Christmas Stories and Pics 2023

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our in our simple, Christmas Photo Raffle. We are receiving so many really great photos, and stories too, that we put this page up just to showcase them all. There is still time to get your pics submitted too! Click HERE for details. The Prize, drawn at random, is a Sleigh full of goodies!

We hope you’ll enjoy the wide variety of submissions featured here, and this awesome Video too!


Peanut-Diamond, F, Chiweenie, 9 yo.

My Name is Peanut Diamond 7 years ago today I “foster failed” and adopted mine mom and my brother Buddy. I was found on the side of the road by animal control with a broken pelvis and a broken leg. They took me to the shelter but after a month I was put on the euthanasia list. Lucky for me mine Mom fosters with Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas and she swooped in and rescued me the day I was scheduled to be euthanized.

Now I have mine own Facebook Page ( and I pay it forward by fundraising for more pups like me to be saved from local shelters in Texas. I do this fundraising through creating and selling mine own calendar every year. I also compete in pet costume contests and donate all my winnings! But my biggest event every year is in the fall for the “Big Give San Antonio”. It is a 24hour online fundraiser and this year I raised almost $6.000! ( I love to go everywhere with my mom and make people smile. I show them the face and love of a shelter dog and advocate for adoption.

But life sometimes throws you the unexpected. I was diagnosed with small cell lung tumor in 2021. My vet and the oncology specialist gave me 3 months to 1 year survival but recommended surgery to give me a chance to live longer. I had the surgery in 2021 and lost part of my left lung. I have started coughing again and am hoping Nzymes can help. I have been on borrowed time since 2016. I make every day count. I hope Nzymes can help to give me more days to advocate for shelter dogs and adoption.

J Dristas. San Antonio, TX

Misty – Cat, F, 13 yo
D. Martz. Ft. Wayne, IN

Maximus – Newfy, M, 3.5 yo
R. Delfin, Hilo, HI

Spooky – Shi-Tzu, M, 12 yo.
T Robbins. Poway, CA

Jewel – Husky Mix, F, 9 yo

Jewel had meningococcal myelitis in her spinal cord fluid in 2022. Paralyzed in 3 limbs, she has fought her way to recovery with movement and feeling everywhere but has considerable weakness in her hind end. She mostly uses a wheelchair but is able to stand unassisted and walk very short distances on her own.

She is off all meds and we combine chiropractic care with her Nzymes and other supplements. Her muscle tone is good and She is a happy and active girl.

Jewel is the dog laying down in the picture. Her husky brother also uses Nzymes for his bad hips. He is a very sprightly almost 14 years young!

D. Martinson, Grand Marais, MN

Benjamin Ryder – Pitbull, M, 3 yo.

Ben was a rescue from a local shelter.

He constantly had greasy skin and gross black gunk coming out of his ears. He also struggled with random bouts of upset belly which Bac-Pak helped clear up.

I got him on better food, and added some Nzymes supplements to his diet. He’s been so much better ever since! No more belly issues, or greasy coat. And all the gross gunk is finally clearing up!

M. Parsons, Muncie, IN

Rosie – Bully, F, 2 yo
R. Litzenberger. Grande Prairie, AB

Snickers Boo Boo – Mixed Rescue, M, 11 yo
L. Wicken. Hugo MN

Gus-alicious – Mixed Rescue, M 11 yo
L Wicken. Hugo, MN

Teddy – Pomeranian, M, 12 yo

Teddy is a 12 year old Pomeranian. I got Teddy at 9 weeks old and he has been by my side through many seasons of my life. He is my furbaby and has given me so many years of joy and companionship. He has been a very healthy pup most of his life.

About 5 years ago upon arriving home one day, I could not pick him up as he yelped in pain. I immediately took him to the veterinarian where he was diagnosed with IVDD. They treated him with a steroid and sent him home with pain medication that made him lethargic.

The veterinarian gave me 2 options, treatment with medication consisting of pain meds and Gabapentin, all of which left me with a medicated lifeless pup. Option 2 was surgery that was dangerous and may not work. I was devastated and heart broken.

I started researching IVDD and quickly found Nzymes. I immediately ordered the Antioxidant treats. I double and triple dosed him with the treats and quickly saw results. Everyday I saw improvements in his activity level and attitude. Within 1-2 weeks he was off all medication.

I have now transitioned to the Sprouted Granules once a day on his food. Teddy has been completely symptom free for 5 years. He is healthy, happy and acts and plays like a puppy. Nzymes is literally a lifesaver! Thank you Nzymes!!!

