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Our customers provide their personal stories in the hope that others will benefit from their experiences. All stories are reviewed and edited in order to remove any medical language which may define a health claim via the FDA's Dietary Supplement guidelines.

Breed: Mixed Breed Horse
Age: 18 yrs
Health History: Digestive health, Diarrhea, Heaves, hair loss, Kidney health
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Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 12 yrs
Health History: Limping, Joint health
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  Jill D.
Health History: Discomfort & Immobility of self, Dog, and Horse
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Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse
Age: 15 yrs
Health History: Navicular disease, Lameness
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  Pepper P
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 9 yrs
Health History: Ring bone, Joint Health, Navicular Concerns
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  RH Louisville Slugger
Breed: Bright Sorrel
Age: 5 yrs
Health History: Stiff joints, Poor Endurance, Slow recovery, Nicks/Cuts on skin
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Breed: Arabian
Age: 18 yrs
Health History: Malnutrition, Lameness, Atrophied leg
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Breed: Arabian
Age: 15 yrs
Health History: Joint Health, Stiffness, Melanomas
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  Tusk & Cyrus
Breed: German Shepherd
Health History: Itchy skin, hair loss, oozing sores, food sensitivities, Cyrus was stomped by a horse at full gallop.
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Chubbs Share |

Breed: Pers Riding Horse
Age: 15 yrs
Health History: Lethargy, Stiff joints, Shedding

RIDING HORSE seeing Improvement from Stiff and Painful Joints

We had used NZYMES® for our German Shepard and saw outstanding results for her hips and stamina, so we figured what do we have to lose for trying it out on our beloved, aged mare.  We could not beleive how it made the last years of her life peaceful and happy; she no longer waited for me to bring her the food, she came to me!  I did not hear her as crickity as she was and she seemed to just, well smile!  Thank you so much for not only helping our dog but making the rest of her life a happy one.
Wendy Gribbin
Kingston, GA

Health History: Lethargy, Stiff joints, Shedding

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