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NZYMES.COM - A Division of Biopet Inc.
8298 Arville St. - Suite 103 ~ Las Vegas, NV 89139
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M-F, 9am Eastern TO 6pm Pacific Time
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NZYMES.COM, as a division of BIOPET INC., is dedicated to the health and welfare of pets and people all over the world. One of our goals is to help our customers become BETTER PET PARENTS. We feel that the more people can discover about the advantages of promoting 'Natural healing alternatives' and how that may extend the useful life for their pets, the more accomplished they will feel about their PET PARENT responsibilities. To facilitate that end, our primary goal is simply stated as, "Provide our customers ONLY the highest quality products that deliver REAL RESULTS!"

ALL NZYMES Products are "Made in the USA"
Our Corporate team has over 30 years of experience in the Health Food Industry, with specialized knowledge in the
field of 'whole food' nutritional supplementation. We have aligned ourselves with some of the finest and most knowledgeable advisers, consultants, and experts in the nutrition world in order to help our customers find quick and viable solutions. We offer comprehensive Free Support - and stand ready to answer your questions and aid you in the resolution of the nutritionally based health problems facing yourself and your pets.
As pet owners, we greatly appreciate the extra love, warmth, and companionship our pets add to our lives. And it is our ultimate desire and focus that all pets - yours and ours - have the opportunity to enjoy healthy and happy pain-free lives. Therefore, OUR OWN pets all take their NZYMES® every day, and so do we.

As humans who take NZYMES® daily, we've seen and experienced the improved health in our
Success Story, Alf
Success Story, Cosmo
own lives and the difference NZYMES® can make. We invite you to take a step closer to better health by 'joining the NZYMES® family', and thereby see how you might experience a healthier lifestyle.

Our site contains a vast array of
Success Stories; i.e., testimonials from real people seeing real results. And, all are provided by customers wishing to save PETS all over the globe from unnecessary suffering, and their owners from the grief and stress of watching a beloved pet suffer. We cordially invite you to peruse some of our many stories to discover for yourself, as many before you have, how adding special all-natural resources to the diet of a dog, cat, horse, or even a person, can be so effective in boosting the body's ability to perform its own magic. Most of the available stories will illustrate how simple "enzyme-rich nutrition" - added to the daily diet - can help "Change the Health of Pet or Person for Life!" At NZYMES, it is our position - that the BODY itself is truly a wonder, and as such is capable of performing wondrous things when receiving needed nutritional elements.

Each day produces additional new
Success Stories; in fact, more than we can keep up with, and for Dogs alone we have HUNDREDS of Stories on a wide variety of health recovery challenges! We honestly believe that you - as a potential customer - will become our next success story contributor. With so many years of helping people and their pets achieve Better Health through Better Nutrition, it is very easy for us to offer our "Unconditional 120-day Money Back Guarantee"; always honored if dissatisfied for any reason.

If you feel you can identify with our mission statement, you might consider joining the thousands of others who have made NZYMES® a vital part of their own health regimen, and that of their pets.

So, we look forward to having you join our family circle - once you have made the decision that we believe can Change Your Health - for Life!