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Mobility Videos – Nzymes in Action

Customers Share Their Nzymes Experiences with Videos

When we created the mobility videos page, our goal was to provide better information for customers whose pets have difficulties with mobility problems. It’s beneficial to watch someone else’s animal going through similar mobility problems and see how they recovered. Our goal is to help lighten your heart and provide hope for possible recovery with your beloved pet.

Over the years, we have received thousands of stories from our customers regarding experiences using Nzymes Products. We have thousands of 5-Star reviews that you can read on the Nzymes Blog page. However, It is always extra special when customers send us the Before and After Videos of their pet’s actual recovery. These mobility videos have helped thousands of people find our Nzymes nutritional superfood alternative. We hope they can help you. The purpose of this page is to showcase these examples. We hope you enjoy them.

Marlon the Boxer-mix
Regains Mobility and Defies Extreme Immune Odds


This mobility video discusses Marlon the Boxer Dog, Plagued by Indigestion, Seizures, Allergies, Myelopathy, Spondylosis, Dysplasia, More   Here is Marlon’s Story   Nzymes is a miracle for my boy, Marlon! We’ve been through a lot in our short 6 years together now. He’s always had some…


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Elderly Dachshund Dog
Rebounds From Paralysis


Mum is Pleased with this mobility video as her Dachshund rebounds from paralysis NOTE: Harry is the cute little white Dachshund seen in the VIDEO below. While it’s really early in the game yet, Harry’s owner is quite pleased with the progress seen in the first two weeks after.


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Dixie – Labrador Dog
Runs & Plays Despite Worst Hips


Watch this mobility video on How Dixie progressed after a failed hip replacement. NOTE: Thinking your dog has bad Hip troubles? To see how easily even the worst challenges can often be overcome, review the full story of DIXIE, including this same VIDEO footage. Dixie even does stairs at her home without issue.  Her hip dysplasia was so bad…


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Rusty the Dachshund Dog
Recovers from Vaccination Induced Paralysis


With this mobility video, Rusty leaves his wheelchair behind after suffering with “Vaccine Induced Paralysis” My dog Rusty received a rabies vaccine on April 27th, 2016.  He started limping right after injection. I called the vet. He immediately put Rusty on prednisone, muscle relaxers and pain medications for…


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Chessey the Corgi Dog
Conquers Paralysis Challenges

Nzymes nutritional support is key in dog paralysis recovery. With this mobility video you see, though it may have been a slower process than usual, Chessey, the cute Corgi, is able to walk and run after the necessary recovery time from the Paralysis challenges he faced…


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Bailey, Aussie Shepherd Dog
Free from Wheelchair and Paralysis


Bailey’s mobility video was first uploaded as a Facebook Posting & Video: Dog Paralysis Recovery Bailey’s pet-parent, Vicki, posted a Facebook comment on our Sprouted Granules page on Jan. 30, 2016.  You can see her original remarks there by visiting that page and looking under “Reviews”. …


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Lily J. The Labrador Retriever
Recovers from Hip Dysplasia & Poor Mobility


Lily J’s. mobility video shows her compromised hip and back troubles This last February, Lily, my seven-year-old Lab mix began showing signs of what I expected to be hip dysplasia. It came on very suddenly. This mobility video shows that she began walking slowly with her head down and not wanting to go up the steps. After a few weeks, she was feeling more like her old self. After 2 months, Lily seemed to be in better shape than ever…


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Bella’s the Pomeranian Dog
Rebounds from Dog Paralysis & IVDD Problems


Bella’s mobility video is about paralysis and recovery.  Recovery Time-frame:  Dec. 3, 2012 to about Mid-May 2013.  Breed:  Pomeranian-Mix.  Issues:  Paralysis, IVDD / DDD.  Despondent Bella, with recommendation to remain confined to kennel, is ‘freed’ and begins using legs within 2-weeks on Nzymes and progresses from there over 5 months.


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Lilly the Labrador / Hound Mix 
Walks Again After Paralysis & Degenerative Disc Disease


Lilly’s Story is about Dog Paralysis & Recovery Timeframe:  Jan. 16, 2007 Breed:  Lab/Walker-Hound Mix Issues:  Paralysis, IVDD/DDD, Bladder Infection, Despondent Lilly is the mixed-breed dog in the Video presented below, which is our first customer-provided…


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