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Customer Service

Though we cannot touch on all possible Customer Service issues on this page, we try to provide enough information to give you some direction. NZYMES.COM takes great pride in our extremely high levels of Customer Service and Support. We strive to answer all telephone calls immediately, and only fail to do so during the busiest parts of the workday, when there are more calls than staff. When messages are left, we make every effort to return calls promptly. 




Along with the 24hr-per-Day website, is open for Telephone business 'normally' from 9am to 6pm (PST), Monday through Friday, except holidays. Your call, for Sales, Service, or Assistance will be answered by a person during normal business hours, except when all staff members are tied up on calls during busiest times of the day. Should that occur, please leave your message and your call will be returned as promptly as possible.  Again, the website is available 24 hours per day, every day, for placing orders, reviewing past orders, using any of the helpful and informative content, or using the Contact Us option. 
NOTE:  Reviewing past orders only relates to orders processed since this new website began operation - 4/14/2009.  Any questions about orders made previous to that date will need to be directed to our Customer Service helpline - 877-816-6500.


This new site provides a very comprehensive mechanism for viewing and managing your Order History. Whatever your question, you may find the answer via Logging In to your Account by clicking the orange Account button above the Menu bar, or click here - Account. Once there, you can View Previous Orders; and, with the list displayed, you can choose any order (click the Order # or Order Details) to see the original order summary, or even print a copy of the original Invoice.  For TRACKING AN ORDER - once the order is displayed that you are inquiring about, you can slide to the bottom to see the Status, which may show Processed, Shipped, or something else.


There is a $2 handling fee for all orders placed at


Customs and/or VAT charges are NOT included in the PURCHASE and are the responsibility of the customer. If you have any concerns prior to ordering please contact us first. Please be aware that Customs handling can cause delays. We don't normally expect problems with customs or local shipping facilities. If you CARE to check for
Dealers in other countries - most of which are in CANADA -  use the following LINK to see what is available - International Dealer Locator
1. Express International Mail (postal) - Provides necessary tracking and guarantees contents. Normal Delivery time is 4 to 7 Days but may take longer.
2. Priority Mail International - This method is track-able and insured and less costly than Express. Normal delivery time is 7-10 days.
3. DHL INTERNATIONAL - is available with call-in orders only. Initial costs with this method are lower, but it is likely that the recipient will incur additional charges at delivery. However, DHL packages often arrive in 1-3 days. If time is of the essence, this may be your best choice.


Shipping Policy - NZYMES is dedicated to shipping all orders as quickly as possible. ALL orders received by 3 p.m. PST, M-F (except for holidays), are shipped the same day. See Carrier options below. We have no control over shipping costs - such as POSTAL rates that seem to rise year after year.
Postal Priority Preference - Some patrons express concern over no availability of Standard Parcel Post. First of all, only 'Priority' shipping provides the important option of TRACKING - which has proven over the years to be a necessity. Also, it is important to note - that the cost difference between Parcel Post and Postal priority is extremely minimal - usually much less than a dollar. Whereas, the difference in delivery time is majorPriority shipping has an expected delivery time of 2-3 days; whereas, the same shipment via Parcel Post can take up to 8 days for domestic shipments. 
  • POSTAL:  USPS Priority - Including NEW Saver/Flat-rate options - is our default / preferred shipping method, and costs only penny's more than the much slower 'Parcel Post' (which offers NO tracking). Be sure to watch for "Other Shipping Choices" Tab when checking out and choosing your shipping. NORMAL delivery time is 2-3 Days, although this is NOT guaranteed. Again, all POSTAL orders received by 3pm PST, M-F, are shipped the SAME DAY. No orders are shipped on Saturday or Sunday.
  • UPS:  Many options are available - Ground, Next-Day-Air, 2nd-Day-Air, and 3-Day-Select are offered. For Ground, this choice can save cost on HEAVIER shipments, but not usually on 1-2LB packages; and, you must allow for distance - where East Coast shipments will take 7-8 days.  IF Overnight Delivery is needed on a FRIDAY, you must call to place the order. Saturday delivery is only available via telephone orders. NO SUNDAY delivery is possible. Again, ALL orders received by 3pm PST, M-F, are shipped same day.


