Natural Help for Equine Skin, Coat, Mane & Tail

Horse Skin Coat

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Give your horse what he needs to let his inner beauty shine! Show me a horse that glows on the outside, and I’ll show you a horse that’s healthy on the inside. Good health starts with nutrition, and maximizing the delivery of nutrients to your horse is what the Nzymes Sprouted Granules and Bac-Pak Plus are all about.

The Granules provide a rich source for the production of antioxidant enzymes. These enzymes play a major role in the health of hair follicles. Many have remarked on how sparse coats have filled in, and manes and tails have shown new growth. That stands to reason as Antioxidant Enzymes promote life and health.

The Bac-Pak Plus provides both Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics.  Digestive enzymes aid in the digestive process by breaking down various foodstuffs to be absorbed and utilized. Greater delivery of nutrients ensures greater nourishment. Probiotics help to maintain a healthy balance of natural bacterial flora. These are critical to the health of any animal – or human for that matter. Good health starts in the gut, Bac-Pak Plus costs only pennies per day to use but can go a long way to help safeguard the digestive tract of your horse.

Horse shows jumping ability

Used together, the Bac-Pak and Granules provide an awesome combination for health in general, and skin/coat – mane/tail specifically. For convenience, we have put them together in a special bundle.

With any discussion concerning ‘skin and coat’ in horses, the issue of Melanoma can occasionally arise. To learn how the Nzymes® have shown to be very helpful such issues, including an actual Program for maximum benefit, please refer to – MELANOMA CONCERNS.

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