Nzymes Tracite Minerals

Essential Elements for Energy and Life

Tracite Minerals for People and Pets
Provides 70+ Fulvic Plant Derived Minerals & 18 Amino Acids in Every Drop

FAQ’s About Tracite Minerals for People and Pets

Charting New Waters at Nzymes

We are very excited about our new Tracite Minerals for People and Pets. Customers are having great results and letting us know. One of the essential areas of health relates to the absorption of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. If the foods we eat are over-processed and have become weaker, and cannot deliver the resources the body needs, our health declines. That’s where Tracite Minerals come into play. By adding a few drops to some juice each day, Tracite delivers a whole new level of nutrition for the body.

At Nzymes.COM, we only market a few products created to work together seamlessly with our other products and support many general health issues in people and animals. So we serve a true genuine purpose for the health of people and their pets. Tracite Minerals meets this criterion.

We are Getting a Few Questions

As you might expect, we have already been receiving questions and concerns about using the Tracite Minerals. Since we felt these questions would likely come up repeatedly, we thought creating a page like this was necessary to help address such issues.

It Begins with the Source

Before we get into specific questions, it is crucial to know how Tracite Minerals are derived. They are not produced per se, but distilled down. Everything begins with the source. The source of our minerals is from organic Humic/Fulvic shale. These layers consist of both land and sea vegetation that have been compressed and preserved over millennia. They form the highest concentrated organic mineral deposits on Earth.

All in all, this material carries about 70+ trace minerals, plus 18 amino acids. The minerals they have are inherent to the Earth on which they were grown. Extracting these minerals and amino acids are done very slowly with only pure water. It takes about two years to create a batch of Tracite Minerals.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

It is Naturally Derived and 100% Safe!

The above title is to ease fears some may have regarding a few of the mineral elements found in Tracite Minerals. We list all the natural details and minerals in our supplement information. Heavy Metals such as mercury, lead, and others show as ingredients. They are from the natural world and have become part of the plants and foods we consume. The elements were already present in minuscule amounts in the Earth where they resided. Other companies that sell similar products often avoid identifying these heavy metals for fear of losing customers.

NOTE: Every batch of Tracite Minerals undergoes thorough testing, and we provide a certificate of analysis for all trace elements found. All Heavy metals are well within safety margins.

We want you to know that the elements in the Tracite Minerals for People and Pets are what we state. They come as found in nature. This product is NOT concocted by man’s hands, as if a recipe put it together. Our formulators do not add a “little of this” and a “little of that” to produce it. Instead, the slow, pure-water process gradually releases the elements retained in the organic material.

Question: There is mercury listed in the ingredients. Mercury is a paralyzer and poisoner, among other problems. Can you clarify about this ingredient?

Answer: No problem. These trace elements are inherent to the plant life from which they come. Other NATURAL heavy metals, besides mercury, are also listed. They, too, are a part of the natural world. For sizeable industrial use, companies try to concentrate the minerals, which reduces the overall effectiveness. 

NOTE: If we were TRYING to collect mercury, utilizing this source would be a complete waste of time) The amounts of these items in the Tracite Minerals are minuscule. For instance, the national standard for mercury safety is <0.10 ppm. The analysis on the Tracite is 0.003 ppm. The critical thing to remember is that these elements are in the world; there is no escaping. They are in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, and in the soil on which we trod.


Question: Is this good for pets because it doesn’t say this other than the weight/dosage chart, which implies this is for small animals?

Answer: The Tracite Minerals are a Human product, but pets can share them too. The weight guidelines on the bottle are what we recommend to be added to their food twice daily. You can also administer via an oral syringe. Add the appropriate amount of drops to 5cc’s of water and dispense along the gumline.

Question: What role do you feel the Tracite Minerals will play with your line-up of supplements?

Answer: In addition to addressing mineral deficiency, which is rampant in our world, we know the Tracite Minerals can have a multiplying effect on other vitamins and supplements a person may be consuming. Tracite Minerals for People and Pets could offer a real game-changer for any person or pet challenged with a yeast problem as well as other systemic issues.

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