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Dog skin problems may include these symptoms: digging, biting, scratching, chewing, hair-loss, ODOR, skin blackening, pustules, ear problems, eye problems or UTI’s. Sound familiar? If so, we would like you to consider an approach we have been recommending for many years now, which is nutritionally based and holistic in nature. It seems that so much of the traditional approaches are aimed at affecting the symptoms, but little if anything is ever recommended at addressing underlying root causes. The Nzymes Healthy Skin Program takes a comprehensive approach at the underlying factors, helping to correct the problem from the ground up. If you are ready to make a real change in your pet, we encourage you to read on.

Most of these dogs had been misdiagnosed with “Allergies”. Click a photo to see the full story!


Are “Allergies” the Cause of Dog Skin Problems?

The first step in making a real change is identifying the actual problem. The phrase, “Dog Allergies” seems to have become a catch-all term for these symptoms dogs experience. But is it really allergies? We’ve had thousands of conversations with people who have had “conclusive” tests run to determine just exactly what their dog was “allergic” to. After changing the diet to remove offending ingredients, and sometimes even changing the home environment (plants, carpeting, etc), the dogs were still miserable, with no real improvement. Now, to a thinking person, how can that be? You’ve removed all the offending agents, why is he still “reacting”? What if the “allergies” he’s experiencing are not the REAL problem after all? What if the “allergies” he’s experiencing are only SYMPTOMS of a Larger Problem?

That ‘Larger Problem’ is Actually Yeast

The Yeast vs. Allergies connection can seem confusing at first but becomes more clear once you understand what is taking place internally. All of the terrible symptoms mentioned above can stem from a breakdown, or an imbalance, of the natural ‘microbial’ order of the intestinal tract. In a healthy GI tract, there should be large populations of good, friendly bacteria, and also some populations of yeast (a fungal organism). These organisms colonize the walls of the intestines and aid in the digestive process. That is their purpose, but our modern era has introduced many obstacles to the proper balance, and thereby “good health”:

  • Preservatives, additives, by-products in Pet foods
  • Use or ‘overuse’ of antibiotics
  • Flea/tick/heartworm preparations
  • Reactions to vaccinations
  • Stress (moving/relocation; frequent excitement)

All of these factors can have a huge, likely negative, impact on the natural, protective bacteria, causing their numbers to decline. Major losses in friendly gut bacteria allow yeast to expand, grow and take over spaces formerly occupied by the diminishing bacteria. As Yeast continues to grow, the toxic by-products it releases can no longer be handled in the local environment. Instead, they leech out to the bloodstream and are carried to surface areas (skin, ears, eyes, feet) to be filtered out. This causes irritation and inflammation of the skin cells and other areas involved in filtering out the toxins. This explains why your surface symptoms appear to be “allergies”. But the ROOT of the problem is Yeast Overgrowth.

Typical “Allergy” Treatments often make Yeast Worse

The misery caused by this scenario is bad enough, but many traditional therapies, which often provide short-term benefits for the symptoms, actually serve to make the underlying problem worse. Antibiotics, Steroids and other immune-suppressing agents damage more gut bacteria in the process, and the problem symptoms return again and again. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a no-win situation. That is why it is necessary to find a solution that addresses this problem head-on, from the ground up. A yeast imbalance problem in the gut is foundational, not superficial.

How the Nzymes Healthy Skin Program Works

Addressing Dog Skin Problems ‘Nutritionally’

The Nzymes Healthy Skin Program is a nutritionally based regimen designed to bring the natural flora of your pet’s GI Tract back into balance. This is accomplished gradually, by using the right foods (Recommended Foods Page) along with the Nzymes products to bring about the desired changes to the gut environment. This program works primarily from the inside out, providing key elements and nutrients to accomplish the rebalancing of the GI tract.

The Nzymes Healthy Skin Program is focused on accomplishing 3 goals

1. Create an internal environment unfriendly to Yeast Overgrowth while assisting with Yeast Cleansing
2. Provide Antioxidant support to help the body detoxify – supporting immune function
3. Rebuild ‘friendly’ intestinal bacteria colonies, with Micro-Encapsulated Probiotics for greater delivery.

What Should I Expect?

As these 3 things begin to take place, your pet will go thru many phases. They will generally go through a phase of “worse before better” as the build-up of toxins is beginning to flush out. Eventually, as the GI balance returns to a more normal state, surface symptoms will begin to subside. Each pet is unique, but the average turn-around time is 3-7 months on the surface, and 1-2 years to fully rebuild the GI tract.

Our Team is Here for You!

Our success with this approach has been well documented. Over the years, many 1000’s of pets have slowly transitioned back to health as their internal flora returns to a more normal state. Click to see example stories. This program is not intended as a “Quick Fix”. It is a multi-faceted approach, aimed at the foundation of the problem. Imbalances like this take time to reverse. understands this completely. Our Customer Service team is always ready to offer support. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions you may have along the way. 877-816-6500.


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