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Dog Seizures or Epilepsy – Informative Help

Concerns Related to Dog Seizures or Epilepsy

Your furry friend just has an epileptic seizure. At NZYMES we understand just how scary it can be to see a loved one lose Dog Seizure issues and concernscontrol even if for only a few minutes. We’ve been helping pet owners troubleshoot epilepsy-related neurological events for over twenty years and in that time have learned some valuable information that pet owners must know if their pet is suffering from seizures. What are the available options? Should I take my pet to the Veterinarian? What medicines are typically prescribed? Why is my pet having seizures?

In this article we discuss seizures and epilepsy (repeated seizures), their fundamental causes, and our recommended action plan for dealing with seizures. We’ve helped quite a few pet owners navigate this issue with success and we are here to help!

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Issues that can Cause Seizures

    1. Head Injury
    2. Brain Diseases and Tumors
    3. Distemper Virus
    4. Environemental Toxins or Poison
    5. Genetically Inherited Epilepsy
    6. Hyper and Hypo: Glycemia (blood sugar)
    7. Renal Issues
    8. Dietary Poisoning

At NZYMES.COM We feel that regardless of the nature of the seizure activity a reliable nutritional program is the foundation to good health. Proper nutrition gives the support necessary for the cleansing of toxins that become built up through the use of daily medications and poor quality food and treats.
First and Foremost:  We recommend to give NZYMES Antioxidant Treats or NZYMES Sprouted Granules to your pet daily. This simple action supports a natural antioxidant cleansing process that helps to being the elimination of the toxic build-up in the liver and kidneys that is typically the result of medications, poor quality food ingredients, food coloring, and chemical additives in a pets diet.

Please read the story of Biscuit an American Eskimo and his remarkable results with our nutritional approach. This story is an amazing journey that was only made possible with proper nutrition and a lot fo tender loving care.

Second: In our opinion the best way to reduce the risk of seizures in dogs, is to read the ingredients in your pet’s food and treats: We suggest that you avoid Wheat Flour and/or Wheat Gluten, Food Colorings and Chemical Additives. Your will find these poor ingredients in the majority of pet foods offered by supermarkets, big chain pet stores, and big discount stores. In our 20 years of experience, these ingredients tend to be the primary causes of increased epileptic activity in seizure-prone dogs.

biscut american Eskimo with seizures


We suggest pet foods which are made with Human grade ingredients (if possible), natural preservatives, balanced omega fatty acids, digestive enzymes, and probiotics.  Plus, you will want to see the words ‘Chelate or Sequestered’ in relation to the vitamins or minerals described in the ingredients panel of the food. The minerals, in particular, are instrumental in running the body’s electrical system. This is key when dealing with a problem like seizures in dogs and Epilepsy.

Third:  If your pet must be vaccinated, receive flea or heart-worm medication, undergo surgical procedures, or endure any period of increased stress, we highly recommend to double the usage of the Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules 3-4 days prior and 4-7 afterward the planned vaccinations. This nutritional support may help to increase the body’s detoxification ability, and lessen the impact of these problematic factors.

Important Additional Note:  Through the years we have seen remarkable results for seizures in dogs with our customers using our NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules as a nutritional support. We offer a 120 Day Money Back Guarantee so you have 4 months to check out our natural products and see the results yourself – RISK-FREE.

However, if your pet is already taking a prescription medication for Seizures, we are NOT suggesting to discontinue using them. We would highly recommend following our recommendations outlined above. If you note that your pet is seizure free for 2-3 months, you should consult with your vet about the possibility of lowering the dosage in stages, with the overall goal of weaning the pet off of them if possible. All changes to medications should be recommended only by a Veterinary professional.

Read about how Nzymes helped Baya and Jack.

Recommended Product for Dog Seizure or Epilepsy Troubles

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