M. Osborne. Vonore, TN

Jubilee – Pembroke Welsh Corgi, F, 11 yo

Jubie is not the greatest poser for photos. I got her at 6 years old after 3 litters of pups at a good place. She just loves to be with me and well puts up with my camera obsession.
L Kryston. Triton Falls, NJ

Boo – Mixed Breed, F, 14 yo

We adopted Boo when she was over a year old.

Every time we would throw the ball or frisbee for her (her favorite thing to do) she would limp for days.

I did a lot of research and came across Nzymes. I can’t remember how old she was when I discovered them but they have helped tremendously with her joints and limping.

J. Hollister. East Walpole, MA

The Hunseder Gang…Retired Greyhound Racers

The first photo is our Christmas card this year. The second one is the group with a different background. This is our pack of 10 retired racing greyhounds.

We have been adopting greyhounds since 2005 and our most recent additions make #32 and #33 that we have had. We have adopted a lot of seniors over the years and now have a very mixed pack ranging in age from 3-12. We currently have 3 boys and 7 girls. They are the most amazing breed, giving us much enjoyment, love, and entertainment.

We have been feeding a raw natural diet that we have made ourselves for years, and started augmenting with Nzymes earlier this year. We have noticed improvement in their activity level, and the softness of their coats. Thank you for supplying such a great supplement.

D. Hunseder, Clarkdale, AZ

Jozie – Great Dane, F, 10 yo.

Jozie had itchy skin and a very sensitive stomach as a puppy. After we discovered the Nzymes 3 Pak kit all went away in a matter of days. We have not been without Nzymes since, and she has been thriving all the way up to her present senior stage.

E. Ziegle. Gastonia, NC

Buddy – Shi-Tzu mix, M, 10 yo. Service Dog

He’s my baby boy that has saved my life several times.

I never trained him to be a service dog.

He had the Sixth Sense.

M. Snyder. Roanoke, TX

Luna – Cardigan Welsh Corgi. F, 2 yo

Luna was started on Nzymes Treats the minute she arrived at our home as a pup. My previous dog had used Nzymes for the last 15 years of his life after I found your products when looking for a solution for ‘allergy’ issues. Nzymes helped him immediately and continuously.

M. Ellington Weatherford, TX

Runa – German Shepherd. F, 6 yo

We started our soon to be 7 year old German Shepherd, Runa, on the Nzymes supplements 3 months ago for a significant yeast infection.

She has had problems for years with itching, but after having Cruciate ligament surgery, her symptoms escalated.

We were told she had allergies. The skin on her belly began turning black and was spreading up towards her chest. I started investigating online and found Nzymes. I’m so glad I did! She has been slowly improving. Her skin went from black to purple and is now natural looking.

The Help Line at Nzymes has been much appreciated. Things can seem to get worse before they get better, but stick with it! It took time to get to be a problem and it’ll take time to resolve it.

Hang in there! The Nzymes Program with yeast-free food is a natural, safe way to help your pet. Their knowledge, kindness and compassion is evident.

J Shuttleworth. Chalfont, PA

DiOGi – Lab mix. M, 4 yo

My name is DiOGi (Pronounced like spelling DOG). My parents adopted me from a Lab Rescue after losing their precious Cooper ( my brother.) I had several ear infections and meds to help, so they said that is why I have yeast issues. It’s been “ruff”! After trying several other products, they started giving me Nzymes. I’ve been on them for over a year now. I’m not completely over chewing my feet and itching, but Nzymes has helped. I especially love the treats and bath soap! It’s a “dog-eat-dog world” out there, so I’m thankful to have great parents taking care of me doggone it!

Happy Howlidays & wet kisses!!!

T. Bass. Bradenton, FL

Maddie – Mini-Goldendoodle, F, 4 yo

We had a golden retriever that suffered from skin allergies. We found Nzymes through the website and it helped her dramatically. No more itchy ears.

She had since passed away and we got a new puppy Maddie. Maddie likes to lick her paws and scratch at her ears, so she is now on Nzymes granules, It’s made such a huge difference. She’s a happy puppy now!! Merry Christmas to all of the Nzyme team!

L. Orr. Larkspur, CO

Ryker – German Shepherd, M, 1 yo

Ryker is my 20 month old German Shepherd that has a huge personality. He loves to meet people and sucker them in to petting him for hours.

At a relatively young age he started showing signs of skin issues. I had used Nzymes products in the past with success so I decided to give him the Antioxidant Treats. He has been on the treats for over a year now and they have helped him be less itchy.

Ryker is the life of the party and when he met Santa for the first time he tried to crawl into his lap. In an effort to help him with an outlet for all of his energy he has been trained in obedience (Canine Good Citizen), scent detection, and agility. I am always looking for ways to provide positive experiences for him and find things that will help drain him mentally and physically.

I believe that the Antioxidant Treats provide support to his mind and body and for such an active dog he needs that support. Thank you for making such great products that provide alternative options to pet owners for their furry relatives.

