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Dog Skin Issues & Allergies vs. Yeast

"Dog Allergies" is the most common diagnosis from vets when dogs are examined for itchy skin problems.  Early symptoms include too much paw licking or chewing, hair loss, red/inflamed skin, ear infections (like Savanna), hot spots, blackened skin, and worse.  All of that can come along with the endless itching & scratching, keeping your canine friend miserable beyond compare, while you suffer with the stress and worry, and your bank account is drained (by repeated and unsuccessful visits & treatments). The standard treatment regimen by the diagnosing vet for these symptoms is steroids (or antihistamines), antibiotics, and possibly topical medications - which can help only for a short time, with symptoms recurring shortly after.
What you won't hear from the vet, is that such medications actually exacerbate the problem and make it harder to treat.  Your dog's immune system is being weakened more and more every time these rounds of medications are put into his body; and the skin problems will continue to look worse and worse - until we attack the real problem: Yeast (candida).
The only way to rid your dog of the yeast (causing the vet to assume "allergies") and begin to stop the suffering is to approach it from the inside out. NZYMES has been helping dog parents just like you for the past 16 years - as the leader in natural pet health care, we have developed a proprietary program that attacks yeast at its core... with our powerful natural supplements included in our Healthy Skin Program. 

By using our Healthy Skin Program, you too can see the same results Savanna did in the video above. 

"The cost of NZYMES® was a small price to pay to have our beautiful boy back looking like a show dog. His outside appearance is a reflection of how healthy he is on the inside. His happy Golden Retriever attitude is showing me he feels good. I would like to say thank you to the NZYMES.COM web site and the staff that continue to educate me on my dog's health so I can make informed decisions about his well being."

Butch and Becky Myers - IN

"Cassi started on the NZYMES® in June. After about two and a half weeks I noticed that her skin didn’t seem to be as oily. Her ears were not as red. She had stopped the constant chewing on her legs and the constant scratching... I would recommend this product to anyone who doesn’t want to see their pet suffer anymore. It’s well worth it!"

S. Hunt - Morehead City, NC

"We continue to use your  products today and are happy report Sophie still looks great and has no more horrible skin issues."

Mark & Kelly Stevens - South Bend, IN

Here's what you get in the NZYMES Healthy Skin Kit:

  • Antioxidants (Treats or Granules): Each Treat or dose of Granules will begin building your dog’s immune system and assisting the body to better utilize the nutrients in the dog food with these live food enzymes. As natural antioxidants they also help to relieve inflammation and provide support to the skin and coat. 
  • Ox-E-Drops: Each drop of Ox-E-Drops will help balance out the pH in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract and fight the bad fungal & bacterial build up in the GI tract. In addition to adding this product to your dog’s food, you will also make a topical solution with it to use daily
  • BlackLeaf: When BlackLeaf is added to the dog food beginning week 2, it will begin to speed up the cleansing process by attacking the yeast internally and breaking it up to allow ease of access out of the dog’s body.
  • Bac-Pak Plus: The high concentrate of probiotics and digestive enzymes in the Bac-Pak Plus is the key component in rebuilding the GI tract, where the yeast and immune system reside. This product will be added to the dog food on week 4 and will also assist in digestion.
  • Ox-E-Topical, 2% Solution: This special 'healing helper', made with ionized water, is now included with every Healthy Skin Kit - to ensure people do not overlook this critical part of the program; which is to wet symptom areas 3-4 times per day to support necessary healing of skin, ears or eyes affected by the underlying yeast problems.
  • Each of these products work together to restore the body's health, making it strong enough to push out the bad yeast!

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