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Canine Oral Papilloma Program (COPV)

NZYMES Support Program for Canine Oral Papillomas

We are asked about Canine Oral Papilloma (Oral warts/COPV) every week. And, our success with this ugly and challenging problem has been remarkable. Generally, people follow veterinarian advice and wait the 3-6 months for it to hopefully go away. That can be problematic for most pet owners who are seeking a quick and simple answer to their problem and are concerned about how fast warts can grow or spread. Many people have had them surgically removed only to see the return again.  For case examples, choose Reviews or Success Stories on the Tabs below.

Understanding the Multi-Approach KIT

Canine Oral Papilloma Virus manifests itself in ugly, cauliflower-type growths. As a safe, alternative approach to dealing with them, NZYMES® has created a sensible, easy to use, and naturally effective program for helping customers to find resolution and restore oral health for their canine friends. And, many NZYMES® customers have taken the trouble to document their success stories while following our “Papilloma Support Program”, including text and photos which demonstrate successful results in usually about 1-3 weeks.  However, each case is different based on the level of immune deficiency within the pet.

The NZYMES® Papilloma Support Program is backed by our 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

NZYMES® Papilloma Program utilizes the items of our Papilloma Support Kit.

This kit includes the following items:
….Ox-E-Drops 2.2oz
….Tincture of Black-Leaf 2.2oz 
….Ox-E-Topical Spray Solution 4oz
….Antioxidant Treats – Complimentary
….Oral Syringe – 10cc/ml

Our Papilloma Support Kit provides the primary essential elements to address this unsightly issue for your pet. And, we’ve included a FREE bottle of our Antioxidant Treats with the purchase of this system to provide an extra nutritional boost to support enhanced immune function. We have also added an Oral Syringe for your convenience, as many pets with this problem can have difficulty eating and might require oral administration of the diluted drops into the diet.


Follow Carefully for Quickest Results

canine_oral_papilloma_syringe_lab 1) ADDING OX-E-DROPS TO THE DIET ox_e_pets_resize
When canine oral papilloma growths are present, be assured that the pet’s immune system is in a compromised state. For this, we increase the regular daily INTERNAL (dietary) use of the Ox-E-Drops to 3 TIMES DAILY which helps reinforce the support for the pet’s immune system.  Following the label: Dispense the correct # of drops (by weight) from the Ox-E-Drops Bottle into the syringe with enough water to dilute it properly (3-5 ml). Then gently dispense this mixture along the pet’s teeth-line or into the corner of the mouth – ensuring the mixture is swallowed.  Avoid squirting down the throat which can cause choking.

teaspoon_w_food Alternative, if dog fights the syringe:  The Ox-E-Drops can also be added to a teaspoon of water, then spilled over the pet’s food. However, with these wart issues, the syringe method works best to ensure the pet receives the proper amount 3 times daily.

Drop-count: Mix 1 drop per 20 lbs. of body weight with a teaspoon (5 ml) of water. For pets under 40 Lbs, use a minimum of 2 drops, 3 times daily. Also, we suggest adding 2-4 drops to the water dish each time it’s filled.

Using Topical Spray

The NZYMES Ox-E-Topical is a Ready-Made 2% solution of our Ox-E-Drops with Special Ionized water. Because the 4oz bottle is slender, it is ideal since it can be easily maneuvered in and around the areas of the mouth and face. It produces a fine mist which is ideal to help saturate the affected areas with little waste and little bother to the pet. An empty bottle can be refilled by using 4 oz. of Distilled water and 40-drops of Ox-E-Drops (directions on label). For more general instruction on how to make this solution, click HEREApply or Spray the Topical Solution to all the affected areas a minimum of 3 to 4 times daily.

Spray the entire inside of the mouth or anywhere a growth may be visible.

Using Black Leaf Tincture

These drops should also be used 3 times daily. Following the weight chart on the side of the bottle, mix the Black-Leaf Drops with a teaspoon of water, and give orally with an eyedropper or syringe, as described above. The drops can also be added directly to the food.

Saturate a Q-Tip with the Black-Leaf drops and apply directly to warts. It is best to use the Ox-E-Drops 2% Topical Solution FIRST, then follow directly with the Black-Leaf.

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antioxidant Treats for longevity support The NZYMES® Antioxidant Treats provide natural super-food nutrition which the body can utilize to improve metabolic function and thereby immune immune effectiveness. Enhanced nutritional support, like that provided by the Treats, can help get your pet back on the road to recovery sooner. This is why we felt so strongly about adding 1 Complimentary Bottle to this special Papilloma Support Kit. Thru the years, people have been using our Antioxidant Treats for Pets for a variety of reasons, making them our top seller.

After you are finished with this program, we suggest the regular daily use of the products in the NZYMES® 3 PAK KITS! These 3 powerful products help support a wide variety of your pets nutritional needs and helps them maintain a stronger immune system.


Obtaining Your COPV Kit to Help Your Dog

COPV support kit

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