D. Trapp. El Paso, AR

Ralphie – Mini-Schnauzer, M, 16 yo

I have a wonderful 16 year old Schnauzer named Ralphie. He recently had a very bad seizure. He was disoriented, confused and seemed to not be himself for days after the event.

I decided to start giving him NZYMES Antioxidant Treats. Within 24 hours, Ralphie was running around the house and in the yard like he was a young dog again. He has his full mental capability back too!

Thank you so much for your tremendous product line. I am a grateful dog momma! My college-aged student is thrilled too! She was afraid to see him when she came home from college, but now he is back to being the sweetheart he has always been! We appreciate your product more than words can say!

K. Grubbs. McKinney, TX

Candi – Maltipoo, F, 4.5 yo

My little girl Candi was paralyzed and has a spinal issue. When taken to the emergency room in early 2022. I was told that if she didn’t not get a $9,000 operation, she would not walk and if she had the operation it was a 50/50 chance. I took her to the vet who gave her steroids and she had very little movement but had her up to eat and look around . She wasn’t doing much.

Because I believe G-d hears our prayers, my husband and I prayed and fasted for answers and recovery. I was lead to your site when doing research.

Within 24 hours she started to try to play with me in her bed and tried to sit up. The video shows her progress and shows her running around and progressing.

Today, she walks and runs around without any assistance and walks up to half a mile.

We will keep her on Nzymes to keep her healthy and for preventive maintenance.


G. Soto. Wesley Chapel, FL

Bobo – American Bully, M, 7 yo

Merry Christmas from Bobo! He has been using the Nzymes products since July 2023 and we feel the products have really helped us in our process to cure his leaky gut and allergies. Thanks so much!

F. Tauber. Appleton, WI

Dassie – King Charles Caviler Spaniel, F, 2 yo.

Hadassah Grace (Dassie) for short is our rescue girl. We rescued Hadassah in October from a puppy mill. We don’t know her full story but what we do know is she was kept in a cat crate her entire life and was used for breeding and then selling her puppies.

When we got her she was full of fear and had no life in her eyes. She was missing fur on both sides of her bum, from having to sit on a hard flat surface continually and her back was under developed with a very distinct curve from only being able to sit and her back legs were incredibly weak from not being able to use them. On top of all of the trauma she had experienced she also had round worms.

Immediately after we brought her home, we started her on the Nzymes Granules, Bac-Pac-Plus, Blackleaf, Minerals and Ox-E-Drops. Within 4-5 days our girl was finally able to run and play with our other dogs, she’s able to jump on the sofa and her back has completely straightened out and all the fur on her bum has fully grown back and her eyes now are full of life! Hadassah is our second success story with incredible life changing results for our fur-babes. We will always be an NZYMES family!

K. Smith. Goshen, IN

Thumper – Great Dane/Wolfhound, M, 4 yo.

Bad breath and scratchy skinny condition resolved within 3 months of starting him on his Nzymes. Thank you very much. A far better natural alternative to expensive and potentially harmful vet prescribed drugs.

L. Mitchell. West Cottage, Aberdeenshire, UK

Doofus, Dopey & Dudley – French Bulldogs, M, 9 yo
S. Stahl – Laughlin, NV

Bella – German Shepherd, F, 8 yo

Bella’s Bio:

It all started with her being diagnosed with glaucoma. We fought the battle nearly 8 months, driving 91 miles to see an animal ophthalmologist every 3-4 weeks. She was totally blind when I choose eye removal to ensure there were no further complications.

I then began seeing a new vet. Ugh. This vet put her on veterinary hill science food for struvites. She had always been grain free.. and this was high in corn. The vet assured me that the corn was no problem.

About 11/2 years later she began loosing her hair in her face, bald spots, and fur turning white. 2 biopsies, cultures, numerous blood tests.. the final one being they wanted to test her for Cushings disease. I find this all really hard to believe. I didn’t do the test. We’ve been on this skin program for only a month. I’m giving this time to see if her hair returns. She’s a GSD, with a white mane 🤷‍♀️I am starting to notice fuzz on her face.. but nothing yet down the white mane. Her fur is VERY VERY thin under the white fur. We are hanging in there, praying for great results.. and more fuzz to appear!!

A. Sutton – Fayetteville, NC

Leo – Lhasa Apso, M, 9 yo

Leo has always been a healthy dog until one day he woke up paralyzed from the waist down. We tried multiple vets and no one had an answer for us, except one friend who recommended us Nzymes. Our little Leo loved the Antioxidant Treats right away. Along with some physical therapy, he ended up recovering from his paralysis in less than six months. Ever since we have continued to give Leo the Nzymes Antioxidant Treats, digestive enzymes, and skin treatments. He has been thriving and healthy ever since !

