Enzymes and their Importance to Everyday Health

NOTE:  Nzymes – our Brand name – is pronounced ‘enzymes‘; this is because our products are all about enzymes, what they do in the body, and their tremendous importance to the everyday health of individuals and their precious pets.

Enzymes, and their relevance in daily life…

Enzymes are the foundation of energy and the life-force in all living things! They regulate tens of thousands of biochemical functions including those responsible for building, detoxifying, and healing the body. Even “thinking” involves enzyme activity. Without enzymes, seeds would not sprout, fruit would not ripen, leaves would not change color, and life would not exist.

Certain varieties of enzymes are instrumental in providing the body with the mechanisms by which to digest food and absorb various nutrients. When foods are consumed that are still “live”, the enzymes they contain help the body to assimilate or make use of the various ‘nutrients’ contained within that food source.  A fresh apple, for example, has over 400 different nutrients. When eaten in raw form, the ‘live food enzymes’ it contains assist digestion by helping the body determine what to do with each of those various nutrients. A cooked apple still contains nutrients, but the heat involved in cooking destroys the enzymes, leaving it essentially dead. Without the “live food enzymes” to assist with assimilation, increased stress is placed upon the pancreas to produce the enzymes necessary to digest the apple and absorb the nutrients.

Classifications of Enzymes

Throughout nature, there are many classifications of enzymes. Our focus is on two of these classifications, namely dietary enzymes, and digestive enzymes.

DIETARY ENZYMES:  All natural foods contain Living Dietary Enzymes. They are a powerful nutritional factor in supporting the digestive process and the assimilation and distribution of key nutrients. They activate to strengthen the body’s immune functions and natural metabolism. Living Dietary Enzymes provide the body with a resource, enabling the Body to produce a whole series of metabolic enzymes, primarily the defensive front-line Antioxidant enzymes:

Yes, these enzymes are antioxidants and are thereby critical in the fight against free-radical damage and in maintaining healthy cellular functioning. The cells are the building blocks of life, and key to health and vitality. For more information on the importance of antioxidants, please review our LEGACY article the subject matter.

The reason it is so important to supplement with Dietary enzymes is that cooked and processed foods have these enzymes destroyed thru heat and during processing. Without an adequate supply, the body lacks the necessary resources to keep pace with the body’s demands for daily restoration and repair. This scenario leads to a downward spiral in general health and wellness.

When you consider the mountains of pre-cooked and processed foods consumed by people and their pets, it is easy to see why health challenges of every kind are on the rise. This truth is foundational to the existence of Nzymes.com. The proprietary formulas in our Sprouted Granules, Antioxidant Treats for Pets, and Antioxidant Complex for People contain high concentrations of “live-food” enzymes. The mission is to “help the body help itself” by supplying it with the necessary resources to produce antioxidant enzymes in abundance.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES:  Are found within living foods. They are there to help our bodies process (break-down for absorption) the foods we consume each day. The pancreas is also involved in the body’s own production of digestive enzymes. Each enzyme produced plays a specific role in breaking down the various components of the food that we consume. These digestive enzymes include the following:

However, these digestive enzymes suffer the same forces as their dietary brothers when they are processed with heat or chemicals. This scenario leaves our bodies with limited resources to digest we eat each day. This enzyme deficit often leads to problematic nutritional deficiencies that play havoc with our bodies and health.

Digestive enzymes can be supplemented daily very easily. They are an integral part of daily micro-flora products called Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus for Pets, and Nzymes® Pro-B for People.

Contributing Factors to a Pet’s Poor Health

A famous pet-nutritional study by Dr. Francis M. Pottenger reported that a life-long diet of processed or cooked foods as a contributing factor why animals develop chronic degenerative diseases, infections and other maladies.  His decade-long study confirmed that the succeeding generations who remain on this type of enzyme-less diet will show progressively more illness and disease.

Even the best commercial pet foods have their enzymes destroyed through normal processing, heat, and application of preservatives or other chemicals.  These vital food enzymes are needed to help maintain a pet’s immune system and protect all of their body’s primary metabolic functions.  See here – What’s Really in Pet Foods.

The fact that we continue to feed our pets such enzyme-less food over an entire lifetime may contribute to the growing list of animal health problems we witness today including; Osteoarthritis, Inflammation, Joint Pain, Hip Dysplasia, Pano, OCD, HOD, Shedding, Hair loss, Dry Skin, Itchy Skin, Digestive Disorders, Gastritis, Pet Food Allergies, Epilepsy, Fatigue, Hot Spots and many other stress related symptoms contributed to  by a weakened immune system.

Remember, every pet needs more than processed foods!

Nzymes® ‘live’ ingredients give the perfect added nutrition both pets and people need for promoting good health and vitality. Enzymes support a healthy immune system. If there are NO enzymes in your pet’s food then there is little else to protect their body.

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Linda Arndt (Canine Nutrition Consultant – www.greatdanelady.com) was known to start all her Great Dane pups on Nzymes® as soon as they were weaned to support them as they prepare for vaccinations and to help them to have stable growth and conformation all life long. She agrees that Nzymes® help to replace what’s missing in diets, especially those related to the majority of poorer quality over-processed pet foods.

NOTE:  Linda Arndt, with her vast history/experience as a Pet Nutrition consultant, and deeply involved with formula development with top companies like PRECISE, was also a “nutrition support consultant” for Nzymes and was heavily involved in the development of some of the Nzymes Programs over the years.  In August of 2013, she, unfortunately, succumbed to cancer and passed away. Her website is still serving people every day – to help promote better quality life for pets.  Linda was widely known for her dedication to her favorite breed – Great Danes – and for having been responsible for nutritional enhancements that can greatly extend the lifespan of this breed of dogs, by a factor of many years.

Nzymes® line of Pet Products was at the core of many of Linda’s feed programs.

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