Shipped or Not?  If curious whether your order is shipped or not, use instructions above (Order Tracking) to find and Track the order of concern. If it has not, or you have other questions about the shipment, you can either correspond using the Help Desk option for that order, the Contact Us page, or call for assistance within the guidelines of our normal hours (listed above).  
Shipping Problems - Such as no delivery yet, wrong items received, or missing items. Again, you can use the Help Desk option for that order, or the Contact Us page. However, for fastest resolution, it would be best to contact us by phone (during normal hours) at - 877-816-6500.


For PROGRESS or RESULTS issues, that may have you thinking about the RMA process, we urge you to contact us first for a discussion of where you are at. This is especially true for cases involving Yeast Kits and the Cleansing process, as some of these cases can be extra tough and we usually find that there are other complications, or certain portions of the instructions were omitted or not understood as well as necessary; this being a very complex process overall. MORE ON THIS BELOW. You can reach us by phone on these matters, or see this information provided here - Yeast Cleansing Difficulties.  For a better understanding on the RMA process, our Guarantee, and these issues, please see our Warranty Page.


As mentioned on other pages, our ultimate GOAL is to provide results - which means helping to restore wellness for your pet or yourself, whichever the case may be.  BUT, GETTING THOSE RESULTS is not always easy and straight-forward in every case, which is why we offer such comprehensive phone support.  We are not worried about refunding your money (Warranty Page), as we do very little of that. What we are concerned about is helping you get the results and better health that is desired. This is why we prefer to talk with customers before they make a commitment to do a Return for Refund.  So, in the interest of gaining progress toward better health, PLEASE let us discuss with you about usage parameters or possible complications that may be an issue. Call for Support - 877-816-6500.
  • YEAST PROGRAM - PROGRESS CONSIDERATIONS:  For Yeast Candida cleansing difficulties (again, referring to that 3-7 month normal cleansing expectation), we have prepared a very comprehensive page to help guide you and provide clarification in order to insure you are on the right track toward SUCCESS, since the complexity of the program often creates confusion. Please carefully review the information provided here - Yeast Cleansing Difficulties
  • FRIENDLY SUPPORT AVAILABLE:  There may be other health issues you're dealing with, and not sure when and if you should be seeing results. Again, you may want to call for support, or you may first want to review our ARTICLES list to see if there may be some information that can be of aid to you.  In any case, taking some time to check out the tremendous amount of information offered within our Articles area can be very educational, and hopefully beneficial in other ways.


The current website, put up in April 2009, was designed provide a much richer, more informative (with enormous content) and easier to navigate environment, including and up-to-date straight-forward shopping Cart.  However, there is great complexity to such an undertaking, including the possibility of new malfunctions created with daily changes/updates to the site. We are regretful that any customer may get caught up in a malfunction, but try to make it easy to report such to us. 

So, if you see errors or have difficulties - we apologize in advance - and ask that you use our Contact Us page to report any issue you see to our staff.  If the issue is "Checkout related" or in need of immediate attention, don't hesitate to call our toll-free number to advise us - 877.816.6500.
If any kind of ERROR PAGE is presented during 'registration' or 'Checkout', we ask that you "capture" a screenshot of what you see, so that you might be able to forward that to us when needed. To do so (on a PC), simply make sure that the error window is 'active' then hold 'Alt' while you strike 'Print Screen'. Then you can open your Paint program and paste what you captured into that program. You can then save that result as a JPEG file - using a name like Nzymes-err.jpg.  This would be very helpful to have if we contact you about trying to understand or resolve the error you encountered.
A KNOWN ERROR issue from our website is related to trying to use an apostrophe in a name. This will definitely present an error page. No fix has been found for this error. We ask that you use a space instead of the apostrophe for now. Example:  instead of O'Flannigan, please use O Flannigan.  Thank you.
Also, when you have completed the Address page, and you click 'Continue', this is the point where this website is connecting with the Postal Service website to obtain shipping cost amounts. This can cause a delay or, if the connection fails, no rates will be returned from the post office.
We thank you for your patronage and assistance.