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Aging Dogs Help

Dealing with Negative Aspects of Aging in Dogs

And how they affect a dog, especially as relates to dog Mobility and quality of life!
Aging in dogs is one of those unavoidable parts of life we all wish we could better control. For your precious pet, getting older is not a lot different than it is for people.

Depending on the breed, ‘Old age’ can begin as soon as 6-8 years of age but is generally seen at 12 to 15. Typical symptoms of aging would include a general slowdown, loss of energy or vitality, and then the onset of the typical aches and pains from arthritis and other associated issues. In addition, you have the more frequent onset of various forms of illness, degenerative disease, and then many surprise issues that may arise. What you may really like to see is some way to extend the active and happy portion of your pet’s life and ward off some of those ‘surprise illness issues’. And, wouldn’t it be better if that could be accomplished naturally – with the least possible use of medications?

The NZYMES® line of products can be instrumental in supporting your pet’s health and vitality, energy, joint health, digestive health and more!

Next to ‘live enzyme’ supplementation (the NZYMES), the most important thing you can do to improve the health of your Pet is to provide him with a quality food. This will likely mean steering away from the typical big-name brand foods – which are laden with additives and which utilize meat substitutes rather than true meat meals. For a real eye-opener on the dangers and deficiencies of mainline pet foods, please review the following Article ~ What’s Really in Pet Foods

For a listing of more appropriate, premium quality foods, please click here.

Recommended Product Choices for Aging Concerns in Dogs


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