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DOG Recovery - Jasper, a Blue-Healer Mix that suffered with Severe Skin Problems due to Yeast problems after Antibiotics for Respiratory issues.

Jasper - with YeastSept. 16, 2010 - In August of 2009, Jasper started having breathing and panting problems.  I knew something was making him VERY uncomfortable, but wasn't sure what. I took him to the doctor and they did $500 worth of tests and told me I had the healthiest 14 year old dog they had ever seen.  They (then) took x-rays of his spine and discovered that he has 3 very bad places in his spine, and that's all they could find.

Before & After Photos
with Cleansing Progress

Jaster, before-1

10 Days into Cleansing

Jasper, before-2

1 Month into Cleansing

Jasper - cleansing

10+ Weeks of Cleansing

Jasper - 2011-1

10+ Weeks, 9/16/2010

Jasper - 2011-1

Jasper, 2/25/2011

Jasper - 2011-2

Jasper, 2/25/2011

They wanted me to put him on medications for the discomfort, but I just knew there was more of a problem than just his spine.  I suggested that it was a lung problem and asked if he could have bronchitis, and the doctor said, "Yes, that could be it."....So after I suggested the problem, she put him on strong antibiotics... then the real problem started.

It helped the breathing problem, but then the itchiness began. His skin kept getting worse and worse and he was scratching all the time.  He developed bumps, scabs, flakes, and everything else on his skin.  I was doing anything I could to help the skin problem, and being at my wit's end.

One day in May 2010, I combined a couple of things to try on his skin and he became very ill that night. The next morning, I thought I was going to lose him.  I rushed him to the doctor and they put him on IV's and did all kinds of things to save his life.  I was told he had pancreatitis and I really didn't think I would see him alive the day I walked out of the hospital.  

I waited for a call from the doctor that afternoon to see if he was responding to their treatment.  It was touch-and-go for a few days, but the doctor was able to pull him out of it.  He wasn't a well dog when I brought him home, but I knew he was still alive.

They put Jasper on antibiotics AGAIN, and even though I knew the danger of the antibiotics, I knew he needed them at this time to save his life.  The doctor also wanted to put him on prednisone, which is a steroid.  I told her I would only allow him to be on prednisone for 7 days. 

After being on the antibiotics, he was getting better, but now his skin was getting much worse. He began to itch, and he scratched constantly.

JUNE 24, 2010: In desperate search for something to help Jasper, I searched the internet and found NZYMES.COM.  I instantly knew this was the answer, after seeing all the Success Stories of the dogs who had been through similar issues, and how they got better.  I knew Jasper had a chance of pulling through all of this now!

I called NZYMES; they explained so much to me about the Healthy-Skin Kit products, and I felt they really cared about what Jasper was going through.  After talking, I ran out and found the recommended dog food, and immediately put all 3 of my dogs on Precise, and they've been on that food ever since.  

I was anxiously awaiting the shipment of the NZYMES® products, and they arrived within a few days. After following the suggested procedure, Jasper started getting worse, and I was really concerned about him.  All it took was one phone call back to NZYMES and they comforted me by telling me that what he was experiencing was very normal.

I talked to several people at NZYMES over the course of the next few weeks.  I was told that pets often get much worse before they get better with a digestive breakdown like this, and the fact that he was worse which they assured me that the products were working to remove the yeast imbalance out of his body.  If he hadn't responded to the products, then she would have suggested his thyroid be checked (Checking the Thyroid is a good general rule anyway).  I suddenly realized that the people at NZYMES.COM aren't just selling products, they REALLY know what they are doing!

Skin examplesJasper took a turn for the better.  Even though he was up and down and up and down, and each time I was concerned, a call to NZYMES helped me to understand that he's just where he needs to be and I was told this is normal.  They explained that it took a his lifetime to get in this condition and he won't clear it out overnight.  Looking back, I had seen many signs through the years, and overgrowth was probably the cause of him losing part of his hearing, which started to improve a bit after being on the Healthy-Skin Kit products.

