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At Nzymes®, we believe and support the old adage, “You Are What You Eat“  meaning that ‘nutrition’ is the KEY factor in maintaining good health. This natural, holistic approach to health is finally beginning to gain worldwide recognition with nutrition conscious veterinarians, holistic doctors, and nutritionists. The reason is simple; because these nutritionally focused approaches are effective with verifiable results. The body, when given the proper resources, can muster amazing restorative powers. It can repair faster, fight infection and disease more readily, and maintain better natural defenses throughout life. At Nzymes®, we are so confident that you will have a successful outcome that we provide an Unconditional 120-Day Money Back Guarantee with every product sold.

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Our staff is here for you! The focus of our staff is to help our customers achieve REAL RESULTS! Our powerful Nzymes® formulas, when combined with proper application, help support the needs and capabilities of the body. Our staff can suggest quality nutritional programs and provide friendly, accurate support information about how to use our products. If you have any questions please contact us by clicking here: Contact Us! or call us here: Call Us: 1 (877) 816-6500 and allow our staff to assist you with quality customer service.

What are NZYMES®?

Most of your pet’s food is dead. Cooked, boiled, and processed, most food that pets receive lack the vital living nutrients that their bodies desperately crave. Give your pet a concentrated ‘live whole food’ supplement daily and watch how their body thrives! Nzymes® SUPERFOOD products include enzyme-rich nutrients and antioxidant vitamins like those in our Nzymes® Antioxidant Treats or our Nzymes® Sprouted Granules. Every pet, young or old, must have a daily source of live enzymes to replenish their body’s critical resources.


How will you know these products are effective? Results. Remember this: Pets don’t lie, and they certainly don’t know what a placebo is. A product either delivers verifiable, observable results or it does not! What you witness in your pet will tell you the truth! The overwhelming positive, effective results are the foundation for our slogan below. To really feel the accuracy of that statement, please take some time to peruse some of our 20,000+ Customer Reviews from

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