Nzymes Usage Calculator for LARGE Healthy-Skin Kit with Granules

Nzymes Healthy Skin Kit Large
  • Recommended for Daily Use with Large Pets or Multiple Pet Families
  • Enter the pet’s weight (in lbs.) below
  • PRINT the form to use as your daily guide
  • These usage guidelines OVERRIDE guidelines on the bottles when following the Healthy-Skin Program.
  • Important: Blackleaf and BacPak Plus have delayed start dates!

Enter Pet’s Weight (Numbers Only):

Usage Amounts (Shown Below) are Based on the Pet’s Weight.

Sprouted Granules – Starts Week 1


Sprouted Granules – Starting Week 2  (use this amount until body has been fully cleansed)


OxE-Drops – Starts Week 1


  • “Dilute” the OxE-Drops by adding them to a tsp. or tbsp. of water and then pour onto the pet’s meal.
  • Add the same amount of OxE-Drops to the pet’s water dish each time it is filled.

Blackleaf – Starts Week 2


  • Add the Blackleaf drops twice daily to the pet’s meals

BacPak Plus – Starts Week 4


  • Add to the the first meal of the Day
  • *Daily amount may be split into 2 meals, if preferred.