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Today’s world is more challenging than ever. Balancing our lives with work, home, kids, pets, school and just life in general, can take a toll on our bodies and our health. The problem is our bodies lack resources to keep pace with all the demands placed upon them. That is where NZYMES® line of People Products can really help.
As a company, we are in the unique position of working with both pets and people. Most of our current customers have already seen the AMAZING difference the NZYMES® line of products have made in their pets. The changes are so evident, it makes the decision to try the products for themselves an easy one, because they can be confident our products will work for them too.
NZYMES® line for People supplies elements your body needs for optimum health, well being, digestion and pH balance.
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You will feel the difference, we guarantee it!

NZYMES® Antioxidant Complex for People are made from our propriety blend of Sprouted Superfood Soy Protein plus measured amounts of the antioxidant Vitamins, A, C, E. This Superfood Soy is naturally dried and then granulated to form the final product. Sprouts carry the “life force” of the plant and therefore provide a key “live food nutrition” to the body. This “live food” resource greatly aids in the body’s natural production of the body’s primary antioxidant enzymes, which are instrumental for every recovery or repair issue, and also assist in detoxifying the body.

NZYMES® Pro-B Probiotics for People is a special blend of probiotic bacteria which are keys to strong immune health and Digestive Enzymes which help make the processed foods we consume each day more usable to the body. With the overuse of antibiotics, chlorinated water, and the increased consumption of sugar, significant portions of the body’s beneficial bacteria can be destroyed and depleted. Even simple stress can interfere with the natural balance of the digestive tract flora. We are now being faced with increasing numbers of bacteria that are immune to antibiotics. That is why it is critical for you to know about Probiotics and live digestive enzymes – the natural solutions of our times.

NZYMES® Ox-E-Drops for People is added to your water, coffee, tea or milk every day. It is a safe and stable compound with many INTERNAL and TOPICAL uses when mixed with water to create a powerful 2% Topical Solution which can be applied topically for dozens of reasons. Internally, Ox-E-Drops is highly alkaline (13pH) and helps support a healthy pH balance. It aids the GI tract in its everyday fight against common pathogens. Ox-E-Drops provides an unwelcome environment for problematic microbes, and assists the body in the removal of dangerous free radicals and increases the efficiency of enzymes involved in the oxidation of foreign material in the body.

NZYMES® Tincture of Blackleaf for People is a powerful herbal supplement blend for people of all ages. Blackleaf combines the properties of Black Walnut, Olive Leaf and Cayenne Pepper. These botanicals are harvested at their optimal potency and then tinctured using the Foss Method.  This method duplicates Nature’s own process allowing each molecule to be saturated with the plant’s total natural properties. Each of these constituents has been used therapeutically for centuries. Primary uses have been as support for circulatory, respiratory, digestive and immune functions.

NZYMES® Tracite Minerals are derived from ancient seabed plant deposits, preserved in humic shale and suspended ionically in fulvic acid. Our naturally occurring trace minerals and elements have been balanced by nature and are extremely bio-available. These minerals in their colloidal suspension enhance the uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and other supplements. The fulvic acid base of Tracite acts as a natural antioxidant that helps to cleanse toxins, support digestion, and win the fight with free radicals. Tracite contains over 70 trace minerals and elements that help to support a steady charge of much needed bio-electric energy.