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Slow Recovery Times with Horses

Support for Slow Recovery Times with HorsesAre you seeking help for slow recovery times with Horses? There are several circumstances which can impose significant stress and recovery issues for a horse. Situations such as giving birth, exertion, endurance, and injury...

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Horse Abscesses – Causes and Care

A Closer Look at Horse AbscessesEver wondered why yesterday, your horse was normal, but today he/she will not apply any pressure on one foot? With no signs of an issue in the leg, hoof or injury, other than the sudden and painful lameness. What could have happened?...

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Horse Sprains and Strains – What to Know

Symptoms of Horse Sprains and Strains Vary by Affected Areas With horses, the difference between a sprain and a strain is that a sprain is an injury to the ligaments in a joint.  A a strain is an injury to a muscle or to the tendon of the muscle around the joint. Both...

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Kidney & Urinary Health in Horses

  Kidney Health in Horses Kidney disease in horses is fairly rare but can be a very serious condition. Unlike other dogs or cats, horse kidneys have calcium-secreting glands. This natural existence of calcium gives horses’ urine a pale-yellow color with a cloudy...

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