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A big Thank You to all of our Contestants – See Video

Presenting the WINNERS of our Summer Photo Contest

1st Place!

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3rd Place!

Are You Ready For Some Summer Fun?

Remember those by-gone years where you just couldn’t WAIT for summer to get here? “No more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks”  – LOL. Well, we sure do, and we want to make summer fun again! What better way than to involve your pet in a fun photo contest?

Introducing the Nzymes Summer Photo Contest! Want to enter? Here’s what you need to do!

1. Strike a Pose! We are looking for photos of your pet with their favorite Nzymes product. Whether the Antioxidant Treats, Granules, Bac-Pak Plus or whichever product you prefer, the picture must contain both the Pet and the Product in order to qualify.

2. Make it Count! The picture must be clear and must have good lighting! We are looking for pets and photos of our customers to use in sharing our image and brand name. Blurry or Dark photos will not qualify for submission. Only high-quality photos will qualify.

3. Be Creative! This is a summertime contest. We want pictures of your pet in a summer pose and theme for this contest. Use your imagination and send us your best shots! We love creativity! (Selfies OK!)

4. Everyone who sends a quality shot is a winner! Prizes will be awarded through our Loyalty Points system. For viable submissions, 500 points will be deposited into the sender’s Points and Rewards account. Limit one prize per registered account.

Photo Contest Guidelines

The Nzymes Summer Photo Contest is meant as a fun, summer promotion. Prizes are awarded in Nzymes products by way of our Loyalty Points system. If you do not have an account with Nzymes.com, you can create one simply by going HERE. lf you only order via telephone, credits will be notated in your internal account.

All submissions are the property of Nzymes.com and may be used for promotional purposes, social media, etc.

To submit your photo for our contest, use our Summer Photo Contest Entry Form.
You may upload up to three pictures per contestant!