Nzymes Tracite Minerals


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Plant-Derived, Fulvic Trace Minerals & Amino Acids

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Nzymes® Tracite Minerals are derived from ancient seabed plant deposits, preserved in humic shale and suspended ionically in fulvic acid. Our naturally occurring trace minerals and amino acids have been balanced by nature and are extremely bio-available. These minerals in their colloidal suspension enhance the uptake of nutrients, vitamins, and other supplements. The fulvic acid base of Tracite acts as a natural antioxidant that helps to cleanse toxins, support digestion, and win the fight with free radicals. Tracite contains over 70 trace minerals and 18 amino acids that help to support a steady charge of much needed bio-electric energy.

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals are the foundation of a healthy delivery system for important nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes that help to support the growth of healthy flora in the digestive tract.


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The Importance of Including Trace Minerals in Your RegimenTrace minerals for People

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals provide essential trace minerals and amino acids in an easy-to-take, highly absorbable form. These elements play a vital role in cellular regeneration and in bio-electrical functions. Their presence enhances the uptake of nutrients, and the activity of antioxidants, making them a perfect companion of our Antioxidant Complex for People.

Trace Minerals are Required by the Body for Cellular Regeneration

Each day, your body must replace dying cells with new ones. Trace minerals provide the building materials required for this purpose. In today’s world, the soils are depleted of mineral content due to over-farming. Many medications also strip vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the system. This leaves your natural resources in a deficit.

The Sourcing of the Nzymes® Tracite Minerals

…is the key to their effectiveness. The source of Tracite is from organic layers of land/sea vegetation laid down for centuries in natural deposits. These layers contain a full spectrum of trace minerals “as found in nature”. Tracite is not formulated…it is derived. The natural properties are extracted with pure water over a 2-year period. Trace minerals work synergistically, meaning the right balance is essential. Tracite is balanced by nature.

General Information on Tracite

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals are extracted from ancient seabed layers of Humic/Fulvic plant material using only clean fresh water! Extraction acids are never used.
Nzymes® Tracite Minerals contains both ionic and colloidal particles. This makes them closer in mineral composition and ratios to human body fluids than any other naturally occurring trace mineral. Even organically grown fruits and vegetables cannot offer such a bio-available range of trace minerals.
Nzymes® Tracite Minerals are iron-based, not sulfur or salt-based as are many other colloidal mineral products on the market today. Salt-based ionic minerals can present problems because they are extremely high in chloride content. The fluids in the human body are primarily iron and calcium - not sulfur or chloride.
Nzymes® Tracite Minerals contain high concentrations of dissolved solids due to extremely small particle size. Greater mineral content equals greater conductivity. Every cell in the body depends on trace minerals for a daily trickle charge of bioelectrical energy

Mineral Deficiency rampant in our world due to soil depletion, and in diets consisting highly of processed and pre-packaged foods. These simply cannot deliver the vital minerals your body needs. All cellular communication and replication require minerals and trace elements to be accomplished. Even enzymes require minerals to function properly. (See Trace Minerals & DNA)


  • All of your body’s functions require minerals and trace elements.
  • 330 Billon Cells are created daily and each cell needs a supply of bioelectric energy supplied by trace minerals and elements.
  • Tracite supplies over 70 trace minerals and elements imparting a steady charge of bioelectrical energy.
  • Minerals and trace elements act as a delivery system for nutrients such as vitamins and enzymes.
  • Tracite is a super transport system for nutrients. You can feel the difference, especially if you take supplements.
  • Minerals like iron and zinc supply energy to the body. Tracite is an iron-based, plant-derived trace mineral rich in chromium, vanadium, and selenium.
  • Minerals and trace elements when combined with enzymes form alkaline detoxifying agents. These agents help neutralize acid metabolic by-products of the cells and prepare them for elimination.
  • Tracite contains the minerals and trace elements your body needs to keep the toxins from accumulating.
  • All body secretions are stimulated by one or more minerals or trace elements.
  • Tracite contains vanadium and the “rare earth” minerals known to increase the production and secretion of hormones.
  • The pH of the body and its energy are kept in balance by minerals and trace elements.
  • Tracite’s balancing and energizing effects are virtually instantaneous.
  • The need for trace mineral supplementation is increasing and so is the demand.
  • Tracite is your best choice for content, quality, safety, effectiveness, and value. A single bottle provides a 3-month supply for the average adult.

Tracite Minerals guidelines

Pure Sourcing

NZYMES® Tracite Minerals is consistently tested for mineral content, trace element content, electrical conductivity, and impurities. Free of insecticide, bacteria, mold or yeast contamination, tests reveal the superior quality of Tracite.

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals contain 25% to 35% dissolved solids! (250,000 mg/l to 350,000 mg/l). Tracite contains minerals and elements from both land and sea vegetation. This allows for much higher mineral content due to the extremely small particle size of the crystalline colloids naturally occurring in the shale.

Greater Electrical Conductivity

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals has an excellent electrical conductivity (28,000 umhos/cm2). Greater conductivity equals greater mineral content. Every cell in the body depends on trace minerals for a daily trickle charge of bioelectrical energy.

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals is convenient and cost-effective. Two ounces of Tracite will serve a family of four, for a month! Compare that to other varieties costing about the same for a 1 month's supply for ONE person!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Nzymes® Tracite Minerals is rare and unique. A proprietary manufacturing process is used for producing the finest plant-derived trace mineral in the world. Each batch takes approximately 2 years to produce.

Try Nzymes® Tracite Minerals. The effect is virtually instantaneous. So clear your mind and energize yourself - you will feel the difference.  We Guarantee it!

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