Take it from the Professor, Trace Minerals are Elementary!


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Ancient Sea Minerals in Shale

Perfect Sourcing from Nature

Everything begins with the source. The source of Nzymes Tracite Minerals is no different. Tracite is derived from deep deposits of Humic/Fulvic material, once buried in ancient sea beds. The Humic/Fulvic material consists of both land and sea vegetation compressed and preserved together over the centuries.

Using only freshwater extraction methods, the mineral-rich material yields the finest bio available minerals known to man.

Tracite Minerals contains both ionic and colloidal particles. This makes them closer in mineral composition and ratios to human body fluids than any other naturally occurring trace mineral. Even organically grown fruits and vegetables cannot offer such a bio-available range of trace minerals.

Mineral Energy Used by the Body

Naturally Bio-Available

Nzymes Tracite Minerals are easily absorbed by the body. Why is this important? There are many reasons, but let’s start with “Mineral Deficiency”. Simply put, we are just not getting adequate minerals from the foods we eat.

Even the best, organic fruits and veggies are unable to deliver the full spectrum of trace minerals our bodies require to maintain cellular health.

Depleted soil from over-farming and diets consisting of processed and pre-packaged foods are big factors. Dr Linus Pauling is quoted as saying, “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” That is quite a statement. (See Trace Minerals and DNA).

Incredible Value

Our goal, as always, is to offer only the finest nutritional supplements that make a genuine difference in the lives of People and their Pets. We are certain that Nzymes Tracite Minerals meets that standard, and will greatly enhance your nutritional regimen and programs. A single bottle provides about a 3 month supply for the average adult, making Tracite Minerals very cost-effective.

OK For Pets

Nzymes Tracite Minerals is a product that is made for People, but can be used by pets too. As with people, the foods we obtain for our pets are deficient in many of the trace minerals and elements. Even the very best kibbles have been exposed to high heat and pressure, diminishing the bio-availability of the minerals they contain. Nzymes Tracite Minerals can go a long way towards making up for that deficiency.

For most pets, 2-3 drops per meal is sufficient to meet the needs. Because Trace Minerals play an important role in the body’s electrical system, consider adding Nzymes Tracite Minerals to the daily regimens of any pet or person with neurological issues.

Nzymes Tracite Minerals for Pets

Tracite Minerals
Now for Pets too!

Nzymes Tracite Mineral Options

For People

For Pets