationship to a breakdown of the pets natural GI Flora.  The GI tract is often stripped of it's natural balance and good bacteria during treatments for worms, Parvo or intestinal parasites like Giardia.  Antibiotic treatments also contribute to the breakdown of the GI tract. Weaknesses here are see directly at the Coat and Skin. 

All NZYMES products help to support the immune system, by providing key nutritional components to the diet. We recommend using either the Small or Large NZYMES 3-Pak Kit  to provide a live food resource which is instrumental in assisting the body's natural production of metabolic enzymes. These enzymes are at the forefront with recovery and repair, and in the removal of toxins.
We suggest to focus on the internal needs of the pet with diet and supplementation to help strengthen the immune system, but it is also important to use Ox-E-Drops and Black-Leaf Tincture topically. Usage method: first wipe the spot with a 2% diluted solution of Ox-E-Drops then rub Black-Leaf directly into the area(do this twice daily).
Additional Help

This company makes natural products that work the best in our opinion.

For Sarcoptic Mange- aka; Scabies
Click here for a solution for you and your family

Here are 3 Mange stories sent to us by the Collin County Humane Society to show how well these two product lines work  together to help with Mange problems.

Lacy with mange
Harley with Mange
Ricky with Mange
Lacy Harley Ricky
For correct usage of Nzymes Products

Please follow the Guidelines for Use on the individual product labels, or with reference materials provided with the products. If you have any confusion, questions, or concerns, don't hesitate to call and receive phone assistance - 877-816-6500.