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  • Nzymes Healthy Skin Kit Small
Healthy Skin Kit Small


The Healthy-Skin Kit, Small, is the ‘convenience’ minded kit, which is recommended for pets UNDER 60-lbs. Check out our Healthy Skin Program guideline here. The TREATS are expected to last an 11-60 lb dog 2 months. The LIQUID items are expected to last 2-3 months. The 200 gram BacPak Plus should last about 2 years, and is a MAIN maintenance item.

Antioxidant Treats for Pets × 2

NZYMES Antioxidant Treats

The Antioxidant Treats are the more CONVENIENT form of the "nutritional support" element in the Healthy-Skin Kits.

Ox-E-Drops 2.2oz. for Pets

Nzymes Ox-E-Drops 2.2 for pets

This liquid dietary supplement is one source for assisting immune function in the battle against the overgrowth of yeast that must be dealt with.

Black-Leaf Tincture for Pets

Nzymes BlackLeaf Tincture

This multi-layered "herbal remedy" product is the second form of fungal eradication supplement - to assist in the battle against yeast overgrowth.

Bac-Pak Plus 200 grams

Nzymes Bac-Pak Plus 200 grams

Bac-Pak provides the very important 'friendly bacteria' restoration capabilities needed for proper re-balancing of the gut.

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This Kit is for use with our Healthy-Skin Program, and is a good choice for Smaller dogs or pets (less than 60 lbs.) where the extra convenience of feeding the tablets (TREATS) is desired.

NZYMES Healthy-Skin Kits – are used to help support your pets’ nutritional needs where a significant challenge to immune function is being faced. These Kits have evolved over the years into a special combination of (4) carefully chosen products, each with a specific purpose and procedures related to our Healthy-Skin Program. There any many symptoms, both surface and internal, generated by this Digestive imbalance/health-issue; wherein, Candida Yeast overgrowth has taken control of the gut.


  • The Antioxidant Treats provide the special ‘live nutrition’ which provides resources to the body that help support metabolic processes, including effective immune system activity and toxin removal processes.
  • The Ox-E-Drops and Black-Leaf provide elements to help the body with the task of reversing the gastro-intestinal breakdown & imbalance.
  • The BacPak Plus provides resources needed for rebuilding the body’s natural Flora and supporting a healthy digestive tract.
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 7 in