3 Cats Rescued From Broken Home Love Nzymes


Jana, Nzymes Customer Service Rep, Tells Their Story




Many of you have probably called in and talked to myself and my fluffy Maine Coon assistant, ‘Mason’. Mason and his brother and sister Kai and Atilla came to live in my home after my previous rescue cat, Bumble had passed due to kidney failure. These cats needed to be rehomed because a divorce situation threatened to split them up or send them to shelters. I felt very fortunate to be able to keep them together and bring them home with me.

The minute I got them home, they went straight onto one of the Foods Recommend by Nzymes along with the Granules and Bac-Pak Plus. They are very healthy and happy now and Mason will not eat until his demands are met for the Bac-Pak Plus on his food. I’m looking forward to many happy (and talkative) years ahead with these three.



California, USA

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