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Instructions below Outline the 5 Basic Steps of our Program:
For Restoring Healthy Skin & Coat in Dogs or Cats

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First, what you might not have known about the ‘dog allergies’ diagnosis…

Issues with chronic dog skin problems are most often misdiagnosed as, and receive the tag “dog allergies”. NZYMES staff hears the same story repeated every day: You take your dog to the vet and, and after brief inspection or discussion, are told he or she has “allergies”. There will usually be a recommendation for ‘allergy testing’ to prove the statement (big waste of money). Then comes the typical ‘treatment’ recommendation – which is prescribed steroids and antibiotics; otherwise, antihistamines or other medications may come into play. Yet, while such treatment may produce some ‘temporary relief’ of symptoms, underlying issues are not getting better, but actually worse. Why? – Veterinarians define an “allergy” as the overreaction of the immune system – so when they see your dog’s immune system over-reacting this way (itching, scratching, reddish inflamed areas, hot spots, etc.) they automatically “assume” allergies, for which there actually is no cure. Very often, the ears are involved, with itching, swelling, and offensive smell. They may even mention ‘yeast’ in the ears (or feet) but without any conclusion as to where that yeast might be coming from. Well, what is unfortunate is that what is virtually ALWAYS being missed here is the overgrowth of candida yeast that is taking taking control of the dog’s digestive tract… And, as this yeast proliferates throughout the body, including skin and ears, this is what causes the immune system to over-react. The vast majority of these “skin problems” cases in dogs are a direct result of this overgrowth of yeast, which combines with leaky gut syndrome to create a very challenging health issue for the pet, and a nightmare for the pet parent.

SPECIAL NOTE: A common mistake of online consumers, even when looking for help for a pet with serious skin issues, is to look for some simple and inexpensive ‘single product’ that is going to solve all their problems. This is an ill-advised mindset, and to improve your understanding as to why, please check out – NO SILVER BULLET.

The symptoms of a systemic yeast infection in dogs are obvious: chronic itchy or blackened skin, hot spots, strange odor, ear infections and raw paws. But what exactly is a systemic yeast infection? The short answer is provided here…

Simply put, a systemic yeast infection in dogs is caused by an imbalance in the GI (gastro-intestinal) tract – the gut. In the gut, there are billions of beneficial bacterial flora colonies, and there are also fungal residents such as yeast. When all is well, each produces by-products that benefit each other. However, when something comes along to upset that balance, this is when troubles begin.

For a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of Yeast Candida problems, please visit the NZYMES® legacy Yeast Information Page – by CLICKING HERE.

To more carefully assess the gravity of the situation for your own pet, related to the various possible symptoms, please visit our Symptom Checker by clicking the button below.

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Below is a 5-Part Introduction Video – to Provide a Brief Program Overview

Having Reviewed these ‘Overview’ Videos, You Should Next Use This Link to Access and Print the Complete Instructions for Using the NZYMES Healthy-Skin Program

NZYMES offers 3 Standard Healthy Skin Kits, as well as 2 Super-Kits (not shown here) for unlucky families having multiple cases in the home. The antioxidant product comes in two forms: Antioxidant Treats (in the small kit) or Antioxidant Granules (in the large kit). These two products contain the same key ingredients in different forms.

3 std skin kits> How the Healthy-Skin Products Perform their Duties:

Antioxidants (Treats or Granules): Each Treat or dose of Granules will begin building your dog’s immune system and assisting the body to better utilize the nutrients in the dog food with these live food enzymes. As natural antioxidants they also help to flush out toxins and provide support to the skin and coat. (Printable Instructions)

Ox-E-Drops: Each drop of Ox-E-Drops will help balance out the pH in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract, creating a less hospitable environment for the fungal build-up in the gut. In addition to adding this product to your dog’s food, you will also make a topical solution with it to use daily (see step #4 to learn how).

BlackLeaf: BlackLeaf is added to the dog’s meals beginning week 2. It’s herbal properties are naturally repellant to yeast fungus as well as supporting better immunity overall. Coupled with the Ox-E-Drops, they provide a powerful 1-2 punch in the battle with yeast overgrowth.

Bac-Pak Plus: The high concentratation of probiotics and digestive enzymes in the Bac-Pak Plus is the final key component in rebuilding the GI tract. Bac-Pak Plus assists with the rebuilding of the beneficial bacteria, and is added to the dog’s food beginning week 4.

