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Food Restrictions for Success with Yeast Cleansing

Processed Pet foodsIf doing battle with yeasty ears or skin problems in dogs (or cats), you MUST become aware that this form of yeast (Candida) emanates from the GUT, and that it FEEDS ON SUGAR. Therefore, if you don’t get control of the sugar intake – from high-glycemic carbohydrates – you cannot resolve the core yeast overgrowth problem that ravages your pet’s body. This part of the process is EASY to take care of, as we have done most of the work for you; all that remains is acquiring a food of your choice from our list (below). With nearly two decades of experience resolving these issues, we MUST keep track of the right foods that not only cut down sugar intake but also provide the premium quality nutrition your pet will need during the challenging correction process. So, to find a great food, ensuring low glycemic ingredients (focused on the top 8), you merely need to access our Recommended Foods List – using the link below.  You can LEARN how yeast is able to ravage your pet’s body HERE.

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HOWEVER, since we – at Nzymes – are the unmatched experts at helping people resolve these issues, we would be remiss if we did not also educate you on how to get the complete resolution you seek.  Since the year 2000, we have provided help for 10’s of thousands of cases around the globe – via the use of our special Healthy Skin Program, formerly known as the Yeast Cleansing Program. While most cases are more on the minor side, there is also a fair percentage that can be extremely challenging, as can be seen among our SUCCESS STORIES. Fairly often, there are other complications that can slow or prevent progress. When you have time, you can get a full understanding of that statement, and how complex yeast cases can get – by reviewing a very special Interview Video. Please don’t think of our ‘Healthy-Skin Program’ as a cure or fix; there is no such thing for these complex issues! The PROGRAM is actually a detailed process that can take many months to help the body ‘repair’ or re-balance the digestive tract.  And, as discussed above, proper results can only be achieved with a diet high in protein and low in starch & carbohydrates.  We suggest you continue your education on these very complex matters with links below that can provide great enlightenment and get you on a path to restored/enhanced health for your pet.

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