NZYMES Tincture of BlackLeaf for Pets
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BlackLeaf Tincture for Pets


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Tincture of Black-Leaf is an “herbal remedy” compound maximizing the benefits of combining Black Walnut, Cayenne, and Olive Leaf. This herbal supplement can support immune functions and has been recognized for it’s natural anti-microbial qualities for thousands of years – it can help support the battle against digestive parasites.

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This a powerful herbal tincture has many beneficial uses for your pet! The tincture process is known as “The Foss System”. It allows each molecule to become saturated with the botanicals and then naturally release it’s properties, closely duplicating Nature’s own process and giving it powerful anti-microbial properties.


To help support immunity, Olive leaf has been shown to have tremendous successes. It possesses qualities which can be effective in helping support immunity. It is a powerful choice in the battle against environmental stressors as well. Olive leaf works well in conjunction with Mullein for upper respiratory problems.

As far back as Biblical times, the Olive leaf has been associated with many amazing health-support properties. In later times, the olive leaf specifically was found to be very effective as ‘tea’ made by boiling down olive leaves in water. This recipe was well known in England in the mid 1800’s for helping travelers returning from the tropical colonies.

Later, scientists isolated a particular substance from the olive leaf and named it “oleuropein”. This was found to be the substance which made the tree itself hardy and resistant. By the 1960’s, further research showed that the active ingredient in oleuropein was elenolic acid.


Black walnut is similar to olive leaf in regards to immune actions. It is known to help oxygenate the blood. The Chinese have effectively used black walnut extract for years. The compound also contains a highly concentrated form of organic iodine. Internally, Black Walnut can help with occasional constipation, and leads in the fight against environmental stress.


Perhaps the greatest natural stimulant known, Cayenne has been called the single greatest “driver” of other herbs. No other herb is quite in this class making it a must for all formulas. Simply said, when you need to get an herb to any location in the body cayenne reins supreme. The uses of cayenne are so numerous that it has been claimed “the single greatest herb.”

Cayenne pepper is derived from the fruit berry of Capsicum annum, a tropical shrub. In folk medicine, it has been used for respiratory and digestive health*. Recent studies however, have shown that it can help support the circulatory system*. Regions of the world where cayenne pepper is consumed regularly have shown circulatory wellness*.

*These statements have not been evaluated by Regulatory Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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