Tincture of BlackLeaf

Nzymes Tincture of Blackleaf - Herbal Supplement for People and Pets

Experience the Power of Black Walnut, Olive Leaf & Cayenne

Tincture of Blackleaf
Herbal Support for a Healthier Digestive Biome

Natural Answers for Today’s World

Ancient Methods, Modern Applications

Nzymes® Tincture of BlackLeaf is a powerful herbal tincture blend of Black Walnut, Olive Leaf, and Cayenne Pepper for people and pets of all ages. Our botanicals are harvested at their optimal potency and tinctured using the Foss Method. This method duplicates Nature’s own process allowing each molecule to be completely saturated with the plant’s total natural properties. All herbs in  Nzymes® Tincture of BlackLeaf are wild-crafted or organically grown.

Each of the components in the Black-Leaf Tincture carries its own distinctive properties to the final product. This unique combination assists in the battle with microbial, fungal and parasitic issues. As such, Nzymes® Tincture of Black-Leaf is an integral part of our Candida Program for People, our Healthy Skin Program and Papilloma Program for Pets.

Here are some of the characteristics of each component.


Olive leaf has long been used for sore throats and other symptoms associated with colds, flu and pneumonia. It is a powerful choice in the battle with yeast fungal problems like Candida, Fibromyalgia, Systemic Yeast Infections or Leaky Gut Syndrome. Olive leaf also works well in conjunction with Mullein for upper respiratory problems.

In Biblical times, Olive leaf was considered to have amazing healing properties. By Colonial times, the olive leaf was specifically used in the treatment of tropical diseases such as malaria and dengue. A ‘tea’ made by boiling down olive leaves in water was a recipe well known in England in the mid 1800’s for travelers returning from the tropical colonies. Later, scientists isolated a particular substance from the olive leaf and named it “Oleuropein”. This was found to be the substance which made the tree itself hardy and resistant to disease and parasitic infestation.

By the 1960’s, further research showed that the active ingredient in oleuropein was elenolic acid. Studies revealed a whole host of therapeutic benefits. Here are a few; Increased cardio-vascular flow, lowering of hypertension, cessation of arrhythmia, lowering of LDL (bad cholesterol), lowering of blood sugar levels, and prevention of muscle spasms. In the microbial realm, olive leaf was found to be extremely effective against harmful bacteria, and parasitic protozoan. It was also found to stop the replication of every virus tested against it.


This component of the BlackLeaf Tincture is derived from the green outer husk which contains the ideal properties for the product. Black walnut (Juglans Niger) is similar to olive leaf in regards to anti-microbial action. It is known to oxygenate the blood to kill parasites. The Chinese have effectively used black walnut extract for centuries to treat for tapeworm. The compound also contains a highly concentrated form of organic iodine, which explains its antiseptic properties. Internally, Black Walnut helps with constipation, and leads in the fight against fungal and parasitic infection. (See NIH listing of Health Benefits of Walnuts)

Topically, it has been used for eczema, psoriasis, herpes, impetigo, acne, dandruff, boils, itch, shingles and even fungal conditions such as ringworm. It has been used as a gargle for sore throats, relaxed uvula, hoarseness, tonsillitis and similar ailments. It is renowned vermifuge; known to expel various worms and parasites from the intestinal tract.


Cayenne pepper is derived from the fruit berry of Capsicum Annuum, a tropical shrub. In folk medicine, it has been used for fevers, sore throats, respiratory infections, asthma, and digestive disturbances. Recent studies however, have shown that it can reduce the risk of developing arteriosclerosis by lowering blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Regions of the world where cayenne pepper is consumed regularly have shown much less incidence of cardio-vascular disease. Additionally, one of its active ingredients, capsaicin, is used in managing pain (such as in arthritis) by acting as both on inflammation and as a nerve blocking agent. Other common uses include heart health, toothache, and clearing the mucous membranes.

Perfect Combination

Put all together, these powerful ingredients promote healthy functioning of body systems in general, as well as uses for specific purposes.

Nzymes® Tincture of BlackLeaf is ONE product, but labelled separately for People and Pets. This is intended to offer more specific information for the intended user.


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