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Here at Nzymes we have one main goal:

“Provide the highest quality of information and products necessary to deliver REAL RESULTS, by promoting, assisting, or protecting the body’s natural healing processes, one pet at a time.”

NZYMES.com, operating under BIOPET Corporation, is a small family business based and operated within the sunny city of Las Vegas, NV. We are affiliated with no other company or business entity. BIOPET/Nzymes.com was launched in 1999 in Huntington Beach, CA. This explains why the largest concentration of stores/dealers that retail NZYMES® products is within the Southern California area, though there is a fair share of such dealers in most other states – as well as a large number across Canada, expecially under the Global Pets banner.


Customers never seem to be amazed by the RESULTS they witness upon trying our “more natural” products that are designed to aid or enhance the NATURAL ‘restore and recovery’ capabilities of the body.  While we were almost alone and creating a ‘stir’ in this field for our first 10 years or so, a lot of competitors have come along with products trying to ‘mimic’ the more natural approach to restoring health for pets.  One of the latest products trying to ‘take the lead’ is, or course, is that oily stuff known as CBD.  While, like medicine, it is good for “periods of relief”, matching the kind of 24/7 wellness achievable with daily NZYMES supplementation is still a ‘target’ for the competition.  To understand that statement better, one only needs to take a quick look at a typical SKEPTIC story – about the dog KLARABELLE.   And, here is one Example set of Reviews…


REVIEWS - Dog Mobility Troubles


Yes, it is our Customer Service that is so ‘out of the ordinary’ – especially our renowned PHONE SUPPORT. First off, people are very hesitant to CALL any company these days, expecting the very familiar “telephone system run-around” that makes it so difficult to reach ANY kind of ‘live person’.  That won’t happen with NZYMES!  Your call will be answered, unless everyone is already ON a call (some days we’re short-handed).  But, more importantly, it’s that SUPPORT we offer that separates us from the competition. We don’t just leave you alone – to figure things out on your own. No one in the USA can match the level of support available at NZYMES.  Our only failures are generally where folks buy ONLINE, think “it’s just another Online retailer”, AND (if things are not going as desired) DO NOT make that call to get help!  No dog should have to miss out on restored health because their master was not willing to ‘call for help’.  See Reviews related to this subject…


REVIEWS - Service & Support


Our website contains a vast array of Success Stories; i.e., testimonials from real people seeing real results. And, all are provided by customers wishing to save pets all over the globe from unnecessary suffering, while ALSO saving other Pet Parents from the grief and stress of watching a beloved pet suffer. Ordinarily, you can search on a single WORD to find a list of Stories or Articles on any given subject – such as Arthritis, or Seizures. Most of the available stories will illustrate how simple “live, enzyme-rich nutrition” – added to the daily diet – can help change the health of pet or person for life! At NZYMES, it is our position – that the BODY itself is truly a wonder, and with the right help it most often shows exceptional ability to restore or repair in very surprising ways.  Here is a small sampling of stories provided on NZYMES.COM…



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