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Here at Nzymes we have one main goal:


“Provide the highest quality of information and products necessary to deliver REAL RESULTS, by promoting, assisting, or protecting the body’s natural healing processes, one pet at a time.”

NZYMES.com is operated by BIOPET INC., a small family business based and operated within the sunny city of Las Vegas, NV. We are affiliated with no other company or entity, and BIOPET/Nzymes.com was launched in 1999 in Huntington Beach, CA. This explains why the largest concentration of stores/dealers that sell NZYMES® products is within the Southern California area, though there is a fair share of such dealers in most other states – as well as hundreds across Canada.

Though our all-Natural products create quite a stir – as they continue to surprise our customers who take that tiny gamble and decide to try them (rather than one of those pesky competitor’s products) – it is our Customer Service that is SO ‘out of the ordinary’ and pleasing to most of our customers. After all, how many companies these days, especially Internet based, can you call up and actually get someone on the phone (that’s not in India)? We don’t seem to find them.  Yet, as small as we are, we are still able to handle those 20 or 40 minute calls every day – to walk people through all their questions and concerns, as well as providing guidance and ultimately getting them the help they need to start turning a significant dog health concern in the right direction. A really great way to see the customer confidence and enthusiasm, as well as attitude about NZYMES, is to take some time to check out our REAL TIME Customer Reviews – which are collected upon customer checkout for web purchases. As of June, 2016, we have over 17,500 reviews in the Shopper-Approved mechanism, going back to March 2014.  You can check out just today’s reviews, or scroll back in time as far as you like – and see what folks are saying about NZYMES and our products.  Just CLICK the 5-Star Logo to check Reviews.

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 ALL NZYMES Products are “Made in the USA”


Our Corporate team at Nzymes has over 30 years of experience in the Health Food Industry, with specialized knowledge in the field of ‘whole food’ nutritional supplementation.

We have aligned ourselves with some of the finest and most knowledgeable advisers, consultants, and experts in the nutrition world in order to help you find quick and viable solutions. We offer comprehensive Free Support and stand ready to answer your questions and aid you in the nutritionally based resolution of your pet health problems.Our Nzymes website contains a vast array of success stories– testimonials of Real Cases getting Real Results; and all are provided by customers concerned with saving other customers grief and stress wherever possible.

 Each day produces additional new Nzymes success stories- more than we can keep up with!  With so many years of helping pets achieve Better Health through Better Nutrition, it is very easy for us to offer our “Unconditional 120-day Money Back Guarantee”; always honored if dissatisfied for any reason.

If you feel you can identify with our mission statement, you might consider joining the thousands of others who have made Nzymes a vital part of their own pet’s health regimen.

So, we look forward to having you join our family circle – once you have made the decision that we believe can Change Your Pet’s Health – for Life!


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*This page last updated – June 24, 2016