Candida Yeast Overgrowth and You

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The Source is in the Gut

Candida Albicans is the term used to describe a yeast overgrowth taking place in the GI tract of an individual. It has been referred to as the scourge of our modern world, but more on that later. Our gut (or GI Tract) is the basis of our health. When we have a healthy digestive system, better health generally follows. However, when things are off-balance there, that is when troubles begin.


A Question of Balance

Yeast Overgrowth and Leaky Gut Syndrome

Example of severe yeast overgrowth

In every digestive tract, there are billions of micro-organisms that reside there. Some are bacterial, and some are fungal – both are necessary to the health of the gut. In a perfect setting, beneficial bacteria (flora) should far out-number its fungal counterpart. Each of the micro-organisms produces by-products whereby the other benefits. So when the balance is right, things are pretty rosy.

Candida Albicans is a problem that stems from an IMBALANCE in this digestive environment or Biome. The imbalance begins with the breakdown of the friendly, bacterial flora. As the numbers of good bacteria decline, fungal yeast (Candida) begins to increase and fill in the vacancies left by the dying flora. This CAN take place rapidly in the case of heavy prescription use, but more often it takes place more gradually over the course of months or years. The end result is an unhealthy gut that is out of balance.

So my gut’s out-of-balance, what’s the harm? Plenty. Yeast now releases its toxic by-products into an environment that can no longer handle it locally. These toxins escape the gut and are carried by the bloodstream throughout the body. See our article on Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Some toxins settle in the brain, some in the thyroid or other organs, some filter out to the skin causing rashes and irritation. Wherever they settle, they can trigger an immune response. But here’s the kicker – Yeast is NOT a foreign invader. It is a part of our natural make-up. The Immune system responders do not recognize it as the problem. So the immune system is in full response mode, yet nothing is healing, and the ROOT of the problem persists. Are you beginning to see the problem?

Over-Fed, Under-Nourished

As mentioned above, Candida Yeast Overgrowth is a hallmark of our modern world. Fast-food, junk food and processed foods comprise a large portion of the typical diet. Many of the foods we consume are laden with preservatives, additives, artificial colors and oh yeah….SUGAR. These items have a dual effect on our systems. First, they have a negative effect on our natural gut Bacteria. Second, the sugars and starchy substrates FEED the fungal Yeast. So in essence, we are feeding the bad guys, and starving the good guys. The foods we consume plays a HUGE role in this problem. In a large way, they are feeding the beast, but not nourishing and strengthening our bodies.

sugar feeds yeast infections in dogs

Over-Medicated, Yet Not Well

In addition to the primary foods and drinks consumed, the amount of Prescription and OTC medications used is at an all-time high! There is no such thing as a medication without consequences to some degree. Every drug carries potential side-effects. When it comes to Candida, the biggest contributors are Antibiotics! Antibiotics kill bacteria – the Bad and the Good, they do not discriminate. In the meantime, they do NOT kill the fungus. So more flora dies off, and yeast is free to expand and grow and fill in the spaces left behind by the dying bacteria.

Other classes of medications include steroids, antihistamines, and other assorted immune suppressing agents. For whatever temporary benefit they provide, they are contributing to further contribute to the underlying cause. This is known as “treating symptoms”. This is NOT to say that there is not a place for these treatments, only that they are being used far too often.

A Variety of Symptoms

Candida affects different people in different ways, yet the cause is the same. Some may be affected by brain fog, headaches, trouble concentrating or remembering. Others are affected by lethargy, tiredness, weight gain and uncontrolled appetite cravings. Some experience rashes, eczema, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, jock itch or vaginal burning. Still, others are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia or other Auto-immune disorders. Because of this myriad of external symptoms, it is easy to see why this issue is so confusing, and difficult to tie together.

What to Do?

If you are affected by Candida and are looking to find your way out, that is the purpose of this article. There are no “quick-fixes” or shortcuts with this one. Instead, you must arm your mind with knowledge and understanding of the nature of yeast, and take steps to reverse what is going on internally.

Everything starts with diet. Yeast loves sugars, starches, and refined flours – avoid them. Nourish your body. Fresh fruits (not too many) and veggies are extremely important to your health. Meat-based proteins are preferred. Limit fatty foods. These measures are defensive, geared towards building up your own health naturally. Good info HERE

Go on Offense!

This is where the Nzymes Candida Support Kit comes into the picture. The items in this kit are designed to work with your own body to bring it back into balance. This is done by addressing 3 primary areas internally.

  1. Attack the Yeast Head-on – Two of the items in the Kit are there to set the stage for a healthier GI tract. The Ox-E-Drops help to set a better pH in the gut, and the natural properties of the Black Leaf Tincture create a very inhospitable environment for yeast to thrive.
  2. Flush out Toxic Waste – The Antioxidant Complex for People has a powerful cleansing effect on your body’s cells. The Complex provides essential ‘Live-Food” nutrition which enables Enzyme production. Enzymes are nature’s “facilitators”. Every job that must get done in the body requires enzymes to do it. Your body is made up of trillions of cells. Their health is key to YOUR health!
  3. Rebuild your Flora! – To fully restore your digestive health, Probiotics are required. Nzymes Pro-B is one of the best ones available. Pro-B is a combination of Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. These two elements are what allow you to absorb nutrients from the foods you consume. You need nutrients! How can you nourish yourself without them? Additionally, the live cultures (good bacteria) in this product help to reclaim the gut as they gradually take hold of the digestive lining.

These steps are fundamental because they are foundational. This is almost like remodeling a house. Sometimes it is necessary to tear things down to the foundation before you build them back up. Most approaches to this problem are “symptoms” based. But that is a “band-aid” approach, and will never lead to long-lasting results.


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