Mobility Videos and Nzymes Dietary Supplement

Customers Share Their Nzymes Experiences in Video Form

Our goal is to provide key information for customers seeking useful nutritional Support for pets with troubled mobility.  Wherein, it may be very beneficial to witness someone else’s animal receiving such nutrition – and HOW that may have worked out. Dogs can experience degraded Mobility when the body is lacking truly ‘useful’ nutrition, and especially when living on Dog Food delivering too much sugar to the body because of heavy use of High-Glycemic carbohydrates common to most available dog foods on the market in our modern times. 

Sunna, a Mixed-Breed Dog with Rear-End Pain &
Weakness Enjoying Benefits of a Nutritional Boost


This video highlights an 11.5-yr-old dog with a weak and seriously age-hampered rear-end, where special “Live super-food” can provide useful health benefit overall, and thereby have a positive impact on the Body’s own abilities to Overcome. With a small daily provision of NZYMES “live nutrition” supplementation, the body is better fed, and better Equipped for the daily challenges each day presents. It’s much like understanding the old saying, “You are what you eat”.  See SUNNA IN ACTION one year later.See FULL STORY.


Marlon the Boxer-mix Enjoys Greater
Freedom of Mobility and Other Nutritional Benefits


Marlon’s short life had been Plagued by various issues – Indigestion, Seizure troubles, Allergy issues, Hip challenges, Etc.  This Video provides a glimpse of how, with one special “live nutrition” super-food boost, his Body was able to see increased Freedom of Mobility – and thereby enjoy a more fruitful lifestyle.  From his Owner, “Nzymes have supported benefits not imagined for my boy, Marlon!  We’ve been through a lot together in our short 6 years together.”  See FULL STORY


Elderly Dachshund Dog
Rebounds From Losing Use of Rear Legs


Mum was Pleased to offer Nzymes this Video she created during Harry’s rebound from his Mobility challenges. Harry is her beloved dog that suddenly Lost Use of his rear legs. NOTE: Harry is a cute, aging (yet Spry) 16-yr-old Dachshund featured in the VIDEO, which covers only 13 days of his ‘bounce back’ efforts.  See FULL HARRY STORY. Also interesting, is the Newer story on Harry; wherein, after a year on Nzymes, a Toenail that was surgically Removed 12 years earlier had grown back over recent months.  


Dixie, a 120-Lb Labrador Dog
Runs & Plays Despite Serious Hip Issues


VIDEO: Watch this big, beautiful Lab enjoy improved Mobility after her hip replacement failed. NOTE: Thinking your dog has bad Hip troubles? Watch…and See how this dog is able to Run, Play, and even do STAIRS – after her hip-joint replacement failed, and had to be Removed via FHO surgery.  The Power of “Live Nutrition”, enhancing the Body’s own abilities, is something special to witness.  What the Body can accomplish with special “live Superfood” in the daily diet in quite ‘uncanny’. See the FULL STORY.


Rusty, a Dachshund Dog Recovers
from Vaccination Induced Mobility Issues


Witness Rusty in a much-deserved Rebound, after losing use of his Legs (vaccine reaction).  A neighbor-provided wheelchair came in handy during early weeks of challenge. One day, children of the house noticed Rusty finally starting to use his legs.  Progress came swiftly after that, producing a joyous Rebound Story to enjoy. Owner:  Rusty received a rabies vaccine on April 27th, 2016. He started limping right after. I called the vet. He immediately put Rusty on prednisone, muscle relaxers and pain medications, to no avail. See FULL STORY


LILLY, a Labrador/Hound Mix
Suffering with Mobility Loss After Seizures Incident


LILLY’s Story – along with VHS tage – was received (as a surprise) from the Owner in late January of 2007.  This was the first Video highlighting possible effects of NZYMYES supplementation that we ever received.  LILLY was down and out after a Seizures attack, and could not use her legs for many days.  A health boost seemed to make sense to the owner, Shannon Hersey, and so she ordered NZYMES to see what it might do for her dog – to supply her LILLY with “live nutrition” normally Missing from the diet.  Shannon seemed to be very happy with what she was seeing with LILLY.   See FULL STORY