It's been an interesting process watching Jasper.  There are days that he is miserable with scratching, and I will do anything I can to help him through the itchyness.  I learned very quickly the first miserable time he was having was a result  of me giving him too much BacPak.  I gave him a whole scoop, rather than 1/2 a scoop and this probably pushed a bunch of the toxins to the surface.  After learning that in another phone call, he was better when I cut the BacPak dosage to 1/2 scoop daily for his weight.

Before I started the NZYMES products, Jasper could not get up the two steps on my front porch.  I would have to literally lift his rear end to help him up.  His mobility was getting worse, and I was concerned about how hard it was for him to get around, due to his age.  Jasper used to go out in the yard with me and always stayed close to me.  He was never a dog who ran around the yard.  Suddenly at the age of almost 15, I had to start watching where he was going, because he was RUNNING all over my 3 acres!  He was running like a puppy!!  His mobility was drastically changing.  One day I was walking on my sidewalk toward my front door, and I heard him coming up behind me.  He actually bumped into me, because I was in his way.  He was running, and he LEAPED onto the step to my porch!  My mouth dropped open in disbelief!  He actually ran and leaped for the first time in years!

A few weeks later, he was out in the yard with me, and while I was working in my flower bed, I noticed that he kept running along the sidewalk and would leap onto the porch.  Then he would turn and run out into the yard, and run along the sidewalk again, and leap onto the porch.  I stood and watched him do that time and time again, he had to have done it at least a dozen times.  I ran in the house to get my video camera, and came back out and he continued to do it over and over as I filmed him doing it.  I noticed he no longer got out of breath like he used to and was no longer breathing hard and panting like he did before.

Jasper is still recovering from the yeast imbalance and he has a ways to go to be out of the woods.  I've witnessed him in recovery crisis after recovery crisis, as his body is surely detoxing.  His skin has looked terrible with bumps and knots, and flakes, and scabs, etc.  He had a 2" oval nodule on the side of his neck that completely disappeared after NZYMES.  Two weeks ago, a bump on his head that he has had for many years, and was like a smooth wart, about 1/4" across, disappeared and is no longer there.  He has another one on his right hip, and it's disappearing.

Jasper rests a lot of the time, just like my "healthy" dogs do, but when he's up and around, he's full of energy when he's having a good day.  Like I said, he is still recovering and he's a work in process, but I know when he feels good, he's feeling so much better than he did a few short months ago.  I'm using aloe-vera on him now, after realizing that he needed that on his skin to help with the itchy skin.  I think his skin was dry from so much treatment and Ox-E Drops along with many other things I've used, being sprayed on his skin.  The aloe has really helped him relax, and has been so beneficial for him.

He's always resting beside me, because he knows I'm doing the very best thing I can possibly do for him, so he doesn't let me get out of his sight.  He knows he's loved, and he knows what I'm doing is helping him, and even though it's not the most comfortable process for him to go through, his body is healing daily, and he's a very happy dog!

I highly recommend the products sold on NZYMES.COM.  Please don't allow your seemingly healthy dogs to get to the place Jasper was. Start them on these products to keep them healthy.  All 3 of my dogs are on these products and I know it's keeping them healthy.  And, I haven't seen a single flea on any of my dogs all summer long.  They don't seem to want to be on a healthy body!

Sam Brotherton - MO


Obviously, even in February of 2011, Jasper was not finished with all the cleansing and restoring that was needed for full wellness to be restored. With cases this severe, it can take over a year to see this process completed - and have a normal, healthy-looking pet again. But even then, minimum Maintenance is recommended - to protect that very delicate gut-balance, and make sure things don't turn in a worse directions again; which may only take some typical things - like rabies vaccinations, significant intake of high-glycemic foods, or a new round of antibiotics for unrelated issues.

As with the story of Raja, this story of Jasper is an excellent example of what can happen to the skin health of a pet when typical treatments of antibiotics and steroids are used WITHOUT proper dietary supplements needed to protect the health of the digestive tract of the pet. NZYMES BacPak Plus as well as the Antioxidant Treats OR Sprouted Granules would qualify as such protective supplements.