Choose an NZYMES 3-Pak Kit - Fitting needs based on "pet size" and budget considerations.

  • Antioxidant Treats, as chew-able tablets, are fun to give as a Treat, and economical for dogs under 60lbs.
  • Sprouted Granules are a much more economical choice, especially for dogs over 60lbs, and added to food dish via teaspoon.
  • 3-Pak Kits are perfect as Help for restoring and maintaining Digestive Health
  • 3-Pak Kits are also recommended for the more Minor Yeast Candida involved Skin Problems (Allergies, Really?)

  • NZYMES 3 Pak Kit Large

    3-Pak Kit Large for Pets

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  • 3-pak mini pets

    3-Pak Kit Mini for Pets

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  • 3-Pak Kit Small for Pets

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