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Overview and Details for NZYMES.COM "First Purchase" FREE-BONUS Offers:

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NOTICE: 4/1/15 - For the time being, all Bonus items will be added to your cart manually after the sale has finished, and will not appear in your cart. We will be certain to add appropriate Bonuses to all qualifying orders.

FREE TreatsNEW CUSTOMERS - Receive a Free Bottle of NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats(a $21 value) with your "first time" order of ANY product from the Pet Products category. This Bonus offer is LIMITED to ONE per household and is separate from any active SPECIALS or SALE offers. Again, a product must be added-to-Cart from THIS Pet-Products category to receive this Bonus. Such a Bonus is included as a way of thanking your for your business and to assist with the recommended doubling period for the product. (It is important to double the usage of the Antioxidant Treats or Granules for the first 2 weeks, as part of an initial cleansing process). This bonus is automatically applied in the sales transaction during checkout, but it is only available to each customer one time. If you should experience trouble in obtaining your bonus using our online system, please call for help. We will gladly apply any and all applicable bonuses to your order. Existing customers (by household) please heed the Notice at bottom of this page. IF A CUSTOMER DOES NOT SEE THEIR BONUS - during checkout or with the emailed 'Order invoice', this is likely because they had started an order at a previous time and left it 'incomplete', and the one-time Bonus was attached to that order; but NZYMES staff WILL catch this and normally add the Bonus to the completed order qualifying for the Bonus.

For any first-time order of the NZYMES® Antioxidant Complexfor people, we will include an extra 80 caplets as a BONUS ($20 value). As mentioned above, this is our way of saying "Thanks" and to assist with the Recommended Doubling period.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Extra 80 caplets do NOT come in a separate bottle, but are included in an oversize bottle. This bigger bottle contains the standard 180 caplets + the BONUS 80 caplets, and is marked with a BONUS LABEL on the lid. This Bonus is also LIMITED to ONCE per household. The bonus is automatically applied in the Cart transaction during checkout, but it is only available to each customer one time. Existing customers (by household) please heed the Notice at bottom of this page.

Packaged SPECIALS - that may be offered for Christmas or other special times of the year are part of a THIRD category and therefore do NOT qualify for either of the above mentioned Bonus offers, which are category-restricted!! However, a NEW customer is still entitled to the above BONUS offers upon subsequent purchases OR even at the same time of making purchase of a SPECIAL. For instance, if one adds an item to the CART that was shown as a 'Special', and then goes to the PET PRODUCTS category and adds a bottle of Antioxidant Treats to the Cart, they will then receive the BONUS tied to that pet product. Or, if they order a qualifying product on their next visit (or Call-in order), they will receive the Bonus at that time.

Each of the above bonus offers are available to customers "by address" (one to a household). And, if your first order is only for Pet related products, you will receive that Bonus with that purchase; however, the Human Product BONUS will still be available upon your first purchase of the Antioxidant Complex, no matter how much time has elapsed.

What happens if an existing customer creates a NEW login registration, and thereby Bonus items are applied to the resulting order? We highly discourage customers from doing this, as the result MAY be increased shipping costs, yet no bonus sent. Please see the NOTICE at the bottom of this page.

All customer orders are verified against our database to assure that duplicates are not created. Should someone create another account, from the same household, using second e-mail address, then any BONUS added to that order in the Cart will be invalid and thus is NOT shipped with the order. This may result in incorrect shipping costs and a disgruntled customer. NZYMES must control this process due to the very few that may not honor the 'one time Bonus' offering.

SECONDARY BONUSES - Other Family Members
If a customer wishes to receive a Bonus item for another family member or pet who LIVES OUTSIDE THEIR HOUSEHOLD, then those customers should contact us directly by phone to discuss their request to see what arrangement may be possible. We always try to honor a reasonable request, but the ‘One Bonus per Household’ rule always applies. Creating a new account with a different address is one way to settle this issue.

NOTICE:Both Free-Bonus items are ONE-TIME-ONLY offers, and are 'per household', and tied to new-customer account registration. IF an existing customer manages to create a NEW account registration, any Bonus applied in that order WILL NOT BE SHIPPED. The likely result will be increased shipping cost due to an added Bonus item that is disallowed due to having already been received previously. Some scenarios that may prevent Bonus items from being shipped - related to 'duplicate household' registration:
  • An existing customer registers in this store with a different email address.
  • Another member of the household registers using their own email address.
  • A non-family member, living at the same address, registers with their email address. Such a person should CALL to make special arrangements for a Bonus item they should receive.