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Product Understanding =
Key Factor in Achieving Desired Outcome


Nzymes Antioxidant Supplements vs. Dog Mobility Issues

Help needed for dog Mobility issues accounts for a major portion of sales for the products we refer to as the ‘NZYMES’, per 2 images found here.  Arthritis, Hip Dysplasia, Paralysis, Back Injuries, Degenerative Disease/IVDD are examples. But, understanding ‘best product usage’ can be critical to desired success.Granules - 1lb

With 20 years experience helping people with Natural answers to minor or serious health challenges with their pets, we’ve come to expect a 90% Success rate (no such thing as 100% success with anything in life). This is assuming using the product to the best advantage, AND making use of our Support structure, as needed.  There’s not enough room on labels to get this message out. And, we have NO idea why folks initially order products, except with specialty Kits. So, let’s learn more about best usage of  Antioxidant Treats or Sprouted Granules


    • Do Not think of the NZYMES in terms of ‘medicine’; this will take you down the wrong path. These Nzymes NZYMES Antioxidant Treats for Petsproducts benefit the body indirectly, as a ‘nutritional Resource’ the body can utilize to best advantage.
    • Having taken the concept of ‘medicine’ out of the picture – with worries about “how much and how often” – you can now think in different terms completely.  You cannot ‘overdo’ giving Nzymes live-nutrition to the body – except during certain “cleansing processes” (tied to our Healthy-Skin Program).  CALL – if any questions on this.
    • Do NOT expect your dog to make great strides in the first week or 10 days – as you have seen in some of our Videos; this is not always possible, even though we see it frequently. 
    • With those concepts understood, the question becomes “how much product is needed” to move my dog (or cat) from seriously challenged or disabled, to the level of comfort & performance desired. Then, how much will be needed to maintain that level of comfort and ability.
    • While standard ‘Label guidelines’ may work out well over 90% of the time, it’s within that other 10% where making adjustments WILL be required.
    • Think “More is better” – whenever your dog or cat is not progressing as you would desire.  While the New GRANULES package makes mention of this ‘more may be needed’ concept, there is not enough room to really elaborate in THIS manner. And the TREATS label has no room for such information.
    • So, now that we’ve defined the “More may be needed” concept, let’s cover some RULES for “getting the best possible Result” – for your dog or cat.

RULES For Adjusting Daily Provision of Supplement, as Needed

    • Follow package/bottle guidelines (initially) of ‘Double-dose’ for 2-weeks; this is the ‘Standard recommendation’ but not hard-coded.  If NO obvious improvements are seen by two weeks, that means you have one of the ‘exception’ cases we mention – as in the 10%.  THIS would be the time to either continue with the double-dose, OR to increase that dose (Triple or more) for some period of time – UNTIL you finally see the dog responding.  At bottom of this page – is a Personal Story that further enlightens.
    • You have options. IF you are troubled by not seeing any improvement by maybe day 10 or 12, you could increase the dosage at that time – to begin ‘super-charging’ the body with this “live nutrition” for faster results.  Again, since it’s simply super-food, you cannot overdo it. We’ll discuss reducing the ‘daily provision’ shortly.
    • Another concern can be a major factor.  If you know your dog has a ‘double challenge’ (or more) – such as a ‘Serious ailment/issue’ PLUS a recent surgery to recover from – this is automatically a situation where greater provision of the product is warranted.  When dealing with multiple challenges the Body is facing, the demands on the body are more exaggerated.  For example:  A person who’s dog sustained injury (first recovery challenge), but then needed surgery (a second recovery challenge).  He followed our recommendations – for a Triple dose during the surgery-recovery period (which went rather quickly according to the doctor) and after that he gradually reduced the Provision to smaller doses, and eventually settled on a dosage of 1.5x normal – to maintain a comfortable and playful dog.
    • Following what was just said in Bullet 3, that would be the pattern to discover the MAINTENANCE provision for your dog. Whatever dose had been ‘in use’ to get the dog in great shape, the RULE is to slowly back down 1-step at a time – to find what amount will maintain your dog as you may desire.  A step could be considered 1-tsp (big dog) OR 1/2 tsp (smaller dogs).
    • Always remember, the overall improvement can continue for months.  A great example of this is the Paralysis story of little BELLA, where you can see the initial recovery (using legs in early weeks) and then running normal months later. Notice a Link to the video of Bella at 8.5 months of using Nzymes; playing more vigorously than believable.
    • Finally, keep in mind that there may be periods where challenges warrant increased dosage again – for ‘a while’.  Be FLEXIBLE.  Demands can change dynamically depending on whatever is going on within that body.


In recent years, we have referred folks to a special story about the dog SALLYPOP to help clarify the “adjust the provision” concept.  You can look at that Story when time permits.  But, it’s very useful to first experience 3 contrasting Reviews1) First from a new customer that – all on his own – figured out the “adjust the daily provision” concept;  2) This short Review shows excitement about quick response for her dog (not always possible); and 3) another REVIEW from a ‘forever NZYMES customer’ where her dog was not responding as well as desired – until she finally figured out (BY HERSELF) what to do.

Contrasting Reviews Here are Very Enlightening

REVIEWS on This Subject Matter

See the Personal Story Mentioned Above

Upon visiting my son & family in Boston (I reside in Vegas) early in August, 2019, I discovered that their near-16-yr-old dog (Sailor) was in dire straits, not able to get up, nor do stairs or go on walks anymore. They were already considering euthanasia. When I asked “why didn’t you contact me”, I was met with blank stares. Luckily I had Granules with me. So, recognizing the gravity of the situation, I instructed to start Sailor (70Lbs) on 3-tsp per day (Triple dose) before I left to return home. Unfortunately, in Sailor - living full life againthe first 2 weeks not much of anything good was happening. I was perhaps more dismayed than they were, as they were not actually ‘expecting’ anything. We had them add some Excel oil into the picture (which helps the body in a different way) AND they also jumped to 4-tsp of Granules (unbeknownst to me). Wow! By the 4th week, everything had changed! Now Sailor was REALLY coming around. He was getting up, going on serious walks, and even having an easier time with stairs. Sailor has continued to improve in recent months! That was the END of euthanasia thoughts for their 16-yr-old SAILOR. So, you just never know. And, as we say around here, you should never give up. In a fair percentage of cases, it may take more product or more time, or BOTH. Every challenge is different, and you can never see inside that body – to understand the depth of the issues. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND – it’s the ‘nutrition enhanced’ BODY doing all this Recovery work, not the product.

2021-NOTE: Sailor reached 17 years of age late in 2020, then finally passed just before Christmas – after having another decent year of life.