In Summary: A systemic yeast infection is nothing more than a break-down of the natural condition of the gut, where yeast has overgrown, and friendly bacteria has been diminished. Used in concert, these 4 components help to reverse that trend, slowly but surely returning the GI tract to a more natural state.

Written Overview of the 5-Parts (or Steps) of the Nzymes Healthy Skin Program


Step 1: Use the Nzymes Products in your kit every day.

Each item in the kit is performing an important function. It is important to remember that this system is a detoxification program. The pets will generally go thru a phase of “Worse before Better” as the dying yeast toxins are being expelled from their bodies. Because of this, we do not recommend starting with all 4 the products on day one. Instead, the products are phased in over a 4 week period. This is recommended so as not to overwhelm the body by doing too much, too soon. Please see the Usage Calculator to determine the amounts to use for your pet.

Step 2: Feed the Right Foods:

One of the most important aspects of this program is to feed the proper foods. Many, if not most foods that are on the market today contain problematic ingredients or are laden with harsh preservatives, additives, colorings, by-products, etc. Even otherwise “good” foods may be constructed in a way that utilizes too many starchy carbohydrates, which convert to sugar, and feeds the problem. Using the right food cannot be overstated. Please see our list of Recommended Foods.

Step 3: Bathe your Pet Frequently:

The Skin is the largest organ of the body and it is a “Filtering Organ”. As yeast toxins die off, they are quite often filtered out at the skin, causing inflammation and itch. As the material lies on the surface, bacteria can multiply, increasing inflammation and irritation. It is Very Important to keep the skin clear. We recommend bathing your pet twice weekly using specially formulated shampoos that help to kill the organisms and to leave the skin clean. Even though our program is primarily aimed internally – in helping to restore a more natural balance to the GI tract, there is also a battle taking place on the surface. Bathing your pet frequently can help increase comfort. (see recommendations below)

Step 4: Use Ox-E Topical 3-4 Times Daily:

All Nzymes Healthy Skin Kits now contain a bottle of ready-made 2% Ox-E solution. You can also make your own from the Ox-E-Drops Concentrate. Simply add 1 teaspoon of the Ox-E-Drops to 8oz of Distilled or Purified water, and keep the mixture in a spray bottle for repeat usage. It is important to spray the problem surface areas 3-4 times daily with this solution. You may prefer to spray the mixture on a cotton ball and wipe the areas instead. This solution can be used anywhere on the body including the eyes, ears, feet, genital region, as well as the skin. The pH of this solution can help promote faster recovery. (see recommendations below)

Step 5: Using Damage Prevention Devices:

Dogs can really increase the damage to the surface areas with their nails and/or teeth – Even to the point of bleeding. This only serves to make matters worse. To prevent this from happening, it may be necessary to use a cone or inflatable collar to keep them from creating more damage. T-shirts, Onesies, Socks or Booties can also be used to add an extra layer of protection for the skin. (see recommendations below)

For Complete Instructions and Recommendations, Click Here

> Understanding the Detoxification Process of the Program, and the Timing:

This program purges the dog’s body of the yeast overgrowth. In order to restore your dog’s system back to full health and rid the body of this excess bad yeast – the body MUST go through this detoxification process. This program will allow the body to fully detoxify but it TAKES TIME. Depending on the severity of the situation and how many medications the dog was on prior to beginning this program, the full cleanse can take many months. The cleanse will come in phases and the symptoms will look much worse during the initial cleansing phase. This is good – it is evidence that the program is working. The excess yeast will be exiting through the hair follicles, which is why the symptoms increase. You can expect to see this phase around 1 to 2 months into the program.

It is very important that you keep your dog on this program for at least one full year. Even though many will see the symptoms subside within a few months, continuing to use the products as instructed will help push the body through the cleansing phase and re-balance the gastrointestinal tract – making one happy and healthy dog.

> After The First Year:

Use a regular healthy maintenance program of Nzymes Antioxidants and Ox-E-Drops to keep your dog’s immune system strong and avoid future difficulty and/or re-occurrence of yeast overgrowth. Using these products on a daily basis (follow usage recommended on the bottle) will also help support the coat, the joints, the respiratory system and much more.

Products Needed for Using the NZYMES Health-Skin Program

Here are the 3 primary Healthy Skin Kits. There are also 2 Super-Kits for Multiple-Dog Situations

3 main Healthy Skin kits

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3 main Healthy Skin kits

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: Skin and other symptoms are LIKELY to worsen in the early weeks of the Program as heavy cleansing and detoxification gets underway. Feel free to CALL for Support during this period (or any other) while following the Program.

SUPPORT/GUIDANCE — 877.816.6500