Fungal Infections Often Overlooked in Dogs

The Yeast Candida – Fungal Overgrowth Disorder:

A Most Easily Overlooked Factor in Modern Health Concerns, with Pets (or People)

The Video being offered below, with related information, is provided to further the education and understanding of Nzymes customers dealing with serious Dog skin and itching problems, most often attributed to “allergies” of one form or another.  The ultimate understanding to be derived:  Displacement or destruction of the protective bacteria of the gut, due to antibiotics, vaccine reactions, Stress, or various other contributors may create serious issues. Compromised immune function alone is problematic, but more troubling is a takeover of the gut by a secondary inhabitant – Candida yeast. The body can then be ravaged by the negative effects of this fungal trouble-maker. Turning all that around can become a very challenging and time-consuming process.


Though this short ‘video snippet’ discusses the issue of Fungi and Candida yeast, using a human body example, the correlation is easily drawn between the human gut-environment, and the similarly functioning gut-environment of dogs. Unfortunately, there seems to be a general ‘vet world’ consensus that ‘wiping out’ friendly bacteria content of the gut is of no consequence. Yet, the veterinary world admits little or no knowledge about the makeup of the canine Flora, and seems to indicate that Candida is not an issue of concern.  At Nzymes®, we prove this assumption to be false on a daily basis – regularly helping people to resolve the nasty skin problems caused by yeast via our “nutritionally focused, Yeast-cleansing” Healthy-Skin Program.

For the deepest understanding of Yeast Candida problems in dogs, please view and bookmark our LEGACY YEAST INFORMATION PAGE.

Yeast Overgrowth and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Example: Intestinal Yeast Overgrowth

Candida fungus under microscope

Candida fungus under microscope