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Powerful Support for Horses of All Ages
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Nzymes® Live-Nutrition on Horse Health

At Nzymes®, we love horses! We are committed to helping people with the health and mobility challenges of their Equine friends. And though we are most known for our work with dogs, cats, and companion animals we want you to know how beneficial Nzymes® is for horses too.

We are fortunate to have 3 wonderful products that support a wide series of issues with horses.  It often surprises our customers when they learn how little of the Nzymes® Super-Food Granules we use with horses each day. However, whenever needed, we increase the daily usage amounts for any condition where musculoskeletal issues or problems with injury, trauma or recovery are involved. This has been our main focus over the years, to provide simple nutritional support with results that can be witnessed. Thus, our slogan, “Natural Products, Real Results

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Horse Health Problems? Nzymes® Products Make a Real Difference!

In general, these 3 Nzymes® products are typically recommended for Horses:

Nzymes Super-Food Granules for Horses of All Ages

Super-Food Protein Support

Nzymes® Super-Food Protein Granules – This proprietary, super-food formula provides your equine friend with powerful Antioxidant nutrition, packed with “live food” enzymes which lets the body get the most out of the nutrients contained in their food sources. These enzymes are at the forefront of cellular growth, repair, and recovery. You can see the benefits as:

    • Faster recovery times after workouts
    • Enhanced skin and coat health
    • Healthier manes, tails, and hooves
    • Enhanced joint health and flexibility
    • Improved immune functions
    • Support for reproductive challenges (birthing)
Nzymes® BacPak Plus - Probiotic / Digestive Enzymes Blend for Horses of All Ages.

Digestive Support

Nzymes® Bac-Pak Plus – Good health begins in the gut. Bac-Pak Plus is a combination product which includes powerful digestive enzyme and probiotics designed to maximize nutritional uptake by adding billions of beneficial bacterial organisms to support better digestion, pH balance, and immune strength.

probiotic protective encapsulationMicro-encapsulation helps to ensure that more of the viable organisms survive outside temperatures while still be effective when delivered to the intestinal tract through the acidic condition of the stomach. Nzymes® Bac-Pak Plus is very concentrated. The average horse needs only 1.5 to 2 grams of Bac-Pak Plus daily.


Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops - Refiller and Ox-E Topical for Horses of All Ages

Anti-Microbial Support

Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops – This is our most versatile product. It is an important and (we believe) essential item in the struggle with microbial invaders. It should be noted that Ox-E-Drops is alkaline and can help support the pH of the body; wherein, bodies often tend to be unbalanced and toward the acidic end of the scale. Ox-E-Drops (pH 13) can be used in various manners:

    • Used Internally /Orally: Offering support of multiple types of internal and digestive issues.
    • Used Topically: Used once diluted with water and applied 3-4 times daily on any affected surface skin areas.
    • Used in a Vaporizer or Nebulizer, for help with problem respiratory issues.
    • Mixed with water and used as a Colonic or Douche, for systemic digestive and urinary troubles.



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