Healthy Skin Kit Mini


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The Nzymes® Healthy Skin Kit Mini features our smaller sizes of Sprouted Granules and Bac-Pak Plus, and is perfect for those with 1-2 smaller pets. The new Mini-Kit can also be used by those with larger dogs, as it supplies all the same elements found in the Large-Kit, just in smaller quantities. Whatever your case, the Nzymes® Healthy Skin Kit Mini provides the tools to help get your pet on the road to healthy skin.
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Small Kit – $144.44      Large Kit – $156.95      Directions for Use

Sprouted Granules 1-Lb

A 1-lb jar of Granules provides the more economical aspect of this kit, with enough 'nutritional supplement' to last for many months for smaller pets, and 2-3 months for larger ones.


Ox-E-Drops 2.2oz. for Pets

Dietary supplement to aid immune function in the battle with Fungi of the Candida strain, as well as base for topical solution to promote healing.


BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets

With its multiple-element herbal remedy capabilities, the Black-Leaf provides for some extra power needed in the battle against the yeast takeover.


Bac-Pak Plus 100 grams

Combination enzyme/good-bacteria supplement to support crowding out yeast & restoring bacterial colonies to rightful control of digestive tract.


Ox-E Topical Spray Solution 4 oz.

Ox-E-Topical is a ready-to-go 2% topical solution of our Ox-E-Drops made with special Ionized water. Perfect for topical applications for skin, ears, eyes and more.

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Healthy Skin Program Instruction Link

The Healthy Skin Kit Mini is for use with our Healthy-Skin Program and is a good choice for those with 1 or 2 smaller pets. This kit features the economy of the 1-Lb Sprouted Granules and our new 100-gram Bac-Pak Plus. We feel it is best to provide many options for those whose pets are struggling with skin & itching issues.

Nzymes® Healthy-Skin Kits - are used to help support your pets' nutritional needs where a significant challenge to immune function is being faced. These Kits have evolved over the years into a special combination of (4) carefully chosen products, each with a specific purpose and procedures related to our Healthy-Skin Program. There any many symptoms, both surface and internal, generated by this Digestive imbalance/health-issue; wherein, Candida Yeast overgrowth has taken control of the gut.


A) The Nzymes® Sprouted Granules provide the special "live nutrition" supplement. This supplies resources to the body that help support metabolic processes, including effective immune system activity as well as toxin & free-radical cleansing processes.

B) The Nzymes® Ox-E-Drops and Black-Leaf PRODUCTS provide elements to help the body internally with the task of reversing the gastrointestinal breakdown & imbalance.

C) The Nzymes® Bac-Pak Plus provides resources needed for rebuilding the body's natural Flora and supporting a healthy digestive tract.

D) The Ox-E Topical Spray Solution (2% Ox-E concentrate, 98% Ionized water), in the Green bottle, is provided for wellness support related to surface skin/ear symptoms - both visible and not visible (itchy areas).

Used together, the items of the Healthy Skin Kit Mini are to help your pet's body slowly eradicate the overgrowth of internal yeast and begin to restore a healthy balance of the good, intestinal flora. It is important to remember that our Healthy Skin Program is not intended as a "Quick Fix", but rather a pathway to restoring the natural state and balance of the GI tract. Our Program is a comprehensive approach, utilizing Nzymes Products along with proper foods, shampoos, and topical applications.

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Sprouted Granules 1-Lb

Weight 1.1 lbs

Ox-E-Drops 2.2oz. for Pets

Weight .2 lbs

BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets

Weight .3 lbs

Bac-Pak Plus 100 grams

Weight .2812 lbs

Ox-E Topical Spray Solution 4 oz.

Weight .35 lbs