V. Hermandez – Tracy, CA

Rosie – Boston Terrier Mix, F, 6 yo

Rosie was a rescue from TX. When she was 1.5 years old This is a photo of her when she came to her Foster family in Denver. This is the photo that won me over, to adopt her. The 2nd photo is her now, a healthy and beautiful 6 years old ( and lying in my flowers!)

She came with many digestive issues. I’d tried different dog foods and supplements to no avail.

Finally I found Nzymes and bought various supplements over the years. They have made a tremendous difference!

Thank You Nzymes!

H. Brekke – Arvada, CO

Kuna & Buddy – Boxer/French BD, M, 11 yo

I have 2 amazing handsome boys! One just turned 11 years old his name is Kuna and he is an all white boxer! He struggles with itchy skin, mass cell tumors. Time to time he’ll have some injuries due to his hips! We’ve been using Nzymes for little over a year and we are obsessed! Truly helps with a rapid recovery with my boxer, if he hurts his hips and or legs! And helps tremendously with allergies and his itchy skin, NO MORE ITCHY PAWS!!
Back to in October of this year our almost 1 year old frenchie (Buddy) fell into the pool almost didn’t make it, with everything I used from Nzymes he healed in about 1 1/2 week later, truly was a miracle! I’ve been meal planning for my boys for little over a year now , and I use the Bac-pak plus, black leaf tincture, ox-e drops and the granules! I would say my two boys are happy AND healthy!

K. Sadler – Mesa, AZ

Wasabi – Pitbull Mix. F, 12 yo

Wasabi has always had some skin & digestive issues. Very sensitive stomach. I started giving her the Antioxidant Treats over a year ago. It’s made such a difference. She’s happier, has more energy and her digestive issues seem to be so much better.

J. Cooper – Gainesville GA

Sunshine & Arland – Swiss Shepherd/ Golden Retriever, M 2 yo

Sunshine is a 2 1/2 year old, White Swiss Shepherd, in February he took a hard fall on ice while playing and chasing a critter up a tree. After weeks of watching a huge knot, the size of a baseball, come to surface on the side of his head and having it lanced twice, he ended up having to have major surgery to have his parotid gland removed. He also hurt his shoulder during the fall. Weeks of recovery, pain pills, anti-inflammatories, and anti-anxiety meds, as we are a 30 minute ride down a curvy mountain to get to the vet and he throws up all way there and all the way back( me along with him as if I hear him wrenching, I throw up too) and he shakes like a tree in a storm the whole time we are away from home.

Sunshine loves to run and has a field of about 5 acres that is considered his backyard, his playmate an English Golden Retriever, that is 4 years old, named Arland, gives him a run for his money. We live in the mountains and there is no level ground and he ran and ran and played hard once he was feeling better, living and loving his dogs life, until he started to limp again. Another 6 weeks of confinement and medication. The shoulder injury has resurfaced 2 more times since then, and we are told it will more than likely be a life time issue, so he still plays hard and runs fast bur his length of playtime has had to be limited, and so far so good!

In August I noticed he was wincing a lot and he squinted one eye all the time. I chalked it up to maybe his shoulder was hurting again as it was on the same side of his body, however, his eyes started to look blurry. Long story very much shortened, he has “Pannus” and the sunlight is no longer his friend, and he will eventually go blind if his eyes are not taken care of daily with special eye gel and eye drops.

This is when I started to look for alternative help and solutions and came across the Nyzmes website. I dove in headfirst, hoping that their products would be of benefit in the long run. So far it has only been a few months and Sunshine is doing much better with his digestional issues from all the medications. His playmate Arland and has always had different skin issues. I give him the Nzymes too, and have seen an improvement, which after thousands of dollars on allergy testing, changing foods every other month and not seeing results, I am super thrilled to see his skin issues improving along with his digestional issues. Meanwhile I have gotten goggles that are made for dogs with Panis to help keep the sunlight and brightness of the reflection of the sun when it bounces off the snow out of Sunshine’s eyes, along with the Nzymes 2xs a day to help him not go blind, and will keep my fingers crossed that all will work out and that our story will have a happy ending!

S. Hawes – Sedalia, CO

Ollie – English Bulldog, M, 8 yo

Ollie is an eight year older who jumped off the bed and injured his wrist on his forelegs. Consequently the vet informed us that he would probably need surgery on both in near future. Additionally they informed us that he would probably begin having difficulty walking distance and also not being able to play as usual.

I began researching same and found Nzymes. He has been taking Nzymes for years and his medical trauma has subsided totally!!
Thanks to NZYMES!

C. Graves – Graham, NC.