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The old familiar saying, “You are what you eat”, provides a clue as to why a more holistic approach to health is rapidly gaining popularity as a viable alternative to standard medicine. The powerful formulas in NZYMES® products provide solid support for helping the body improve its own natural yet amazing restorative powers. With NZYMES® help, the body repairs faster, fights infection and disease more readily, and maintains stronger defenses.

NZYMES® products, including ‘live nutritional’ and special ‘dietary’ supplements, continue to prove that the BODY is the most powerful healer of all. Whether human or animal, when the ‘body’ gets the resources it needs, including special assistance at times, it can perform wondrous things in the realm of restoration, repair, or even just maintaining general health. So, be it person or pet, you're sure to find answers to common health issues here at NZYMES®. - A Division of Biopet Inc. Phone: 702.228.0097 Toll Free: 877.816.6500 Fax: 702.263.8853
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