NZYMES Coupon Codes and Deals

The NZYMES.COM Discount Offerings and Structure

If looking for the ‘deals’ or coupons for NZYMES® Products, this is where you need to be.  Those various Coupon Code websites that draw people in when searching for ‘deals’ or ‘coupon codes’ will quite often post fraudulent or misleading ads related to a deal which they either made up, misconstrued, or misunderstood, and therefore not based in FACT. Oftentimes, no such offer was ever made by NZYMES®; other times, it may have been a limited-time offer and the ‘coupon’ sites fail to make this clear, while also drawing ‘Nzymes seeking traffic’ to their sites.  Below are some common sites with a history of posts with mislead potential NZYMES customers.

Some current ‘Coupon Code’ websites that have been known to post MISLEADING ads – such as “20% OFF”:

bogus ads

*NOTE:  There are some of our Quantity Discount deals that will save approximately 20% – such as the purchase of 6 of the Antioxidant Treats ($105 instead of $132), but nowhere do we mention 20% off as an offering.

The NZYMES Approach to Offering Savings to our Customers

Other than our Facebook page, NZYMES® never posts any Sale offerings in the public realm that those coupon sites might pick up and thereby post – either accurately, or inaccurately. And, anything posted on Facebook will be clearly delineated for expiration date.

However, for a very small ‘family run’ business, NZYMES® does the best it can do to enhance affordability of our highly effective Natural Health Supplements.  Below we present examples of the common discount structures we use to offer deals to our patrons.

Other than specific sales offered to our loyal repeat customer list, and Facebook postings, NZYMES® does not post sales or coupons out in the public arena. This fact has much to do with not being able to keep up with the miss-management of such offers by the very ‘Coupon Sites’ that distract regular or potential NZYMES customers every day. Though we provide a highly valued service to our patrons in helping to restore or promote better health for their pets or horses, we are simply too small to do things that other very large companies do – the way that Starbucks or Kohl’s puts out coupons almost daily to increase customer flow.  If you care to get an overview of how highly NZYMES® customer value the help they’ve gotten by ‘taking that leap of faith’ with NZYMES, just spend some time checking out our REVIEWS page.

Here are Examples of our Discount offerings, as Taken from our Product Pages

Quantity Discounts:  First is this primary method of allowing our patrons to take advantage of better ‘deals’ or desired savings. See these two examples for better understanding of our Quantity discounts.  With the Treats ($22 ea.) you can get 2 for $41, saving 3$, or you can get 3 for $57, saving $9; and, the Treats have another layer of discount – saving even more money.  With the Sprouted Granules you can get 2 for  $84, saving $6, or 3 for $114, saving $21. ALL the NZYMES Products have similar Quantity discounts, though the amounts vary by product. Below, you’ll seen another form of savings we build into our products.

How to save on Nzymes

Bonus Discounts:  A secondary method NZYMES® uses to enhance patron purchasing power – is to provide a Free product where appropriate, needed, and particularly helpful. A great example of this offering is our latest offering with our Small Healthy-Skin Kit for pets; wherein, with the sale of this kit – focused on dogs under 60-lbs – we include and Extra bottle of Antioxidant Treats for free as a way to ease the pocketbook impact but still allow for enough product to get the process through a lot of month.

bonus example with kit

At NZYMES®, we are always looking for ways to improve the value or our Products, Programs and Services to our Patrons, and will continue to do so as a ‘family business’. Another way that we work hard to save costs for our customer base is with SHIPPING.  Our Standard/preferred shipping method is a special offering – called NZYMES Priority. For example, a 3lb package going cross-country goes for approximately $10. Whereas, if you took the same package to the post office yourself, and shipped it cross-country using Priority shipping, you would pay about $17, as seen by the EXAMPLE below (8-8-17).  NZYMES has no control over the one area of COSTS in America over the last decade that escalate every year – regardless of the status of the economy, or economic growth – that being ‘shipping’.

Example std. usps priority, 3lbs